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Airwatch guide

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  • 1

    AirWatch Enrollment


    Installation Guide for Android

  • 2

    Following are the steps need to be followed while enrolling.

    Step 1: Download AirWatch Application from mobile app store.

    1. Connect your device to Public network.

    2. Go to Google Play for Android

    3. Type AirWatch in the search box.

    4. Install AirWatch MDM Agent.

    Figure 1: Screen of AirWatch Agent in App store

  • 3

    Step 2: Open the installed AirWatch Agent to continue with the Enrolment

    Choose Authentication Method as SERVER DETAILS

    Figure 2 : First screen of AirWatch Agent

  • 4

    Step 3: Enter the Server URL and Group ID which is provided via the mail.

    Tap on CONTINUE to proceed.

    Figure 3: Screen of entering User details & Group ID

  • 5

    Step 4: Welcome to AirWatch.

    Tap on CONTINUE to proceed.

    Figure 4: Screen of Welcome to AirWatch.

  • 6

    Step 5: Enter your Credentials

    Enter your Active Directory User Name and Password

    User Name: domain id

    Password: Directory Password

    Continue to proceed

    Figure 5: Screen of entering User credentials.

  • 7

    Step 6: Select Ownership for your device

    Tap on CONTINUE to Proceed

    Figure 6: Screen of ownership for your devices.

  • 8

    Step 7: Read Term and Conditions then accept

    Tap on Accept to Continue.

    Figure7: Screen of End User License Agreement

  • 9

    Step 8: Secure.

    Tap on GET STARTED

    Figure 8: Screen of Authentication Completion

  • 10

    Step 9: Read Terms and Condition and then Activate the Device Administrator.

    Tap on ACTIVATE to Proceed.

    Figure 9: Screen of Activation of Device

  • 11

    By default all Users are entitled to use Public Apps (AirWatch Inbox and Secure Content Locker).

    It is necessary to open attachments in Secure Content Locker.


    Step 10: Setup your Email

    Tap on PLAY STORE

    Figure 10: Screen for setting up email on AirWatch

  • 12

    Step 11: Install the AirWatch Inbox.

    Figure 11: Screen for installation of AirWatch Inbox

  • 13

    Step 12: Enter your Credentials.

    Enter your Active Directory User Name and Password.

    Tap on LOGIN to continue

    Figure 4: Screen of User Credentials for AirWatch Inbox

  • 14


    Step 13: Install the AirWatch Content Locker.

    Figure 13: Screen of installation of AirWatch Content Locker

  • 15

    Step 14: Enter your Credentials.

    Enter your Active Directory User Name and Password.

    Tap on LOGIN to continue

    Figure 14:Screen of User Credentials for Secure Content Locker

  • 16


    Step 15: Install the required application from APP CATLOG (App Catlog appears on the top

    right of the AirWatch MDM Screen)

    Following apps will be visible to the user as per their requirement.

    Figure15: Screen of Applications on App Catlog

  • 17

    Step 16: Click on Install for the required app and then confirm

    Tap on INSTALL to Continue.

    Figure 16: Screen of Application in AppCatlog

  • 18

    Step 17: Once the application is Install button changes to Processing, Go back to AirWatch

    MDM Agent.

    Figure17: Screen of Application to install

  • 19

    Step 18: Select Managed Apps from the left ribbon and wait till the app gets downloaded. Once you see the app name and instruction saying Tap to Install Application, click on the app icon

    To initiate installation

    Figure 18: Screen of AirWatch MDM Agent

  • 20

    Step 19: Click on Install to accept Terms and Conditions.

    Click on INSTALL

    Figure 19: Screen of Application that will be installed.

  • 21

    Step 20: Once the application is downloaded you can view this screen.

    Figure 20: Screen of Application that is installed.