@Affinity Magazine - Summer 2011 - A Genetic Journey

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The summer 2011 issue of Affinity Health System's quarterly magazine spotlights genetic counseling and how that knowledge can inspire peace of mind.

Text of @Affinity Magazine - Summer 2011 - A Genetic Journey

  • a geneticjourneyGenetic counseling leads to knowledge and peace of mind

    The Power of Going Green

    GETTING FIT: One Step at a Time Making Healthy Choices


    Premiere issuesummer 2011

    y o u r g u i d e t o h e a l t h & w e l l n e s s

  • 2 | @Affinity Summer 20 1 1 www. af f i n i t yhea l th .o rg /b log

    Welcometo YOUR maga


    If youre interested in becoming a pre-reader for future issues, please email us at editor@affinityhealth.org.

    Entertaining, informative and a feel-g

    ood read.

    ~ Jeremy Dyken, Oshkosh

    We are happy to announce the release of our premiere issue of @Affinity, replacing About Health. As Affinity Health system remains committed to delivering personalized care, we are excited to share a more personalized connection with you and all of our patients, friends and neighbors in the communities we serve. inside, youll find patient stories, provider profiles, seasonal info, go-green tips, wellness and volunteer opportunities and a kids-only page, all produced locally with eco-friendly materials. This magazine is designed to reflect what matters most to you. so, youll also find many ways you can contribute to @Affinity by sending in favorite family recipes, sharing photos of local events you attend, providing feedback on what you have learned in our community classes or suggesting topics for future issues of @Affinity. Please let us know what you think of @Affinity by posting your comments here: www.AffinityHealth.org/blog. Were listening!


    Daniel e. Neufelder, FACHePresident and CeOAffinity Health system

    Fantastic. Informative. Fresh. And local - love that! Its an easy read becauseof the format and layout. You can sit down and read the whole thing you are going to want to read the whole thing! Very exciting.~ Jennifer Stephany, Appleton

    Its an honor to have my work featured on the

    cover of this inspiring and informative publication.

    ~ Polly Becker, Boston

    I caught on the cover, Your Guide to

    Health & Wellness makes me wan


    to sit down and read the entire issue


    ~ Paul Hugo, Chilton

    Enjoyable because it is local and people will see people they might know. I love the mix of photos and illustrations.~ Kelli Karpinski, Oshkosh

    I am always enamored with the @ symbol. Totally progressive!~ Thomas Clifford,


    I love the direction this is heading. Keep a focus on wellness and prevention to help people stay healthy.

    ~ Art Dumke, Oshkosh

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    c o n t e n t sAffinity Health SystemMenasha, WIwww.affinityhealth.org

    President and Chief Executive OfficerDaniel E. Neufelder, FACHE

    Chief Administrative OfficerVince Gallucci

    Editorial ManagementJennifer Wagner MaukJohn Egan

    Volume 1, Number 1The material in @Affinity is not intended for diagnosing or prescribing. Consult your physician before undertaking any form of medical treatment or adopting any exercise program or dietary guidelines.

    @Affinity is published four times annually by Affinity Health System.

    For permission to reprint any portion of this magazine, change your address, discontinue multiple copies or stop receiving @Affinity, please contact us at editor@affinityhealth.org.

    2011 Affinity Health System. No portion of this magazine may be reproduced without written permission from Affinity Health System.




    10 In The Genes After cancer, genetic counseling

    provides knowledge and peace of mind to an Oshkosh woman.



    15 Sister Survivors Cancer unites family, thanks in part

    to beneficial gene testing. IllustrationbyYoungSookCho


    4 Forging Ahead renovation enhances patient

    care at St. Elizabeth Hospital

    by THE NuMbErS

    5 Potatoes, Beds and More!

    Interesting local and national figures

    In SeASOn SuMMEr

    6 The Thrill of the Grill GOOD EATN 7 Better-Than-Ever

    Potato Salad bE WEll 8 Put the Flame Out IllustrationbyTravisFoster GET GrEEN 9 Chill Out

    P R E M I E R E I S S U ES U M M E R 2 0 1 1


    Mission, Promise & Values

    at affinity health system, our mission guides our actions.

