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Adiseshu-Mba project working capital -varian

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ON Working capital and cost of goods sold

CONTENTPart A: Organizational study

Sl. noTopicPage no.

1Sectorial analysis10-14

2Introduction to VARIAN Company profile History

Values Vision Mission Achievement 1515151516



3Products 17-19

4VARIAN care program 20

5Philosophy and human face20-21

6Quality policy21

7Environment ,health & safety policy22

8Organizational structure 23

9Financial highlights 24-25

10Swot analysis 26-27

Part B: Project report

Sl. noTopicPage no

1Executive summary29

2Research design Statement of the problem Objective of the study Limitation of the study Types of data collection

Data collection technique

Sample design3030




3Working capital (Definition)33-35

4permanent and temporary working capital35-36

5Working capital needs of a business36-37

6Working capital cycle37-41

7Factor determining the working capital requirement41-43

8Consequences of under assessment on working capital 43-44

9Consequences of over assessment on working capital44

10Impact of inflation on working capital requirement44-45

11Impact of double shift working capital requirement45

12Zero working capital46

13Adequate working capital46-47

14Working capital leverage47-48

15Approaches to working capital finance48-50

16Financing working capital50-51

17Committee recommendation of working capital finance52-54

18Method for estimating working capital requirement54-55

19Inventory management55-56

20Objective of inventory management56-57

21Inventory management techniques58-59

22Receivable management59-61

23Receivable collection policy62

24Process of receivable management62

25Cash management63

26Effects of cash deficits64

27Cash budget64-65

28Method of cash flow budgeting65-66

29Cash management model66-67

30Analysis and interpretation Types of ratio68

31Profitability ratio69-71

32Activity ratio72-73

33Liquidity ratio74-76

34Classification of costs77-79

35Proforma of cost sheet79-81

36Conclusion 82

37Recommendation 83

38Bibliography 84

39Annexure 85-87


SECTORIAL ANALYSISIndias biotechnology sector is at a crossroads. On the one hand, it must find affordable solutions to the pressing national needs in agriculture, health and energy, but on the other, it must be competitive enough to take advantage of the lucrative international markets. The Indian Government established an independent Department of Biotechnology (DBT) in the Ministry of Science and Technology as early as 1986, much before biotechnology became a buzzword. Government funding to the S&T sector increased by eight times from the 8th Five-Year Plan to the 11th Five-Year Plan and support to the life sciences sector steadily increased by 16 times in the same period As a result, a firmer foundation of life sciences and biotechnology has been created over the years in public-funded institutions, over which a strong edifice of innovation and enterprise could be built now. Fiscal incentives include relaxed price controls for drugs, subsidies on capital limits, and tax holidays for R&D spending. Several State Governments (e.g. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala and Gujarat) have come up with added financial (e.g. tax concessions) and policy incentives (biotech parks, incubators of their own) to spur investment in biotechnology. DBT and other organizations have proactively taken up a number of initiatives in creating trained human resource, institutional infrastructure (e.g. microbial culture collections, cell and tissue lines, gene banks, laboratory animals, facilities for oligonucleotide synthesis, etc.) and a strong research base in the country in areas relating to agriculture and forestry, human health, animal productivity, environmental safety and industrial production.PlanTotal S&T ( in crore)DBT (in crore)

11th five year plan9393406

12th five year plan12022675

13th five year plan253011150

14th five year plan 753046400

Segments of biotechnology sector

Biopharma segment

The biopharma segment mainly concentrates on vaccines, non-vaccine therapeutics, other novel products and contract services4. Its strong impact has been on promoting low-cost commodities and forcing a price reduction on MNC bio products. Bio services.

Bio Services segment comprises of clinical research, contract manufacturing and contract researches.

Bio agriculture

Bio industrial

Bio industrial Services is a contract laboratory specializing in the analysis of a variety of products and raw materials for the Pharmaceutical industry, Veterinary Health industry, Cosmetics and the Food and additives market.

Bio informatics

Bioinformatics was applied in the creation and maintenance of a database to store biological information at the beginning of the "genomic revolution", such as nucleotide and amino acid sequences. Development of this type of database involved not only design issues but the development of complex interfaces whereby researchers could both access existing data as well as submit new or revised data.

CategoryPercentage (%)

Bio pharma67

Bio services15

Bio agriculture12

Bio industrial4

Bio informatics2

Figure. Chart showing the segments of biotechnology sector.COMPANY PROFILEVarian, Inc. is a leading worldwide supplier of scientific instruments and vacuum technologies for life science and industrial applications. The company provides complete solutions, including instruments, vacuum products, laboratory consumable supplies, software, training and support through its global distribution and support systems. Varian, Inc. employs approximately 3,500 people worldwide and operates manufacturing facilities in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. Varian, Inc. had fiscal year 2014 sales of $807 million, and its common stock is traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbol "VARI." It has been opened his company in BENGAL0RE since 2014 with 8 products. History:-

Varian, Inc. was formed in 1999 when Varian Associates Inc.--a pioneer of the renowned high-tech hotbed of Silicon Valley, California. reorganized into three independent public companies: Varian Medical Systems Inc.; Varian Semiconductor Equipment Associates Inc.; and Varian, Inc. Varian, Inc. operates as a leading supplier in scientific instruments, vacuum technologies, and contract manufacturing and has 14 locations in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim. The company caters to the life science, health care, semiconductor processing, and industrial industries and has over 20,000 customers. Varian's three main business segments include Scientific Instruments, Electronics Manufacturing, and Vacuum Technologies.VALUES:-Our values guide the way we do businessour customers, suppliers and employees see them in action every day when they work with us. We believe its these values that have helped us enable our customers to excel, and have helped us attract and retain our most valuable assetour exceptional people.VISION:-

The people of Varian, Inc. enhance customers' success by devising integrated, creative solutions to their most pressing technological and process requirements. Grounded in an unbending commitment to Inspiring Excellence, we strive to deliver the highest quality products and services, offering exceptional value to our customers. As a result, we create growth opportunities for employees while working to achieve the best financial performance in our industry, providing shareholders with an excellent return on their investment. MISSION:-

To be the market leader by providing customer delight through excellent quality, service and cost-effectiveness in a progressive, innovative and challenging environment. We endeavour to provide an enriching, rewarding and environment friendly work experience to our employees in an achievement-based, high- performance culture. We will provide maximum satisfaction to all our stakeholders.Achievement:-

2013 Number 12 in the Business Week 50 listing of best performing public corporations

2010 Number 14 in the Business Week 50 listing of best performing public corporations

2007, 2008, 2009 named one of Industry Week's "50 Best Manufacturing Companies" in the U.S.

2006 R&D 100 Award 2006 Forbes Global High Performer

2004, 2005 Forbes Platinum 400 list PRODUCTSVARIAN provides leading edge tools and solutions for diverse, high growth applications in life science and industry.Scientific Instruments:-Were leaders and innovators in creating solutions that solve a wide range of challenges in life science and industry. In particular, we excel in creating high performance products, often combining our diverse technologies and capabilities to create new ways to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our instruments, consumable supplies, and solutions are key tools in bio-molecular and academic research, pharmaceutical R&D and manufacturing, and industrial R&D and quality control, and in developing everything from disease-resistant crops to cosmetics to testing drinking water and monitoring quality in the petrochemical industry.

Vacuum T

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