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AGON SportsWorld Auction Description.pdf · PDF file 2018-02-19 · AGON SportsWorld 2 68 th Auction The essentials in a few words: - all prices are estimates - they do not include

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  • 1AGON SportsWorld 68th Auction

    Descrip tions

  • 2AGON SportsWorld 68th Auction

    The essentials in a few words:

    - all prices are estimates

    - they do not include value-added tax; 7% VAT will be additionally charged with the


    - if you cannot attend the public auction, you may send us a written order for your


    - in case of written bids the award occurs in an optimal way. For example:estimate

    price for the lot is 100,- €. You bid 120,- €.

    a) you are the only bidder. You obtain the lot for 100,-€.

    b) Someone else bids 100,- €. You obtain the lot for 110,- €.

    c) Someone else bids 130,- €. You lose.

    - In special cases and according to an agreement with the auctioneer you may bid

    by telephone during the auction. (English and French telephone service is availab-


    - The price called out ie. your bid is the award price without fee and VAT.

    - The auction fee amounts to 15%.

    - The total price is composed as follows:

    award price + 15% fee = subtotal + 7% VAT = total price.

    - The items can be paid and taken immediately after the auction.

    Successful orders by phone or letter will be delivered by mail (if no other arrange-

    ment has been made). In this case post and package is payable by the bidder.

    Description of condition:

    A: Very good

    B: Good

    C: Fine, with minor faults

    D: collectable, but with serious faults (usually described)

    If there is no classifi cation A-D mentioned, you will fi nd a description of

    state in detail.

    With newspapers, magazines and sticker albums the classifi cation is more

    generously interpreted due to higher use of these items. Level C classifi ed

    magazines and albums may show serious traces of age and wear.

    Abbreviations used in this brief english description of some interesting items!

    WC - World Cup

    b/w - black & white

    COA - Cerfi cate of Authenticity

    OWG - Olympic Winter Games

    OSG - Olympic Summer Games

    EF - extra fi ne

    VF - very fi ne

    m/c - multicolourd

    otw - otherwise.

    68th AGON Sportsmemorabilia Auction

    14th March 2018


    14th March 2018 Lots 1 - 1756

    Football World Cup 5

    German match worn shirts 37

    Football in general 46

    German Football 47

    International Football 60

    International match worn shirts 82

    Football Autographs 98

    Olympics 130

    Olympic Autographs 169

    Other Sports 182

    Bidsheet extra sheet

  • 3AGON SportsWorld 68th Auction

    1. Football pennant GDR. FIFA Executive Congress 73. East German FA Pennant printed „FIFA Exekutivtagung in der DDR, Leipzig Mai 1973“. White silk pennant with blue-and-white silk cord, 20x28 cm. Emblem „DFV“ on rear; slightly stained.

    2. Offi cial FIFA badge Assistant Referee Badge 2005. Offi - cial FIFA cloth badge „Assistant Referee FIFA 2005“ for assistant referees at offi cial FIFA matches. Embroidered linen, 10.5x8.5 cm. Old version.

    3. FIFA Congress 1948 Participation badge World Cup. Particiaption badge „FIFA Congress 1948“ which was held in London. Silver plated bronze, two-coloured en- amel, 4.7x2.9 cm. Very rare offi cial badge for the parti- cipants of 1948 FIFA congress which took place during the Olympic Games in London 1948. Extra fi ne. Rear tarnished.

    4. FIFA Congress Zurich 1988. Participation badge. Bronze, silver plated relief motif pin wth embossed 2 colour rib- bon, size 9x3.5 cm. Very rare!!

    5. FIFA-Participation medal Congress 1988. „46th FIFA Congress Zurich 1988“, Silver plated bronze, 5 cm. Very rare silver edition of the medal. Minor traces of usage.

    6. FIFA Participation Congress medal 2004. 54th Extraor- dinary Congress 2004 in Paris. Gold plated, in original case. The congress was called to celebrate the FIFA‘S 100th Anniversary on May 21st 2004, Bronze, gilt, 5 cm

    7. FIFA Medal 1995 Presidental Visit Jose Havelange. „FIFA Presidential Visit. Jose Havelange“, Gilt stainless steel, 6.8 cm, approx. 1995. Jose Havelange was president of the FIFa from 1974-1998. During the last year of his man- date this souvenir coin was introduced. It is issued to important persons on occasion of offi cial visits. Small traces of usage.

    8. UEFA badge Collection 1961 - 1986. Beautiful collec- tion of 19 diff erent participation badges of UEFA youth tournaments between 1961 and 1986. All multicolour enamelled from 12x4 cm to 2.4x2.2 cm. Includes 1961. 1962. 1963, 1964 1966, 1968, 1969, 1971 (4 diff erent badges), 1972, 1975, 1976, 1980, 1986. Beautiful colle- ction which includes some rareties.

    9. Participation pin badge UEFA Congress 1957. Offi cial pin The 3rd UEFA - Congress Copenhagen June 1957“, gilt bronze, multicolour enamelled, 3 cm.

    10. Participation pin badge UEFA Congress 1959. Offi ical pin from the UEFA congress „Paris UEFA 11.12.1959“, gilt bronze, multicolour enamelled. 2.5 cm.

