AIPL Centennial Celebration

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AIPL Centennial Celebration. A Dairy Producer Perspective James “Jim” S. Huffard III Huffard Dairy Farms Crockett, Virginia. Production Pure Jerseys Since 1928. Who is Jim Huffard?. Dairy Producer Nutritionist Former AJCA President and Board Member - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • A Dairy Producer Perspective

    James Jim S. Huffard IIIHuffard Dairy FarmsCrockett, Virginia

    AIPL Centennial CelebrationProduction Pure Jerseys Since 1928

  • Who is Jim Huffard?Dairy Producer


    Former AJCA President and Board Member

    Current Vice-President and Board Member of National All Jersey

    2008 AJCA Master Breeder

    AIPL Centennial Celebration

  • Herd Facts780 Registered Jerseys2007 Lactation Average on 353 recordsActual 17,492M 787F 618P 2,079 Cheese YieldBreeder of Schultz Brook Hallmark, with 14 Sons, and 4 Grandsons on 8/08 Active AI listDairy in existence since 1928Partnership with brother John

    AIPL Centennial Celebration

  • Family & EmployeesAIPL Centennial Celebration

  • AIPL Centennial Celebration

  • AIPL Centennial CelebrationImportance of Research to Producers

  • Importance of Research to ProducersAIPL Centennial CelebrationProducers assume less risk of failureProducers can implement new ideas and techniques with a higher reliability of successThe implementation of research results has proven to enhance the producers bottom lineProfit Research allows producers to utilize new or improved practices with proof of success

  • Why and how do you support research?Dairy producers consider research a wise business investment.Dairy check offBeef check offAJCC Research Foundation, $1.4 millionPrivate contributions, sale consignmentsLargest single contribution of $412,000 from 2005 National Heifer Sale

    AIPL Centennial Celebration

  • Supporting Jersey ResearchAJCC Research Foundation has funded $750,000 for Jersey specific researchCow and calf nutritionMastitis researchCheese yield researchDevelopment and updating breed specific selection tools JPI, FTIGenomic research

    AIPL Centennial Celebration

  • Current Research Needs of ProducersGenetic and nutrition relationships Conformation to withstand the accelerated production gains due to genomic selectionReproduction efficiencies Health TraitsDisease resistanceMilk components and/or transgenic qualitiesAIPL Centennial Celebration

  • Words of Guidance and ChallengeThe worlds population is rapidly expanding and the US needs continued research and development to help supply food and nutrition for this changing populationResearch needs to focus on healthy, environmentally friendly and consumer accepted results for our producer needsAIPL and other research related entities should be the leaders in educating and communicating with the consumer on animal welfare and food safety

    AIPL Centennial Celebration

  • What its all aboutAIPL Centennial Celebration

  • Huffard Dairy Farms165 Huffard Lane, Crockett, VA 24323Phone/Fax 276.686.5021Email hdfjersey@embarqmail.comWebsite

    Your Visit Always Welcome

    Production Pure Jerseys Since 1928AIPL Centennial Celebration