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Slide 2 Air & Weather Science Click on a picture to learn more about the person. Click on the home button to return back to this page. Use the arrows to move forward and backward in the presentation. Dangerous Storms Four SeasonsNatural Disasters Things That Fly Slide 3 Four Seasons Spring WinterFall Spring Winter Summer Slide 4 In spring, rainbows come after it rains. Clouds are filled with teeny drops of water. The drops grow and grow. When the drops get too heavy to hang in the air they fall down as rain drops. -Arriel Spring Slide 5 It rains a lot in the spring. Rainbows come out in the spring. Leaves grow in the spring. It gets warmer in the spring. -Jack Spring Slide 6 In the summer people play tag. In the summer people have fun. They like to go to the park. They swing and they go to the pool. -Tayvanna Summer Slide 7 In the fall you can jump in piles of leaves. The leaves turn bright colors. Leaves fall off of trees in the fall. -Alisha Fall Slide 8 Most blizzards happen in December, January, and February. That means vehicles cant go anywhere. Blizzards keep grown-ups from going to work. People also make sure they have lots of food. Blizzards only happen when it is cold. It has to be less than 32 degrees Fahrenheit for snow to fall! Snow contains a lot of air. That makes it much lighter than water. -Payton Winter Slide 9 Snowflakes form inside clouds. Water vapor forms inside of a cloud. We wear warm clothes. We will have fun. -Hallie Winter Slide 10 Dangerous Storms TornadoesHurricanes Tornadoes Super Storms Lightning Slide 11 Thunder is the sound that lightning makes when it heats up the air around it. This type of lightning is called forked lightning. Thunder storms happen when a cumulonimbus cloud forms in the sky. -Reagen Lightning Slide 12 A hurricane can cause the street to flood. They can destroy houses. The rescue worker carries a scared dog. People across America help rebuild cities after a hurricane. -Katey Hurricanes Slide 13 Hurricanes begin over warm ocean water near the equator. Hurricanes need moisture to get started. Wind and rain clouds can form a tropical storm. Hurricane winds move faster than 74 miles per hour. -Frankie Hurricanes Slide 14 There can be rainbows during a tornado. The tornado names are wedge, waterspout and rope. There can be more than one tornado in the same place. Air can rotate. Most tornadoes hit in Tornado Alley. Tornado Alley includes Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, and other states too. Tornadoes can hit almost anytime, but most tornadoes hit during spring and summer months. Warm weather makes storms stronger. -Katelyn Tornadoes Slide 15 Tornadoes are one of natures most powerful storms. The safest place during a tornado is your basement. If you dont have a basement, a room with no windows is safest. Tornadoes can last for hours! And some just last for 10 seconds! -Josie Tornadoes Slide 16 If warm air hits cold air it may form a tornado or twister. Most tornadoes happen in April, May, or June. Tornadoes usually strike a few minutes after a thunderstorm has stopped. If there is a tornado, go to your basement or storm cellar! If you dont have a basement, go under a table or into a room with no windows. -Rebecca Tornadoes Slide 17 Super storms can destroy half the city in one minute. Every second hundreds of thunderstorms are born around the world! Hailstones are sometimes larger then a pencil and can break things. Hailstones can kill people and destroy cars. -Luke Super Storms Slide 18 Natural Disasters EarthquakesVolcanoes Floods Slide 19 Earthquakes are scary. They can collapse houses. If people have alarms they can tell us earthquakes are coming. If there is a crack in the ground, do not go near it. -Zoie Earthquakes Slide 20 There are over 1,500 active volcanoes in the world. Some volcanoes shoot out lava/ melted rock from inside the earth. Deep inside the earth, temperatures are so high that rock melts into a hot liquid called magma. -Jamal Volcanoes Slide 21 Water, water, everywhere! It is a flood! Flood facts: Floods can damage food, furniture, and clothes. Floods can get into basements, living rooms, and other rooms. Floods can cover a whole community. In a flood, marine specialists can help people. -Cael Floods Slide 22 Things That Fly Planes Eagles Amazing AircraftFighter Planes Slide 23 Planes that take off from and land on water are called sea planes. The most famous flying boats were the Pan American clippers in the late 1930s. -Keegan Planes Slide 24 Eagles are large birds. Eagles are birds of prey. Eagles build a large nest before mating. -Lavonte Eagles Slide 25 Two brothers, Wibur and Orville Wright, made the first flights. Pilot Charles Lindbergh was the first to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean. The Boeing 747 made its first flight in 1969. It carried nearly 500 passengers. -Logan Amazing Aircraft Slide 26 People that you see using jets are from the Navy, Army, and Marines. They make big bombs that are so cool! The engines of a jet make it go 1,800 miles per hour. Can you believe it? F/A-18 Hornets do two jobs! The Hornet is a fighter and an attack plane! -Ethan Fighter Planes Slide 27 Created by: Mrs. Martys 2nd Grade class with Mrs. Dostal Lincoln School 2011


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