Agentjakey TV! This is the first Agentjakey TV in CP history

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Text of Agentjakey TV! This is the first Agentjakey TV in CP history

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Agentjakey TV! This is the first Agentjakey TV in CP history Slide 2 With guest-and interviewed-Bird Boy2 Slide 3 WooHoo! Agentjakey TV is on for the first time! Slide 4 Hi, Im reporter Bird Boy2 and I am reporting for Agentjakey TV! Slide 5 Whoa! Look at the ninja! Slide 6 It is circled in red! Slide 7 It is true! Slide 8 This is the beginning of the film that Agentjakey TV got! Its true cause I was taping it! Slide 9 Right now he is flying! Slide 10 He lands right here and swims to the iceberg! Slide 11 When he appears no idea how he does he rides to his hq! Slide 12 He has just magically teleported himself to the town and he will ride to the hq now! Slide 13 He just stacked on purpose, if you notice he has hit a submarine! Slide 14 Now he teleports to his hq from the agent hq and its scary next! Slide 15 Ahhhhhhh! He is asking to get sucked into a mirror! But it has ninjas! Scary, now watch what is next! Slide 16 The ninjas quickly made our cameras go funny so nobody would see what happened next, and we didnt see either because we were fixing the camera! Slide 17 That was the film from the ninjas also, see you and this is my report for agentjakey TV! My name is bird boy 2 for the record Slide 18 If you like you can visit my blog, it is m ! Hope you like my report! Agentjakey TV! m Slide 19 These are his fave clothes! 2nd 1 st Slide 20 AND HIS FAVE CLOTHES OF ALL ARE Slide 21 A special thanks to the people that played part in Agentjakey TV part 1: An extra thanks to Bird Boy2 for the most help And thanks to the dumb ninja that fell for our trap to get footage that Ninjas exist Slide 22 AND THE MOST SPECIAL THANKS IS TO EBERYONE THAT PARTICIPATED IN THE AGENTJAKEY TV PART 1! And also thanks to all the ninjas that were in the ninja dimension for leaving us a shadow of themselves for us to know about them! Slide 23 Ill have to say its much better then getting up at 7 AM just to watch ken9 turn into different types of penguins to slide on people!