    11. 6 Participation pin badge UEFA Congress 1956 -72. Coll- ection of 6 offi cial UEFA Congress pins: 1) Libon 1956, 3 cm. 2) Stockholm 1958, 3 cm. 39 London 1961, 3.2 cm. 4) 1962, 2cm. 5) London 1966, 4x3.5 cm. 6) Vienna 1972, 3 cm. All gilt bronze, multicolour enamelled.

    12. Participation Pin UEFA Congress 1964 Spain. Participa- tion badge „UEFA Congress 1964 Madrid“. Bronze, gilt, mulitcoloured enameled. 3,3x2,7 cm.

    13. UEFA Congress 1974 Participation badge. from the UEFA congress in Edinburgh. Bronce gilt, MC ena- melled. 3.5x3cm.

    14. Participation medal 1940 Athletcis Match Germany. Offi cial particiation medal fort the track and fi eld com- petition Germany - Hungary in Budapest 1940 with engraving on back side. Bronze, partly enamelled, 5,3 cm.

    15. World Cup 1930 Offi cial Report. Primer Campeonato Mundial de Football. Montevideo, Julio de 1930. La Coupe du Monde. Offi cial report of the „Asociacion Uruguaya de Football“ about the fi rst Football World Cup. Unique and detailed documentation in spanish with accounts of all matches, all team photos and various match photos. Complete statistics. 124 pages with 240 b/w-Fotos. 33x23.5 cm softcover. Limited and numbered edition No 1,641 of 3,000.

    16. World Cup 1930. Original Ticket Argentina v Chile. „1er Campeonato Mundial Montevideo 1930 Serie 5“ Ar- gentinia vs Chile on th 22nd july 1930. Size 13x10 cm. One of the very seldom „real“ tickets! 99% of the tickets on off er are (very well made) fakes!!! Here we include a certifi cate of authenticity and a life.long money back guarantee.

    17. World Cup 1930. Participation pin „Prensa“. Uruguayan press badge, „Prensa“. Campeonato mundial de football Montevideo 1930“. Bronze, gold plated with green ena- mel. Made by Johnson, Milano. Very rare! Size 1.6 cm.

    18. Participation Medal FIFA Congress 1932 Stockholm. bronze participation medal „FIFA XXI Kongress Stock- holm 12-16 May 1932“. 7 cm, Very rare! EF.

    19. World Cup 1934. Rare Preview. Offi cial preliminary re- port for the Football World Cup in Italy 1934, publis- hed by the Italian Tourist Board (which is listed in the offi cial report for the World Cup 1934). French edition with introduction of all World Cup cities with photos and descriptions of all World Cup stadiums. With maps and directions from stations to stadiums. Rare. Small bad spot at back cover. 24 pages with approx. 15 b/w photos and 8 maps. 19x14 cm, carton. Rome 1934.

    20. World Cup 1934: German Football Magazine „Kicker“. German Weekly Magazine Kicker: issue 22 from 29th may 1934 with reports on the WC. Size 23x29cm, 34 pages 29 about the WC with 21 b/w photos, (GER- MAN).

    21. World Cup 1934: Rare German Report. Detailed Report the World Cup in Italy 1934. 64 pages with 60 black- and-whitew photos. Beautiful coloured cover illustra- tion. Very rare German Report! Size: 15.5x22 cm, Soft- cover. Nürnberg 1939. (GERMAN). Jacket slightly torn.

    22. World Cup 1938 FIFA Congress Badge. „XXIV Congress International FIFA Juin 1938“. Offi cial FIFA particiaption badge for the congress that took place in Paris 1938 du- ring the World Cup. Gilt bronze, blue enamelled. 2.1 cm.

    24. FIFA World Cup 1950. Uruguay Carplaque. Multicolour enamelled car plaque inscribed „Uruguay Campeon del Mundo“ (1950). Silver plated zinc cast, 8.5x7.2 cm. Very rare Uruguayan plaque on occasion of winning the World Cup in 1950. With original screw. Enamell slightly fklaking. Rare.

    25. World Cup 1950. General Programme. The only known complete programme from the tournament sponsered by Standard Oil Company of Brazil. Size 13x18cm, 44 pages, with b/w photos. Very rare! Rear stained and shopworn.

    26. World Cup 1950. rare Spanish Book. World Cup 1950: rare Spanish book, Magazine del Campeonato Mundi- al de Futbol 1950.Numerous photos and reports. Size 26x33, 62 pages. (SPANISH). Very nice Copy.

    27. Olympic Games 1924 1928 Football Winner Pin. Offi cial winner pin of the Uruguayan FA for team members who participated in the Olympic Games 1924 and 1928 and the world Cups 1930 and 1950 inscribed „AUF Campoenes 24 28 30 50 Olimpicos Mundial“. Rear engraved „P. Arispe“. Hallmarked gold (14 carat, weight: 4.22 grammes), multicolour enamelled, buttonhole pin, 1.9x1.4 cm. Personal badge wwhich belonged to Pedro Aripe (1900-1960), Olympic Football Champion 1924 and 1928.

    28. Participation Badge: World Cup 1950. FIFA Member.

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