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Adrian Piper. Background & Education. 1969 - School of the Visual Arts 1974 - B.A. in Philosophy from City College of New York 1981 – Ph. D in Philosophy from Harvard Professor of Philosophy at Georgetown, Harvard, Michigan State, & USCD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Adrian Piper

  • Adrian Piper

  • Background & Education1969 - School of the Visual Arts1974 - B.A. in Philosophy from City College of New York1981 Ph. D in Philosophy from HarvardProfessor of Philosophy at Georgetown, Harvard, Michigan State, & USCDBecame first tenured African American woman in the field of PhilosophyHas written several booksCurrently is living and working in Berlin

  • Methods/ TechniquesPerformance art Drawing on photographs of the performance artCalling CardsCollageText Reading is a key element!Multi-media music, film, spoken narrative

  • Approaches to Subject MatterContemporary artist Feminist artist, mixed race artist, and an academicExplores issues of class, sexuality, gender and RaceConceptual art Makes viewers think and ask questionsUses herselfAlmost all art has some sort of self portraitMaking a statement about how the contemporary art sector operatesBreaks with the stereotypical notion of how and what a black artists should produceCreates complex philosophic concepts about identity within experiments

  • Mythic Being Series 1972 - 75Disguised herselfAndrogynous, racial indeterminate young man, dressed in black t-shirt, flared jeans, big sunglasses, an Afro wig, mustache, and is smoking a cigarettePerformance ArtThen drew on the photographs of the performanceAdded speech from her teenage journals

  • Mythic being: It doesn't matter who you are if what you want to do to me is what I want you to do for me (in 3 parts) Color Coupler Prints24 x 17 in. each

  • Village Voice Ad Numbers 1-417 in totalAds published monthly on Village Voice Gallery Page

  • Mythical Being: Lets Talk6 old crayon drawings of B/W Photographs

  • I/You (Her) 1974Pipers face with a collage of a white womans faceSpeech balloons track Pipers estrangement from other women

  • Mythic Being: I/You (Her) Numbers 1 -3B/W photograph with felt tip pen and collage8 x 5 in eachSet of 10

  • I/You/Us 1975Series of 6 PhotographsUndisguised Piper under talk bubblesDemanding attentionArgues angrily but still wittyFictional nature of race as a fixed category of identityRace and its social effects

  • The Mythic Being: I/You/Us #1Paperc ollage and felt tip pen on B/W17.25i x 12.25in

  • The Mythic Being: I/You/Us #2Paperc ollage and felt tip pen on B/W17.25i x 12.25in

  • The Mythic Being: I/You/Us #3Paperc ollage and felt tip pen on B/W17.25i x 12.25in

  • Catalysis Series 1972 -73Public performances Subway and city streetsForced confrontation between viewer and artistRode through subway with a cloth in her mouthWalked through streets with wet paint painted on her shirtAttention is directed at viewing the publics confusion, disgust, and fear

  • Calling Cards 1986-90Manipulates Business cardsExamines stereotypical depiction of Blackness is deployed within pop culture environmentsPerformance ArtDirect and intimate social confrontationGuerilla Performance/Social Intervention

  • Political Self Portrait No. 2

  • Self Portrait Exaggerating my Negroid Features

  • Self-Portrait as a Nice White Lady, 1995 Photograph altered with oil crayon, 10 x 8 in.

  • Relatedness to Other ArtistsBarbara Kruger Text in ImageElizabeth Catlett Art based on her experience as a black woman