ACTS New Life Bible Fellowship. ACTS OUTLINE ACTS OUTLINE I. The Church Established in Jerusalem 1-7 I. The Church Established in Jerusalem 1-7 A. Introduction

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Text of ACTS New Life Bible Fellowship. ACTS OUTLINE ACTS OUTLINE I. The Church Established in Jerusalem 1-7...

  • ACTSNew Life Bible Fellowship

  • ACTS OUTLINEI. The Church Established in Jerusalem 1-7 A. Introduction 1:1-2

    B. Christs post-resurrection ministry 1:3-11 Review of ending of Luke C. The period of waiting 1:12-26 Selection of Matthias to replace Judas 1:21-22

  • D. The enduement with power 2:1-47 Pentecost Peters 1st Sermon

    E. The healing of the lame man 3:1-4:31 Peters 2nd sermon at Temple Ch 3 1st arrest and warning by Sanhedrin Ch 4

    F. The community of goods 4:31-5:11 Sin of Ananias and Sapphira

  • G. The second arrest 5:12-42 Angelic deliverance from jail Renewed temple preaching

    H. The choice of the Seven 6:1-7 Food distributed to widows

    I. The first martyr 6:8-7:60 Stephen, one of Seven Introduction of young man named Saul

  • II. The Church Expanded to Judea and Samaria 8-12 A. The scattering of the Jerusalem believers 8:1-4 All except Apostles scattered

  • B. The widening field 8:5-11:30 1. Philip evangelizes Samaria and the Ethiopian 8:5-40

    2. Sauls conversion 9:1-19

    3. Peters ministry along Mediterranean coast 10:1-11:18 To Aenaes, Dorcas, and Cornelius - Gentile God-fearer

    4. First Gentile church in Antioch 11:19-30 Famine relief gift to Jerusalem

  • C. The withdrawal of Peter 12 1. Peters second angelic deliverance from jail2. Herods death

  • III. The Church Extended to the Gentile World (ends of the earth) 13-28 A. Pauls first missionary tour 13-14 Cyprus Pamphylia Galatia Pauls Missionary Strategy 1. Began ministry in Synagogue 2. Selected more important cities 3. Adapted himself to the people 4. Appointed local leadership 5. Periodic return to home base

  • B. The Jerusalem missionary council 15:1-35 Gentile believers granted full status in churchC. The second missionary tour 15:36-18:23a Revisited Galatian churches Evangelized Macedonia and Greece 6. Revisited churches previously planted 7. Selected and mentored young associates 8. Preached only in unreached areas 9. Corresponded with daughter churches

  • D. The third missionary tour 18:23b-21:16 Evangelized Ephesus Collected famine relief offering for Jerusalem

  • E. The imprisonments of Paul 21:17-28:31 1. At Jerusalem 21:27-23:22 Participation in Temple ceremony to appease Jews

    2. At Caesarea 23:23-26:32Two year imprisonment appeals to Caesar

    3. Voyage to Rome 27:1-28:15

    4. At Rome 28:16-31House Arrest