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<ul><li> 1. Supporting Teacher toTeacherConnections</li></ul> <p> 2. Creating and enhancing opportunities to shareresources and expertise across the province!Focus is on three key areas :1) Research leadership (data and measures, analysis)2) School Community Engagement3) Cross-School Authority Projects 3. Request for supportTo request support complete the online form at: support to build lateral capacity 4. Scenarios Scenario A: Scenario B: In reviewing AISI projects on theDuring the networking break at a Sharepoint that have themes similar to conference or PD event, teachers from a theirs, three AISI coordinators, Kevin,jurisdictions in the south and one from the Sharon and Wendy connect, and decide north realize have a similar questions that some cross-school authority sharing about working with data. The teachers would be of great benefit. They each from Lethbridge public have done some discuss the idea with a keen cohort of work with an expert and were wondering teachers in their area and thenhow to leverage that work in their AISI coordinators and teachers connect via VC data collection/analysis in support of their to create a preliminary plan. Wendyproject. The teachers from Fort McMurray wonders if they could meet at the Literacy public feels that connecting with Laura conference to talk about what they are Lipton would also further their work, so doing, what they have learned so far, what they decide to meet via Skype the they hope to achieve and what kinds of following week to brainstorm some ideas. professional learning they are going to be They check with their local consortiums involved with. Kevin and Sharon dont have but neither has plans to bring in Laura the funding they need to attend theLipton for that purpose in the near future. Literacy conference. They decide to applyTogether with their consortium reps, they for funding to attend the conference toexplore the potential of bringing the expert meet up with SA 3, and in support of thatin for a series of 2-3 webinars or Skype application, create a plan that includes meetings to coach them, using their own what they will do before, during and after data, and having the expert follow up with the conference to support continueda commitment to provide a weeklong collaborative learning.period of Q/A discussions on datacollection/analysis in the Networks onlineCoP with support from the NetworksFunding. 5. Assessment Criteria Question Most ImpactfulModerately impactfulLeast Impactful 3 2 1Who is the primary contact for this teacher coordinator expertopportunity?Who will be involved from the AISIMajority are teachers from across province or Teachers and AISI coordinators/administrators AISI coordinators/administratorscommunity?majority are teachers within our region/zoneacross Alberta or teachers andcoordinators/administrators within ourregion/zoneHow do the goals of the opportunity Sharing knowledge/expertise/resources on aWorking group facilitated by an expertAttend a content-driven session led byalign with your AISI project(s)?common interest/area of inquiry expertBriefly describe how this meeting was initiated by teachers and AISI coordinatorBrokered by PD providers (ARPDC, AAC, ATA) in initiated by facilitator/expertinitiated and by whom.consultation with AISI teachers/coordinatorIf this meeting will involve afacilitator/expert please providecontact information.Choose the priority below, if any, that Cross school authority projects Research leadership or school community Other - e.g. instructional strategiesaligns with the goals of theengagementopportunity.Describe briefly what work has been Teachers and/or AISI coordinators have met andAISI coordinators and/or PD providers have metInformal discussions between teachersdone in advance of this opportunity.created a collaborative plan for working together and have developed a collaborative plan to work and/or AISI coordinators.together.How does the group anticipate Follow up includes technology-mediatedFollow up requires further Network fundingNo follow up planfollowing up on this opportunity? strategies, uses other funding and/or in personmeetings during other scheduled events/meetingsProvide an estimated budget for the Some in kind support, all possible efficiencies Some efficiencies realized, no in kind supportLarge % of budget on travel, sustenance,opportunity.realized, cost/participant is reasonablecost/participant highCan we share an invitation via the AISIYes - open No - closedonline community, ARPDC websites orother communication channels?Additional info Additional information closely aligned with the Additional information somewhat aligned withAdditional information loosely connectedgoals of the Network(s) the goals of the Network(s) to the goals of the Network(s)Total points 6. Assessment CriteriaRequests will be reviewed and funds allocated intwo blocks for the 2012-2013 school year: October and November 2012. February and March 2013. 7. Reporting Fund recipients will be required to complete a brief onlinequestionnaire at the conclusion of the opportunity supportedby grant funds. We hope that you will share pictures, tell stories and find waysto demonstrate the impact that this funding had on helpingyou to: BUILD TEACHER TO TEACHERCONNECTIONS! 8. Get ConnectedJoin the provincial site at:</p>