    MissionThe mission of Affinity Health System is to live out the healing ministry of Christ by providing services that promote the health and well-being of the communities we serve, especially the poor.

    PromiseWe promise to provide personalized care by listening, treating you with respect and putting your needs and interests first.

    ValuesThe way we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. These values and traditions of our sponsors, Ministry Health Care and Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare, guide our actions.

    AFTEr CArE 18 One Step at a Time Get to know your care

    provider. Meet barb Viste-Johnson from Affinity Medical Home in Kaukauna.

    IllustrationbySusanFarrington GIVING bACK

    20 Helping Hands Offer Hope

    A look at an Affinity team member who volunteers in our communities

    IllustrationbyYoungSookCho lEArN & lIVE

    22 Babysitting, ADHD and Kids Safety

    Educational opportunities at Affinity


    23 Operation Body Shop Fun activities for children









  • 4 | @Affinity Summer 20 1 1 www. af f i n i t yhea l th .o rg /b log

    Forging AheadRenovation enhances patient care at st. Elizabeth Hospital

    S H O R T C L I P S

    The Center for

    Spine & brain

    Health at Mercy

    Medical Center

    in Oshkosh

    opened in early

    April to better serve

    the individual surgical

    and non-surgical

    needs of our patients

    at Affinity.

    The Center for

    Spine & brain

    Health is made

    up of a multi-


    group of


    and providers

    who specialize

    in neurosurgery,

    spine surgery,

    pain management and

    rehabilitation. They collaborate

    to provide the best possible

    outcomes to those with neck and

    back pain.

    If you suffer from neck or back

    pain and think you might benefit

    from being treated in the healing

    environment of The Center for

    Spine & brain Health, contact

    your primary care physician. Or

    call (920) 233-0610 to reach the

    center directly.

    From Painto Promise

    Recipe for RenovationIt takes more than just blood, sweat and tears (and time) to create a state-of-the-art hospital. These figures illustrate how much metal, mortar and more will help renovate St. Elizabeth Hospital.

    Concrete = 1,827 yds = 7,399,350 lbs Rebar = 228 tons = 456,000 lbs Brick = 10,597 sq ft = 72,695 bricks Block = 17,269 sq ft = 19,427 blocks Stone = 4,985 sq ft = 199 ton = 398,000 lbs Steel = 245 tons = 490,000 lbs Glass curtain wall = 9,541 sq ft

    the construction at st. elizabeth Hospital were built after more than 700 interviews conducted with patients and families to determine what they wanted in their community hospital.

    People nowadays are building hospitals like this on 40 to 60 acres of land, Kusnierz says. st. elizabeth Hospital lives on less than a fraction of that. Plus, its in a convenient spot.

    Beyond the new patient rooms and hallways, the renovated st. elizabeth Hospital will be LeeD certified by the u.s. Green Building Council, a Washington D.C.-based nonprofit coalition of building industry leaders. The up-to-date building will integrate design and construction practices that are fiscally responsible, while reducing the negative environmental impacts of buildings and improving occupant health and well-being.

    erhaps the best kept secret in the st. elizabeth Hospital renovation project is that a nearly brand new hospital will mostly be built into existing architecture.

    even better, business continues as usual throughout the duration of the construction project, which began in the

    fall of 2009 and will conclude in early 2012. The entire hospital exists and will continue

    to thrive on a mere 17.5 acres of land in the heart of Appleton, just blocks away from downtown and directly accessible off of Highway 441, says Gary Kusnierz, vice president of Performance excellence for Affinity Health system.

    The crown jewel a new state-of-the-art emergency department opens as part of the project this fall and will double the number of rooms in a key area of the hospital, which took root in the community in 1899.

    Currently, there are nine rooms within the emergency department at st. elizabeth Hospital. The renovated hospital will have 20, with the ability to flex to 47 during peak times of the day, Kusnierz says. many rooms will include amenities like private bathrooms, TVs and additional space for family.

    We are creating a process to enhance the patient experience in the emergency department, says Kusnierz. Our new processes in development at st. elizabeth Hospital will include quick triage and expedited patient flow.

    A new Breast Center, Cancer Center and labor, delivery and postpartum units, as well as