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  • Enrolling an Android Device in AirWatch

    What is AirWatch? AirWatch is the mobile device management (MDM) system provided by UMHS to ensure security for smartphones and tablets that connect to the UMHS environment. AirWatch provides a high level of service to its mobile device customers through the following:

    A user portal to self-manage devices in cases of theft, loss or a forgotten passcode An enhanced security profile designed to ensure proper safeguards for protected

    information The ability to publish applications to enrolled devices

    o Devices enroll in one of two different profiles, MiChart or UMHS, to access recommended applications such as Epics Haiku or Ciscos AnyConnect VPN application

    Rich reporting for asset tracking and compliance audits

    Manufacturer Support IMPORTANT: There are limitations for certain mobile devices, and due to age and manufacturer-specific applications or security features, some will not function with AirWatch. AirWatch will only be able to support the following platforms:

    Apple devices with iOS version 5.0 and above (preferred devices) Android devices by HTC, Samsung, and LG running Android version 4.0 and above Windows Phone 8

    Special Note For complete, uninterrupted access to UMHS Outlook Exchange email, calendar, and contacts on your mobile device, enrollment in AirWatch will be required by February 23, 2015 with a supported mobile device model. Otherwise, you will be able to access your UMHS email services on these smartphones or tablets ONLY through a web browser using Outlook Web Access.

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  • Important Initial Steps: 1) Be sure your Android is fully charged and plugged into its charger! 2) Be sure you have your Google Play and device user ID/password! You will need it along the way. 3) Be sure to back up your Android device before you enroll in AirWatch! Back up your data: Please ensure that all of your user data is backed up before you enroll or begin any of the steps below. The backup procedures may be different according to the specific device you have. Each manufacturer may instruct you to back up data in a different manner. Follow manufacturers recommendations. 4) Be sure to remove existing UMHS Outlook/Exchange connections! IMPORTANT: Remove existing Outlook connections: Before you enroll in AirWatch, you must start with a clean slate and you must remove any existing Outlook/Exchange connections already on your device otherwise the new AirWatch connection to Outlook/Exchange will not work properly! To remove existing Outlook/Exchange email connections configured to connect to

    Open the Settings app Scroll down to Accounts or choose the accounts menu and choose the appropriate

    Exchange connection Click Remove Account

    The AirWatch enrollment process will restore your UMHS Exchange email connection, but if you dont remove it ahead of time, the enrollment process may generate an error or duplicate a connection to UMHS Exchange. If you forget this step, and you have a duplicate connection, you can un-enroll from AirWatch and delete any remaining UMHS Exchange connections. Then youre ready to re-enroll in AirWatch. The steps to un-enroll from AirWatch are on pages 12-13 of this document.

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    Have a good Internet connection or join the UMHS-802.1X Wi-Fi Network Best is to enroll in AirWatch while you are at a UMHS facility and connected to the UMHS-802.1X Wi-Fi network. If you are not able to do this and wish to enroll at home or outside the network, just be sure you have a strong Internet connection before you begin. Go to Settings and get on the Wi-Fi network. Skip to Step 3 below:

    1. While at a UMHS facility, select Settings from either the notification menu or the main application launcher.

    2. Select Wi-Fi and make sure it is set to On, and then select the UMHS-802.1X network from the list of available Wi-Fi networks.

    3. Depending on your device, please enter your uniqname in either the username or identity field, and then enter your Level-2 password in the password field.

    4. Accept the certificate. At this point your device is configured for use on UMHS wireless network.

    NOTE: Some Android phones may need to be rebooted at this point, after the first connection to the UMHS-802.1X network to gain full network functionality.

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  • Enrolling in AirWatch

    Step 1 Download the AirWatch MDM Agent

    To enroll your device using the AirWatch Agent, open the Google Play Store and search for AirWatch. Select the AirWatch MDM Agent from the search results and install it onto your device. Note: In order to download the AirWatch Agent, you must have a Google account and access to the Google Play Store. Be sure you have your Google Play Store user name/ID and password!

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  • Step 2 Enroll Your Android Device Using the AirWatch Agent

    Open the AirWatch Agent. Enter your email address be sure to enter your address (not your address). Click Continue to proceed. On the next screen, select UMHS Standard from the group menu.

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  • Step 3 Authenticate, Device Details, and Accepting the Terms of Use

    Input your UMHS Uniqname and Level-2 password. You likely will have to slide the input panel up so that you can select the password field and enter your Level-2 password. Click Continue to initiate the login process and complete authentication.

    Select the appropriate device ownership model that applies to your device and then click Done and Continue.

    1) Corporate Dedicated 2) Corporate Shared 3) Employee Owned

    Note: These categories are only recorded in the AirWatch system and do not differentiate what services or policies apply to the device. Next, review and Accept the Terms of Use.

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  • Step 4 Accepting the AirWatch Policies and Installing Device Specific Software

    For a brief instant, a message that your device has completed authentication will appear. This is followed by a screen asking you to grant administrator permissions to AirWatch. Depending on your type of phone, accept this and continue as instructed to activate the enrollment policy.

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  • You are directed back to the AirWatch Agent where you will see your successful enrollment status. If you are not directed, click on the application to view your status.

    You may need to check your notifications to see if any other software is needed. If they are, see the pictures to the left.

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  • Depending on your make and model, you may need to install a plug-in or it may have been installed automatically with the AirWatch MDM Agent. If a plug-in is needed, continue with these steps. If you omit this step, most (or all) functionality provided by AirWatch wont be available.

    When you click on the app in the UMHS App Store, you may be prompted to Complete the action using. If you are, please select the Play Store. You will then be shown the application ready to install from the Google Play Store. Please choose Install and accept the permissions to install the plug-in. NOTE: If it does not say Install, but Open or Uninstall, then the application is already installed. Please choose Open in that case to ensure the plug-in is installed properly.

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  • Once the plug-in application is installed, please open the application to activate the permissions. You will see a screen similar to the picture on the far left. Once you have activated the plug-in, it should look like the screen on the immediate left, and you are then able to hit the home button to return to the main screen.

    Check your device notifications, or swipe to the left from the main AirWatch Agent screen. Once you have installed the device specific plugin software it will prompt you for your UMHS Exchange email password (your Level-2 password). Please complete the email setup process as prompted by your specific device to enable access to your email, calendar, contacts, and tasks.

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  • Step 5 Configuring Your Android Device with Apps

    To install other UMHS-recommended free applications such as the Cisco AnyConnect VPN from the main AirWatch Agent screen, choose the App Catalog button and from there you are able to install applications from the scr