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Admission - Lingnan University ... service learning projects, summer internships, training workshops, as well as the University’s new student orientation and ambassador programmes

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Text of Admission - Lingnan University ... service learning projects, summer internships, training...

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    20 2019

  • Lingnan and You… Lingnan and You…

    What makes Philosophy at Lingnan unique is the breadth of its courses. Students will

    learn philosophical thoughts of both Eastern and Western traditions. Besides, with the approachable

    and cheerful teaching faculty members, a highly supportive learning environment is offered to

    students. So, please feel free to knock on the doors in the Department. They are

    not only the doors of professors, but also the doors to wisdom.

    I benefited tremendously from the advice and support of the professors in the Department. They inspired me to apply my marketing knowledge and skills to service learning projects, summer internships, training workshops, as well as the University’s new student orientation and ambassador programmes. These platforms provided me with hands-on practical experience and valuable opportunities to practise my leadership and teamwork skills.

    LUI, Hung Chak Duncan BA in Philosophy, Graduand

    SO, Chun Hin Anthony Co-founder & CEO, OnGrad

    BBA Marketing Stream, 2014 Graduate

    Lingnan at a GlanceLingnan at a Glance

    A TOP 10 Liberal Arts College

    in Asia (Forbes, 2015)

    210+ Exchange Partners

    in 40+ Countries/


    100% Student


    A TOP 100 University in Asia (QS Asia University Rankings 2018)

    Over HK$13 million

    Scholarships & Awards

    Rich Service- Learning Opportunities

    Close Faculty- Student Relationship

    85%+ Undergraduate

    Participation in Exchange or Summer/Winter


    Diversified Disciplines Encompassing

    Arts, Business & Social Sciences

  • A Curriculum with a Balance between Breadth and Depth A Curriculum with a Balance between Breadth and Depth

    * Common for all students irrespective of their Majors. ** There are variations in the number of credits for BBA students. *** Students may take up to 6 additional cluster credits as free electives, apart from the 15 required credits for cluster courses.

    Major Discipline

    48** credits


    English Language

    12 credits

    Chinese Language/ Putonghua

    6 credits

    Free Electives***

    27** credits


    120** credits

    # Students admitted via broad-based admission will be allocated to the majors/streams according to respective Faculties’ allocation criteria and timeline. For details, please visit

    ^ Apart from the seven Arts majors, three more majors, namely “Interdisciplinary Major in Chinese Literature, History and Philosophy”, “Interdisciplinary Major in Film and Media Studies” and “Student-designed Major” are available for selection by Bachelor of Arts (Hons) students admitted via broad- based admission. For details, please visit

    Programmes and Admission ModeProgrammes and Admission Mode


    Students interested in pursuing the following programmes may apply for admission:

    ( : Broad-based; : Programme-based)

    Admission Mode

    Programme Website

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons)# ^

    Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Animation and Digital Arts (self-financed) Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Chinese Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Contemporary English Studies Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Cultural Studies Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in History Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Philosophy Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Translation Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Visual Studies animation-and-digital-arts

    Social Sciences

    Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons)#

    - Economics - Political Science - Psychology - Sociology - Social and Public Policy Studies

    Interdisciplinary Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Global Liberal Arts


    Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons)#

    - Accounting - Finance - Human Resource Management - Marketing

    Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons) - Risk and Insurance Management LEO Dr David P Chan Data Science Undergraduate Programme

    27 credits

    Core Curriculum* (Common Core & Clusters)

  • General Admission Requirements



    Minimum Requirements

    Minimum Requirements


    Year 3 Entry (Applicants may consider applying for Year 1 Entry)

    AD / HD Final Year Students / Graduates

    Level 3 in English Language Grade E in English Grade C / Grade 4 in English Grade 4 in English Language 550 (paper-based) or 79 (internet-based) Overall band score of 6.0 in Academic Module Please refer to our website for details


    General Admission Requirements


    Applicants holding one of the following qualifications, and having fulfilled the General Admission Requirements and English Language Requirements, are eligible to apply for admission.

    American Patterned (SAT / ACT / AP)

    A High School (Graduation) Diploma and one of the following: > a combined score of 1650 in the SAT Reasoning Test, with a sub-score of 8 on essay writing > a total score of 1190 in the Redesigned SAT Reasoning Test > an ACT composite score of 24 > Grade 3 in two AP subjects

    British Patterned (GCEAL / IAL) Passes in 3 AL subjects or 2 AL plus 2 AS subjects

    IB IB Diploma

    AD / HD AD / HD final year students / graduates

    Others Please refer to our website for details

    English Language RequirementsEnglish Language Requirements

    GCE Advanced Level (GCEAL) / International Advanced Level (IAL)

    International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma candidates / holders

    Associate Degree (AD) / Higher Diploma (HD) Non-final Year Students

    Transfer Students

    SAT / ACT / AP


    Year 1 Entry Only

  • Credit Transfer/Course Exemption

    ▲ From local sub-degree programmes accredited and recognised as Level 4 qualification of the Qualifications Framework (QF).

    Cost of Living

    Credit Transfer/Course Exemption

    Cost of Living The table shows an estimate of living expenses for the 2019-20 academic year (tuition and hostel fees are under review):

    Tuition Fee

    Hostel Fee

    Personal Expenses


    Estimated Cost (per annum, excluding the Summer Term)

    Local Students Non-local Students HK$ HK$

    $42,100 $120,000



    $87,400-$90,700 $165,300-$168,600

    > Applicants who have passed public, professional, or other examinations recognised by the University or have successfully completed a course at an appropriate level offered by the University or another tertiary institution may apply for credit transfer/ course exemption.

    > Applicants possessing the following qualifications will be granted block credit transfer upon admission:

    Qualification Year of Admission Block Credit Transfer

    AD / HD final year students / graduates▲

    HKALE / IB / GCEAL / IAL holders with 7 years of secondary schooling

    Year 3

    (subject to a successful transfer of 54 credits)


    (48-credit for BBA Accounting Stream and BBA-RIM programme


    Students have to apply for at least an

    additional 3-credit transfer

    Year 1 9-credit on free electives

  • Lingnan offers various scholarships to support high-calibre students to pursue undergraduate studies at the University. For details, please visit ug/nonjupas/scholarships.php.


    Application Procedures

    Contact Us

    Key DatesScholarships

    Application Procedures

    Contact Us

    Key Dates

    Interview and Offer




    22 Oct

    31 Dec

    15 Apr

    10 Jul

    Late Aug

    Early Sept

    Application opens

    Early Round application deadline

    Main Round application deadline

    Late Round application deadline

    Registration, hostel check-in and orientation

    2019-20 academic year commences

    Jan - Mar

    Apr - May

    Jun - Jul

    Early Round

    Main Round

    Late Round Applicants shall assume their applications unsuccessful if they do not receive our

    notification by 6 September 2019.

    Printed on recycled paper

    Lingnan University reserves the right to make alterations to the contents of this leaflet without prior notice. Updated information will be released on the University’s website.

    [email protected]

    (852) 2616 8750 (852) 2572 5178 or (852) 2454 4379

    Undergraduate Admissions Office, Registry, Lingnan University

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