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  • Single Entry, Real-Time Project Command Center

    Snapshot ReportThis tool was

    specifically built for Project Manager to get Real-Time information about their project to better manage them.

    Project List

  • Project Command Center

    Customize the Project Command Center to

    meet your firms needs.

  • Snapshot Report

    Project Managers are able to see their

    Contract, WIP, Billed and Spent amounts at any given time in


    Project Managers Can drill into detail

    from the same screen

  • Snapshot Detail

    Project Managers are able to immediately see hours and expenses that have been allocated to their projects, including

    notes that may be attached.

  • Project Setup

    Ajera allows up to 6

    levels in the work

    breakdown structure

    with unlimited


    Creating a project is as easy as selecting the new button

    ajeraComplete offers the option of

    copying an existing project

    or using a customized


  • Project Command Center

    Manage your resources and tasks in ajeraComplete.

  • Progress Report

    AjeraComplete can also help you track your Earned Value


  • Time Sheets

    Ajeras advanced security options give you the ability to control the information flow throughout your


    Depending on your firms culture, the software may

    look solely like a time sheet for some employees

  • Time Entry

    Employees are able to enter time to multiple

    projects within the same timesheet, and write

    unlimited notes that will flow throughout the


  • Snap Shot Report

    Time entered is immediately available for Project Manager viewing

    including detail

  • Invoice Tab

    Project Managers are able to see invoice history along with information on specific projects to utilize ajeraCompletes

    Paperless Billing Review. This will help them better prepare for upcoming meetings with clients.

  • Billing Review

    Project Managers are able to make notes to the

    invoice and pass it along to the Accounting Manager

  • Client Invoicing

    Accounting Managers can easily make changes such as

    splitting or moving time between phases and projects. Time can also be put on a

    deferred status.

  • Client Invoicing

    Finalizing an Invoice is as easy as clicking print and selecting an invoice and accounting date. Once this is done time will

    automatically be moved from WIP to Billed

  • Project Overview

    Project Managers are instantly able to see that

    their WIP has been billed. They can now better

    understand where their project stands and

    concentrate on the work ahead of them

  • Client Cash Receipt Forecast

    Our Client Cash Receipt Forecast

    can help you better understand your

    clients billing cycle in respect to your

    AR. This is done by determining, on

    average, how many days it takes the client to pay you then using that information to

    forecast when you can expect to see

    that cash flow.

    This report also gives you a red flag when a clients receivable is out of their normal payment


  • Client Cash Receipt Forcast

    The Cash Receipt Forecast also

    shows you when you can expect to

    see revenues from WIP. It

    estimates how many days it

    generally take you to bill the client and references

    that with the estimated days it takes your client

    to pay

  • Project Workload Report

    The Project Workload Report helps you

    evaluate your current and workload and

    adjust your staffing needs.

    With ajeraComplete you can forecast your

    future workload including your

    business development efforts