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ActionAid schools | June 2014 | 1 Journey to the World Cup Stadium with Samir and Samira Lesson ideas and activity sheets Slide 2 ActionAid schools | June 2014 | 2 ActivityResourcesCurriculum links Starter Pupils play the board game (Activity Sheet 1) and join Samir and Samira on their journey to the stadium. Pupils read out the additional information on Activity Sheet 2 as they stop on the numbered stops. Activity Sheet 1 Activity sheet 2 Geography: KS2 Place knowledge Understand geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography of a region of the United Kingdom, a region in a European country, and a region within North or South America. Main Using an atlas, ask pupils to find Brazil and then the city of Rio de Janeiro. Pupils use the information on Activity Sheet 2 to plot the journey taken by Samir and Samira using your schools GIS or free mapping software such as Google Earth.Google Earth If pupils have time, ask them to work out how long it would take to travel between different locations by foot or car etc and/or find images of the different locations. Activity sheet 2 Class set of computers with access to school GIS and/or internet connection Geography: KS2 Locational knowledge Locate the worlds countries, using maps to focus on Europe and North and South America, concentrating on their environmental regions, key physical and human characteristics, countries, and major cities. Plenary Discuss with pupils the differences between places they have passed on their journey. You might like to refer to our A childhood in Brazil resource to think about the human geography at the start of their journey in the favela. Activity sheet 2 A Childhood in Brazil ppt (optional) Geography: KS2 Geographical skills and fieldwork Use maps, atlases, globes and digital/computer mapping to locate countries and describe features studied. Introduction:Samir and Samira, eight-year-old twins, take us on a journey from their home in Mar favela to the Maracan Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Objectives:Start to explore how key human characteristics can divide one small geographical region. To understand how to map a journey. Outcomes: Complete a mapping exercise. Journey to the World Cup Stadium/Lesson plan Slide 3 ActionAid schools | June 2014 | 3 Journey to the World Cup Stadium/Activity Sheet 1 Slide 4 ActionAid schools | June 2014 | 4 Samir and Samira describe their journey in more detail below: 1. The military headquarters Theres always really bad traffic on this road. Its the same in Mar where we live. [NB exact location of military headquarters not known]. 2. The General Hospital Hospital Federal de Bonsucesso, Avenida Londres 616, Bonsucesso The HFB is the largest public hospital in the state of Rio de Janeiro. For more information on the hospital: 3. The Institute of Tropical Diseases The Instituto Fiocruz, Avenida Brasil 4365, Manguinhos They vaccinate people there. Our mum took us there when we were babies to have our Rubella and Tetanus jabs. We also went on a guided tour there once. We watched a play that explained how people get diseases. For more information on the Institute: 4. The So Cristovo area These streets look different to where we live. Everythings different. The people look different. The shops and houses are all different. People here have more money. There are lots of big cash-and-carry stores here. People can buy their food in bulk in this part of town. Mum says people buy things here and then sell them on. For more information on the So Cristovo area:,_Rio_de_Janeiro,_Rio_de_Janeiro Journey to the World Cup Stadium/Activity Sheet 2 Slide 5 ActionAid schools | June 2014 | 5 5. The local bus (e.g. Avenida Pedro Ii prximo ao 235) I like getting the bus. Our older sister Sara doesnt though! She says its too crowded and because we are young, we have to give up our seat to older people. But I dont mind. For more information about local buses: 6. The Imperial Palace Gardens Quinta da Boa Vista, Avenida Pedro II, So Cristovo [This is] The Royal and Imperial Palace of So Cristovo, the palace has a beautiful park around it called the Quinta da Boa Vista Gardens. Our aunty works as a maid for a rich family around here. So she takes us to the palace gardens sometimes at the weekends. We get to ride our bicycles around it. There it is! Theres a football stadium around here too, for Vasco, the team I support. For more information on the Imperial Palace Gardens: 7. The Maracan Stadium - Estdio do Maracan, Rua Professor Eurico Rabelo, Maracan This is the stadium where some of the World Cup games are happening. Its one of the oldest stadiums in Brazil. It was built in the 1950s for football games. I think it might have been built for another World Cup years ago. They have kept the outside shell of the stadium, but theyve renovated it inside. Seven games will be played here. The stadium is cool! Weve been here before on our bicycles. We came here with my aunty and her friend and cycled all around the stadium. We also came to the stadium last Christmas to watch Santa come down from the stadium. This was the last event in Marakana stadium before it closed down for the World Cup. We have never watched a football match there. We are going to watch the World Cup on the TV at home. The game between Brazil and England will be the most exciting! For more information on the Estdio do Maracan: Journey to the World Cup Stadium/Activity Sheet 2