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  • Your Home Tells A Story...Style. Attitude. Charisma. A witty cleverness.

    Your home is as unique as you.

    When you decide the time has come to sell your home, you will need a distinct, customized marketing plan.

    Just like traditional craftsmanship, building a global marketing plan requires meticulous attention to detail.

    The Champions Group takes the story of your home and sells it to the world. We are here to meet the needs of discerning

    sellers and their unique homes. We showcase the taste, beauty and elegance of your home through innovation.

    No ordinary marketing for your extraordinary property.

    When you are ready to sell or purchase your home call us. As specialized luxury agents, we will custom tailor a marketing plan

    highlighting the uniqueness, superior quality, sophisticated decadence and eccentric aura of your luxury home.

    Concierge service

    Professional photos and virtual tours

    High quality Luxury Real Estate yard sign

    Pricing Assistance. A Comparative Market Analysis CMA

    High Dynamic Range HDR (photos) The latest in Luxury Home Selling Technology

    Enhanced Showcase Listing- Through the International MLS and Global Real Estate Network

    Initial Consultation and setup with a Luxury Level Agent

    Facebook and other Social Media Marketing

    Online Transaction Management

    Adrian Jacob and Ellen Story | The Champions GroupRE/MAX Vintage | 10130 Louetta Road, Suite J | Houston, TX 77070

    If your home is currently listed, this is not a solicitation for that listing. Produced by Upscale Real Estate Marketing | 877.660.096 |



    PARTNERED WITH Feel The Need For Speed!Tesla Is Fast & Furious

    Baking BrazilianFogo de Chos Cheese Bread

    Monument ValleyThe Road Less Travelled

    A New Home With Just a Little PaintFRESH APPEAL

    Vol. 2 Issue 2








    H O U S T O N



    Fogo de Cho Brazilian Steak






    Looking for a fresh start this New Year? Why not give your home a new and updated look with a fresh coat of paint. Youll be surprised how different your abode can look and feel by simply updating your color scheme. Whether its the exterior that screams for a much-needed update to oomph your curb appeal, or a lackluster interior that could benefit from a few new hues to bring your interior spaces into the year 2015, paint is an inexpensive and easy way to modernize your home. And the number one rule of color? Have fun! Just what should homeowners look for in trendy but true new colors for 2015? Nature and neutrals still reign supreme at Sherwin-Williams, with people looking for a haven from our technology-driven, fast-paced work world. Homes have become peaceful retreats filled with a cool, neutral palette: muted tans and blues, whisper-soft grays and greens, and creams are all in the mix this year. Of course, theres also a place for more moody colors that give a nod to todays futuristic vibe. Think supernatural and magical tones, such as deep sea blues, heavenly aquas, terrestrial gold-yellows and browns, and even cyberspace shades of black, which all make themselves comfortable in todays vivid palette.

    Those looking for more cheerful colors need not fear. On the bright horizon are floral pinks and purples, and mellowed yellows and greens. The feel can be downright tropical. Expect to be seeing a lot of upbeat and pinky Coral Reef, as its the color of the year at Sherwin-Williams. Seems were feeling optimistic that the recession is behind us and the best is yet to come. Also look for bold, ethnic-inspired colors that reflect our collective anticipation of the upcoming Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Expect expressive takes on the primary colors, including turquoise blues, spicy yellows, and rich reds. Green is 2015s big player over at Benjamin Moore. Guilford Green, a muted silvery-grayish green, is their color of the year. This light ethereal hue is a winner whether youre looking for a neutral interior or exterior hue that everyone will love.

    (Get ready for lots of friends to copy!) In fact, greens of all muted hues abound on the hot list, keeping the organic, neutral look alive and well. The color pros at Benjamin Moore advise going monochromatic, with different shades of the same hue flowing from one interior room to the next. Sounds calm and tranquil perfect for a peaceful New Year.

