Aiding intelligent next-gen systems with mobile applications

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Aiding intelligent next-gen systems with mobile applications. Dr. Jeyakesavan Veerasamy University of Texas at Dallas Note: Almost all the content is based on my observations & my experience only. . Agenda. Light sensor – auto turn ON/OFF - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aiding intelligent next-gen systems with mobile applicationsDr. Jeyakesavan VeerasamyUniversity of Texas at

Note: Almost all the content is based on my observations & my experience only. AgendaLight sensor auto turn ON/OFFPassenger-side Air-bag indicator in carMy airline reservation what happened?Motion sensors in home A/C ON/OFFUsing mobiles location to save energy?Collecting personal data : daily exerciseCollecting medical data & input to Doctor Excitement & Challenges

TermsNext-generation systemsIntelligenceBig dataData vs. InformationMobile applicationsAlways connectedSimple Intelligent systemLight sensorturns ON/OFF lights automaticallystreet lights, car lightsNo manual intervention required

Passenger-side Air-bag lightSimple requirement: Do not activate passenger-side air-bag if no person is there.What if a person is sitting and weight sensor malfunctioned?Passenger-side Air-bag light What if light fails? Does the passenger check all the time?Compare to Red light indicator on water-heater. My airline reservationTicket was booked online 2 months agoGot stuck in ON REQUEST status Did not trigger an email or phone call How did the system miss it?An intelligent system is expected to catch all such conditions

Energy efficiencyControl home A/C unit remotelyNetworked appliances can be operated remotelyHow to automate it?Motion sensor similar to Hotel rooms that require key to turn on lights & AC, but is it better?

Energy efficiency : Adding IntelligenceUse users locationAs they get near home, turn AC ON?Does it need more sophistication?Coming home by walk, bus or car?Mobile application can do lot of sophisticated computations.Mobile app to monitor daily exerciseFew approaches: Manually indicate within the mobile appAuto-recognize walkingKeep uploading the data to Doctors office server periodically.Intelligent system can process the data every day and raise exceptions to Doctor.Real data based chart for next Doctor visit.

UTD's Quality of Life Technology LabTake Preventive Care to next level for SeniorsHome based data collection for Sleep apnea & Heart problemsAuto-upload data through home Wi-Fi from various sensorsBig-data: intelligent post-processing to find trouble-spots and gives limited information for Doctor to handle, but how much should we trust the software? it to the next levelCheaper sensors, 3G/4G network, MobilitySensors can communicate with Smartphones through Bluetooth and data can be uploaded via smartphones using 3G/4G networkAlternate option is to collect data continuously and upload it when Wi-Fi is availableExcitement & ChallengesMore smartphones & more applications lot more data will travel over the networksIntelligence should be both accurate and conservative enough.Complex data collection more things can go wrong need to alert the usersIntelligent networks should not miss the simple triggersQuestions & AnswersDr. Jeyakesavan