Acts of Kindness - Little Jewels Learning Acts of Kindness You can find October¢â‚¬â„¢s kindness calendar

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  • Acts of Kindness

    You can find October’s kindness calendar on our


    October 8th-12th

    Monday: Wake Up Wake up and come to school! Wear your pajamas to school. Tuesday: Pump Up Get ready to cheer on your favorite sports team! Wear your sports gear. Wednesday: Mix Up Wacky Tacky Wednesday! Wear the craziest outf it you have. Thursday: Made Up Favorite Character Day! Dress as your favorite character Friday: Redbirds Rising Up Cheer on our Redbirds! Wear red and black.

    Spirit Week

    Meet: Buttercup The Eagle Room at Oakland adopted a cow and

    named her Buttercup! Buttercup lives on the Mackinson Dairy Farm in Pontiac, Illinois. She is an

    Ayrshire breed of cow, which is known for their red and white markings. We are excited to watch

    Buttercup grow!

    Fall Picture Day is coming...

    October 8th and 9th at Evergreen

    October 10th and 11th at Williamsburg

    October 12th at Oakland

    Please see your child’s center for more details.

  • 10/2– Logan R, Azuri K, Hallie S,

    Ms. Emily J, Ms. Katie S

    10/6– Connor C, Ms. Hannah B

    10/9– Braylen C, Jalen C, Samu-

    el M, Isaac L, Ms. Ashleigh H

    10/10– Ms. Wynter S

    10/11– Addie L

    10/13– Demi S, Audrey W,

    Scarlett P, Ms. Whitney S

    10/14– Ms. Jessica D

    10/15– Alaina S

    10/16– Knox T, Ms. Allie V

    10/19– Libby T, Macallan R,

    Henry R, Ms. Kenzie J

    10/20– Ivy K, Beckett S,

    Savannah L

    10/21– Cameron P

    10/23– Aidan W, Jaysen Z,

    Ms. Cierra O

    10/24– James O, Madison

    W, Ms. Michelle M

    10/25– Leo C, Hannah G

    10/26– Riley S,

    Ms. Amanda G,

    Ms. Rebecca L

    10/27– Ms. Dione G

    10/28– Ainsley T, Ms.

    Breanna F, Ms. Amina O,

    Ms. Jennifer S

    10/29– Ms. Kelsey L

    10/30– Tenley F,

    Ms. Maria E, Ms. Allie P

    10/31– A’Mere J

    Laugh out Loud What exam do young witches have to


    Answer: A spell-ing test!

    Up to Date Physicals and Immunization Records

    Don’t forget to ask your child’s doctor for an updated shot record and

    physical form for Little Jewels every time your child goes for a well check!!

    It is important that we keep your child’s file up

    to date at all times.

    Watch for our annual flu=shot clinics coming up soon!

    Little Jewels Staff Anniversaries 1 year: Ms. Alyssa H, Ms. Amina O, Ms. Anne M

    3 years: Ms. Anna L

    7 years: Ms. Taylor M

    8 years: Ms. Sheena M, Ms. Brooke P, Ms. Annette D

    11 years: Ms. Janna B

    Fall Fundraiser...

    In September, you should have received a fundraising packet for Fun

    Pasta. This is our annual fundraiser to raise money for St. Jude

    Children’s Hospital. Order forms are due back October 10th.

    As always, our top girl and boy sellers will be recognized as our

    Homecoming King and Queen during Spirit Week and at the ISU Homecoming Parade this year!!!

    Thank you all for your dedication to helping us better our community!

    Allie P, Taylor M, Therese S, Stephanie G, Kelsey R,

    Alexis A, Ashley B, and Kiara H.