    Brazilian Cheese Bread Po de QueijoIngredients:1 1/2 c parmesan cheese1 1/2 c corn oil1 c whole eggs1 1/4 c manioc (yucca) starch1 1/4 c sour manioc (yucca) starch1 c 2% milk

    Preparation:Mix all ingredients in a large mixing bowl with an electric mixer. Spray cup cake tray with vegetable oil. Pour mix into cup tray filling each to the top. Place it in oven 350 degrees for 15min, until light brown. The bread should be baked and served immedi-ately, so you can truly enjoy its full flavor.SERVE and ENJOY!!!

    WINE PAIRING:To represent the flavor, keep this pairing light and refreshing with hints of lime and herbal notes. The acidic yet refreshing pairing will complement the flavors in this bread beautifully. Ideas for the perfect coupling are: Sparkling Wine, Pinot Gris, Dry Riesling or White Wine Sangria. Enjoy!

    Get Inspired: Monument Valley, an iconic symbol of the American

    West, is the sacred heart of the Navajo Nation. In some

    ways, Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park is the definitive West. The rugged, disruptive landscapes are infused

    with ancestral spirits yet are hauntingly familiar thanks to

    Hollywoods long love affair with this land.

    Any visit to southeastern Utah must include a visit to

    Monument Valley but be warned; this remote, inspiring

    place demands a closer look. You can take the scenic

    drive for a half-day visit and hit overlooks on the main

    highway, but youll find yourself longing to stay, to get closer to the monumental buttes that tower as much as

    1,000 feet (300 meters) off the valley floor.

    Know the History: This iconic symbol of the American West is

    internationally recognizable, having appeared in

    countless movies. Monument Valley was set aside

    as a Navajo Tribal Park in 1959. The Navajo word

    TseBiiNdzisgaii translates to valley of the rocks but the

    land has profound cultural significance. Like Arches and Canyonlands to the north, Monument Valley showcases

    eons of natures erosive power, yet has distinctive

    formations unlike anywhere else in the world.

    Source |

    You like the finer things in life. The best wines. Perfectly tailored clothes. An impeccable home.

    So when it comes to your car, you want luxury, too.

    But youre also aspiring to lead an eco-friendly

    lifestyle. How can you feel good about your carbon

    footprint driving around in a Maserati or Porsche?

    However, the alternativetodays hybridsarent

    exactly hot. To help reconcile your need for style

    and speed with your desire to protect the planet, we

    introduce the exquisite and truly remarkable Tesla.

    Named after the electrical engineer and physicist

    Nikola Tesla, the American car company Tesla Motors

    designs, manufactures, and sells 100 percent electric

    cars. Thats right: Their cars are completely electric, with no tailpipe, no gas tank, and zero emissions. This

    is a tend-setting car that is more than comfortable in

    the company of those other luxury imports.

    Tesla currently offers three models. The Model S is

    a sports car meets sedan electric car with three

    different-grade battery options (it can travel up to 300 miles per charge!). The Model X is an SUV style family

    car with falcon-wing doors that open up rather than

    out, allowing you to park in even the tightest of spots.

    Not to mention that the door-wings look amazingly

    cool and futuristic. The Model X even offers a third-row

    seat that is easy to step rather than crawl into. The

    larger Model X offers two battery-grade options, at

    different price points. And finally, theres Teslas ultimate sports car, the Roadster, the jewel in the

    crown of any sports car enthusiasts collection. Also

    in the works at Tesla is a generation three electric

    car. While the three models currently available come

    with higher-end price tags youd expect from a

    cutting-edge luxury car, the newest model set to

    debut in several years will retail for less than $40,000,

    and could truly change the way Americans drive


    Sounds amazing, right? But just how does this

    super-hot car work? You can simply charge your

    Tesla in your garage every night so its ready to roll

    the next day, the perfect plan for the around-town

    driver as well as the commuter. Those taking a road

    trips in the Model S can take advantage of Tesla

    Superchargers, charging stations strategically built

    in 75 locations throughout North America. Half the

    battery can be charged in as little as 20 minutes,

    enough time for you to have lunch and then be on

    your way. (There are already 135 Tesla SuperCharger stations in North America alone; the number of

    stations is expected to grow significantly in the next few years.)

    If youre in the market for some hot new wheels,

    why not take the Tesla for a road test? Not only