Aesculus Glabra Willd Presented by Torie Ramlose

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Ohio BuckeyeAesculus Glabra WilldPresented by Torie RamloseClassificationKingdomSubkingdomSuperdivisionDivisionClassSubclassOrderFamilyGenusSpecies

Plantae (plants)Tracheobionta (vascular plants)Spermatophvta (seed plants)Magnoliophyta (flowering plants)Magnoliopsida (dicotyledons)RosidaeSapindalesHippocastanaceae (horse chestnut family)Aesculus L. (buckeye)Aesculus glabra Willd (Ohio buckeye)

Text [1]Shape, Form, & TypeFigure #1Text [2], Fig [1]Height: 9-16 meters tallDiameter: 60-90 cm Limbs: grow oppositeMature: 60-80 years oldRounded Top


Figure #2Text [2], Fig [2]It has slight, flakey ridges.It is light grey or light brown.It is scaly.Twig

Figure #3Text [3], Fig [3]The twigs each have their own leaf scar.When a twig is broken a fetid odor is released.Buds grow on them.Leaf

Figure #4Text [4], Fig [3]The leaves are:broadflat

palmately compound5 leaflets per petiolelighter green above toothed once BudFigure #5

Text [2], Fig [1]The bud has overlapping scales that flare on the edges.FlowerText [2], Fig [3]Figure #6The flowers are small and are a pretty yellow-green. The stamen sits far out from the flower so that it is easier for bugs to pollinate the flowers.


Figure #7Text [2&4], Fig [1]The fruit contains one seed and emerges from a husk. The husk is spiny, but the spines are small.

Figure #8Habitat and RangeThe Ohio Buckeye can live in the sun, part shade, or shade.The soil should be rich, moist, and well-drained.Drought is a large problem the buckeye faces.

Figure #9Text [5], Fig [5]UsesIt was used as a good luck charm to cure rheumatism when carried in ones pocket.It was also used to make furniture, crates, pallets, caskets, and artificial human limbs.

In the pastTodayIt is used for pulp.

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