Adductors and Quadriceps Link Muscles of the Anterior Thigh

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Adductors and QuadricepsLinkMuscles of the Anterior Thigh1MUSCLES OF THE MEDIAL THIGH:ADDUCTORS


Fig. 53.Muscles of Thigh (Anterior View).1, Tensor fascia femoris; 2, ilio-tibial band; 3, vastus externus;4, gracilis ; 5, sartorius ; 6, rectus femoris ; 7, vastus internus ;8, ligamentum patella; 9, iliacus; 10, psoas ; 11, pectineus ;12, adductor brevis ; 13, adductor longus; 14, adductor

3GRACILISMost superficial adductorGracilis= slenderMuch larger in the catUnique in that it inserts on the tibia (along with sartorious)

4GRACILISO- PubisI- Medial epicondyleA- Adducts thigh, flexes & medially rotates leg (at the knee)


6AdductorsAdductor Magnus (large)Adductor femoris in catsAdductor Longus (long)Adductor Brevis (short)deep to longuswont see in the catAll ADDUCT, LATERALLY ROTATE, FLEX THIGH

7ADDUCTOR MAGNUS O-inferior pubis/ischial tuberosityI- linea aspera/medial epicondyleA- Adducts thighSuperior fibers: flex/laterally rotate thigh Vertical fibers: extend thigh

8ADDUCTOR LONGUSO-PubisI- Middle 1/3 of linea asperaA- Adducts, laterally rotates, flexes thigh

9ADDUCTOR BREVISO- PubisI- Proximal linea asperaA- Adducts, laterally rotates flexes thigh

10PECTINEUSO- PubisI- Distal to the lesser trochanterA- Adducts & flexes thigh


12Adductor femoris (magnus)adj. to semimembranosusAdductor longus, Pectineus

13Medial Thigh Muscles


15QuadricepsRectus femoris (straight fibers)Vastus medialis (medial)Vastus intermedius (middle)Deep to rectus femorisVastus lateralis (lateral)All muscles share the quadriceps tendon, which inserts on the patella, and continues as the patellar tendon to the tibial tuberosityAll muscles have the action of extending the knee

16RECTUS FEMORISO- anterior inferior iliac spine (AIIS)I- patella>>tibial tuberosityA- extends knee

17VASTUS MEDIALIS VASTUS INTERMEDIUSVASTUS LATERALISO- VM: linea asperaO- VI: anterior-lateral femurO- VL: posterior-lateral femur

FOR ALL:I- patella>>tibial tuberosityA- extends knee

18Rectus femoris, vastus medialis & lateralis

19Patellar Tendon/Ligament

20Other muscles of the ANTERIOR THIGHSARTORIUS (sartor=tailor)Longest muscle in the bodyTENSOR FASCIAE LATAE (tensor = tightener, fascia = band, latus = wide)Continuous with the iliotibial tract/band

21SARTORIUSO- anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS) I- medial, proximal tibiaA- Flexes, abducts, laterally rotates thigh; flexes knee (like looking at the bottom of your shoe to see if you stepped in gum!

22SARTORIUSsuperficial; lateral to gracilis

23TENSOR FASCIAE LATAE (TFL)O- ASIS, iliac crestI- iliotibial band>> lateral condyle of tibiaA- abducts thigh, stabilizes knee & hip

24Tensor Fasciae Latae

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