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<p>CASE STUDY ADIDAS &amp; PUMAPresented By: Khushboo Gujrathi Anuja Kshirsagar Prajakta Naval Mayur Motiramani Javed Pinjari</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>DASSLER FAMILY</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>Adolf born in Herzogenaurach in 1898 and 1900; In the small town of Herzogenaurach, two brothers laid the foundation for what would become the European capital of sportswear. In 1924Rudolf and Adolf Dassler incorporate their first shoe company the Gebrder Dassler Schuhfabrik produce slippers and outdoor shoes Rudolf Dassler ran the business, while Adolf took care of the technical operations and production.</p> <p>HISTORY and Rudolf Dassler were</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>Later on, they switched their focus to the manufacture of track shoes and football boots In 1925, with a great deal of luck the company acquired its first major client, the Sports Club in Herzogenaurach, which ordered no fewer than 10,000 pairs of athletic shoes In 1928, Half of all athletes at the Olympic Games wore Dassler shoes In 1936, African-American track star Jesse Owens brought the company into the public eye.</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>REASONS OF In the 1930s, both Dassler brothers joined RIVALRY theNazi Party, with Rudolf reputed as being</p> <p>the more ardentNational Socialist.</p> <p>Rudolf was drafted, and later captured, while Adi stayed behind to produce boots for theWehrmacht. Rudolf was capture by American troops and sent to prison war camp , he was convinced it was Adi who had turned him in.</p> <p>On top of the contrasting characters of the wives, an ideological divide started to emerge between the brothers around their political 3/16/12</p> <p>SETTLEMENT OF In 1948, the two brothers had a serious RIVALRY falling-out, and they stopped talking to each</p> <p>other</p> <p>Their company companies</p> <p>was</p> <p>split</p> <p>into</p> <p>two</p> <p>new</p> <p>Adolf Dassler formed his own business named ADIDAS, combining his nickname Adi with the first three letters of his last name Das Rudolf Dassler set up his own shop called PUMA Schuhfabrik Rudolf Dassler. </p> <p>The two brothers had become competitors.3/16/12</p> <p>ADIDAS Strives MISSIONsports to be the leader ingear and apparel</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>ADIDAS Adidas Group, the parent FACTS Adidasand Taylor company of</p> <p>Made</p> <p>Golf, - the world's second largest maker of athletic footwear, apparel and equipment by sales Run-DMC My Adidas in 1980</p> <p>"Impossible is Nothing - the current slogan for Adidas</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>2005 - Adidas shoes with a computer chip</p> <p>Adidas is rapidly expanding its presence in emerging markets like Asia and Latin America;</p> <p>Adidas Group generated roughly $13.7 billion in revenues in 2007</p> <p>46% of the generated revenue is from footwear, 42% from apparel, and 12% from hardware.</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>SPONSORS OF Adidas sponsors David Beckham, Marat Safin, Ana Ivanovic, Dimitar Berbatov, Kak, Michael ADIDAS Ballack and others;</p> <p>Adidas supplies team kits for international football teams - France, Germany, Greece, Romania, Argentina and others;</p> <p>Adidas produces balls to favour more attacking play.</p> <p>Ana Ivanovic David Beckham Dimitar Berbatov 3/16/12</p> <p>SWOT ANALYSIS OF ADIDAS</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>STRENGTH OF ADIDASGeographically-diversified Operations </p> <p>Top Market Position</p> <p>Strong Brand Name</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>WEAKNESS OF ADIDAS </p> <p>Poor Margins</p> <p>Under Performance of Reebok Low Inventory Turnover</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>OPPORTUNITIES OF Sponsorship Agreements ADIDAS</p> <p>Adoption of Healthier Lifestyle</p> <p>Growing Global Footwear Market </p> <p>Consignment goods</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>THREATS OF ADIDASRising Costs of Raw Materials </p> <p>Counterfeits Legal Risks</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>PUMA MISSION Becoming the most DesirableSport Life Style Company</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>PUMA Puma AG is the third top FACTS successful company in the</p> <p>world of sportswear</p> <p>Puma AG manufactures athletic footwear (58.5% of 2007 revenue), apparel (34.8%), equipment and accessories (6.7%) At the end of 2007, the company ran 116 concept stores worldwide</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>The company manufactures</p> <p>Only 25.3% of its 2007 sales came from the Americas region</p> <p>Puma AG is aggressively pursuing expansion opportunities in emerging markets</p> <p>as part of its growth strategy; Puma AG generated $3.8 billion in revenues in 2007.</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>SPONSORS OF PUMA</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>SWOT ANALYSIS OF PUMA</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>STRENGTH OF PUMA</p> <p>Brand</p> <p>Product Range Design</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>WEAKNESS OF PUMA </p> <p>Price</p> <p>Young consumers only </p> <p>Too few stores Outlet</p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>OPPORTUNITIES OF Open more stores PUMALicensing Consignment goods</p> <p>Cooperate with more designers </p> <p>3/16/12</p> <p>THREATS OF PUMA</p> <p>Intratype Competition Nike Adidas Reebok</p> <p>Intertype Competition Watch Eyewear</p> <p>3/16/12</p>