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<0PERATiCEDlT10N> AEROPLANE DUET «^?ratK?i<r-4^^ -..- ;,' -. " ~y. —t.tt ~--— ~ ^ r -"":: :.: .., •• HENRY W. SAVAGE'S PRODUCTION Book and Lyrics bs SdlWnZER aid CARL LlNDAU Music by tlENRI BERCNY English Adaptation te#fe^- "i I Additiorv&l bycics by Grant Stewart Aeroplane Duet .... Angus, Gordon, Donald, Douglas, Ewart John McKee . . . , The Boulevards of Paree Boy in Blue ..... The Crystal Ball . . Detective Song .... In the Heart of the Golden Wine Flirt Kiss me. Dearest, Kiss me Do . Love Never Dies (Song) Love Never Dies (Duet) Sandy McDougal . '. Scotch Medley (Opening Act 2) Two Cockatoos . . When the Mists O' the Night You're Very Like Your Sister, Dear March-Two Step .... Waltzes . Selection ..... Vocal Score ZiX: J£R(M H. ROMCK & CO ISeWVORR PtTROIT.

AEROPLANE DUET - Internet Archive...TheChocolateSoldier(duet) .60 TheLetterSong(duet) 60 ThatWouldBeLovely(duet) 60 Sympathy(duet) 60 Selections 1.00 Waltzes

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Text of AEROPLANE DUET - Internet Archive...TheChocolateSoldier(duet) .60 TheLetterSong(duet) 60...


  • MM Boy BluePerforming rights strictly reserved

    Aeroplane DaetLyric by


    *Allegretto gracioso



    ( Kitty, Donald)

    /7N KITTY

    Music byHENRI BERENY

    *P 5 ''11,1 P


    p Pp J'J'lJl l JiJtJjJiJjIf a man and a maid, of pur- suit were a-fraid andwere

    the air- shipwelltakenev-er makes a mis-take for the



    I i i i f h f i r i4

    anx - ious to get far a - way,mo - tor is . love, dear, you know




    H pi

    P p pJ) 1 1 I

    O they used to be free once they'd




    ^ P

    4they used 'to be free once they'd

    And you'll see how we'll fly a - way


    r fi


    * i1

    get to the sea, But the w^re - less has fix'd that to _ A™

    So wellAnd the

    tget to the sea, But the w^re - less has fix'd that to - day.up in the sky, When the bal - last of care we let go.

    Copyrigut 1910 by Josef Weinberger, Leipzig, Eduard Bloch, BerlinCopyright MCMXI by JEROME H. REMICK & Co., New York & Detroit

    Copyright, Canada, MCMXI by Jerome H. Remiek A Co.Propiedad para la Republica Mexicana de Jerome H. Remiek A Co., New York y Detroit. Depositada conforme a la ley

  • Ki.


    make our es - cape in an Ae - ro- plane and we won't e - ven tell themupe m an Ae - ro-plstars will shinedown on our ven-tur-ing

    them good-And will twin - kle a hope from on

    i* fm

    y f



    *! t-»



    k ^ êP


    And we'll fly you and tliro' tneThat will nev - er be sor - ry for

    air a - gam,en - ter - ing


    For aOn our


    tu Tempo di Valse

    u.\ r a w i



    p^m 1 ^E=± Sr^^ ir «^ii

    up in the sky, RisJWas light as a feath


    Tempo di Valse


    m t-i

    I a ^?mm



    Aeroplane Duet - 3f

    Ris-ingas light as Tfeath"5fe









  • jh-mr

    ^^^BW< yes you and

    7 1 [ j—fi-^j i r r*

    While we are fly - ing to

    *Ff= r i_t ±ee£ 5E£ :g±IKT jes you and

    S^_ i ±^3±P i r? jFly Ins

    s 5E f1 -?-*JP* *f


    3 3E£ St ^ 33i j. j. uF>

    p =4-4J-4

    ^eoth er,

    A—r—j-^41 h I



    7 ; i r v *=FP=f 2free just you and me

    * *-yes, to - geth - er

    ; * y Uf J'f 3Free, free just you and me




    ? n*r fM v P ijnp


    r g l i br ^ r it 1Free! free! right o - ver the sea, Brav - ing tlie wide world to -

    £ ^W=4^ £ * *?TFree! right o - ver the sea,fe£ ffi 5 4-4CT

    BraT ing the^pp

    JV-*#=an^r :&2j:gj? fag H *

    ¥$^ fc 4 ,>4 ±=^«—


    j^ 2l*_zm:*==*P ^ a

    ^±r- v ? ^

    geth er, Free! Free! Free!

    :?*-= v.-


    &» '•£=A±=?zwide ^orld t(


    geth - er, wide world to

    Aervjlane D"ei- 3

    geth ? er, FreeT>^ I ^

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    POBLTSHED • E>VlliiiPiii rem 1liii IIco

    m • .I* .'.I i NEW-YGRK ' v DETROIT ' '•"'"' '- 1' '. " --t.F.wg^fel*- -