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Advanced Teambuilding

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Advanced Teambuilding. Hugh Ballou. High Performance Teams. Orchestrating Team Performance Focus on Outcomes Give Clear Directions Model Excellence. Music Conductor ’ s Score. Hugh ’ s Transformational Leadership Principle # 1. KNOW THE SCORE. Visionary Leaders. Unexpected Lessons. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Advanced Teambuilding

Building High Performance Teams

Advanced TeambuildingHugh Ballou

1High Performance Teams

Orchestrating Team PerformanceFocus on OutcomesGive Clear DirectionsModel Excellence

2What are the benefits of HP TeamsEngage team members - Team is self sufficient the work on their own - Engage and build alliances to grow your business -2Music Conductors Score

Hughs Transformational Leadership Principle # 1KNOW THE SCORE

Visionary Leaders

Unexpected LessonsShow UpBe PreparedServe OthersCareBe Great

Time Chronos () Kairos ()

Transformational LeadershipClarityPurposeOutcomesIntegrityRolesAccountability

What is Leadership

You Get What You AreFrantic

You Get What You AreCalm

Influence of the Leader Gets things done Influences others

Goals Are SMARTS = SpecificM = MeasurableA = AccountableR = RealisticT = TimedShare Your Goals

Hughs Transformational Leadership Principle # 2RECRUIT THE BEST PLAYERS

Your Team is an Orchestra

Team PerformanceHow will your team perform?Pole Exercise17Kinds of TeamsCreate different teamsAdvisory TeamStrategy TeamCapital TeamBoard of DirectorsMarketing Team

18Recruiting the Right Team

Choose Your TeamNetwork for namesNetworking Excercise20Hughs Transformational Leadership Principle # 3REHEARSE FOR SUCCESS

Rehearse for Success

Create Effective Systems

Boring Meetings.Kill teams

Planning MeetingsPlan Backwards

Work Between MeetingsMeetingWorkMeetingDevelop Healthy ProcessRelationship BECOMES ProcessProcess CREATES Trust Trust FORMS CommunityCommunity BUILDS Relationships27Hughs Transformational Leadership Principle # 4VALUE THE RESTS

Balance Adds ValueRest ReflectionPerspectiveEvaluationRefinement Planning Time for ReflectionProvides PerspectiveClarifies EvaluationStructures RefinementInspires PlanningEnergizes Work29BALANCECreate balance in your lifebe Rock Solid

What To Do NextWrite Your Goals Start NOWBuild your TeamsEmpower Your TeamsPlan Your Work then Work Your Plan31ActionWho is your accountability partner?Questions

The Transformational LeaderKnow the Score: FoundationsPersonal Values, Vision & GoalsHire the Best: RelationshipsBuild & Maintain Important RelationshipsRehearse for Success: SystemsLead with Effective ProcessValue the Rests: BalanceWork, Play, Study, Rest - Always Have a Coach34Victor Hugo: One thing stronger than all the armies in the world is an idea whose time has come.TeamworkComing together is a beginning,staying together is progress,and working together is success. - Henry Ford

35BooksBooks by Hugh Ballou:Transforming PowerMoving Spirits, Building LivesA Workbook for Transformational LeadersBuilding High Performance TeamsLeaders Transform (Book & Workbook Late 2012)

Contact InformationHugh BallouSynerVision International, [email protected] 888-398-8471

37AttractionA man does not attract what he needs, but attracts what he is.James Allen, As a Man Thinketh,

Vision"I dream my painting, and then I paint my dream!Vincent Van Gogh

GoalsAny idea that can be held in the mind that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered will begin at once to begin to manifest itself in the appropriate and convenient physical form available.Andrew Carnegie

InfluenceBe careful the environment you choose for it will shape you; be careful the friends you choose for you will become like them.W. Clement Stone

SuccessIn every failure, there is a seed of a future success.Napoleon Hill,

ThoughtUntil thought is linked with purpose there is not intelligent accomplishment.James Allen, As a Man Thinketh,

TimeWork expands to fill the time allotted.Northcoat Parkinson

Impact"One thing that is stronger than all the armies in the world is an idea whose time has come."Victor Hugo

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