Activity 1. Still Photography

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Activity 1. Still Photography. Head & Shoulders Portrait. Environmental Portrait. Kimberly S. Wiley. Description of Photos. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


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Activity 1. Still PhotographyHead & Shoulders PortraitEnvironmental PortraitKimberly S. Wiley

Description of PhotosMy choice of subject for the still photography project is my seven year old niece Amber. I chose her because I dont have children of my own and I have formed a very special bond with her. She is the youngest child out of five siblings, and there are very large age gaps between them. The oldest is 24 years old, and the one closet to her in age is 15 years old. I often pick her up and we go on special outings together. One of our special places to visit is Amelia Earhart Park located in Hialeah, Florida which is where I took these photos of her.I chose this park to take the pictures because of its very beautiful scenery; one of them being a large lake full of fish where ducks and other birds like to hang out. We often take bread or crackers to feed the birds. The park also has many fun things for children, such as a childrens island where they can play and a farm village with small animals that people love to pet.

For the head and shoulders pose, I had Amber pose in front of an odd-shaped tree that I thought was very unusual and would photograph well. It was a very beautiful day and the image of the sand appearing through the tree trunk made it look as if we were on the beach. In the wide-shot, I had Amber pose by the lake with the birds showing in the background. I got most of the lake in the shot with some greenery showing as well. I didnt really tell her how to pose, I just let her sit the way she wanted to. I felt that these two poses allowed the rule-of-thirds to be demonstrated by the way she is posed in each picture.


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