Actionable Small Business SEO SEM (SBA)

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Presentation for the SBA March Madness Workshop Series 2013

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  • 1.People Are Looking For Your Business Right Now1

2. Today You Will LearnHOW TObe DISCOVERED2 3. How to multiply your business visibility on search (a lot) 3 4. 4 5. THANKS!RI SMALL BUSINESS ADMINISTRATIONFOLGERS COFFEERI SCORE 5 6. Chris Sheehy Est. 1997 6 7. 7 8. Listed on the GoLocalProv "13 to watch in RI in 2013" Awarded "Best in Search" for Local SEO by TopSEOs Blog syndicated at Guy Kawasakis Alltop Internet Marketing Blog syndicated at B2C Blog co-syndicated at Yahoo! Small Business (via B2C) Named "Top 5 Startup Business in New England" by Mass High Tech Instructor | UBC - Professional Development Center Internationally published (monthly print & digital) 8 9. 90/10Knowledge = Action 9 10. And while you sit and listen to me people are still looking for what you have to sell 10 11. Will they find you?15 12. Or your competition? 16 13. You? Or 17them? 14. Dont let prospects and customers pass you by Be DISCOVERED18 15. 20 16. 21 17. 22 18. 23 19. 24 20. 25 21. What is SEO & SEM? 27 22. 28 23. SEO = search engine visibilitySEM = people discovery (x) THEMULTIPLYING FACTOR! 29 24. DigitalConvergence30 25. Is There A Demand? 31 26. What are the odds someone is looking for YOU?32 27. 93% of all internet traffic comes from search engines33 28. 70% of the links people click onare for organic results(i.e. not the paid ones)34 29. 75% of users never scroll pastthe first page of search results35 30. 80% of unsuccessful search queries are followed by an immediate revised search36 31. 91% unsubscribed fromcompany emails they hadpreviously opted-in37 32. 40% of SEO marketingcampaigns achieve a ROI greater than 500%38 33. VS.22% for paid campaigns (PPC) 39 34. 62% of American householdsare connected to the internet 40 35. Search is the #1 driver of traffic to websitesBeating social by more than 300% 41 36. 42 37. Before you begin to market your business online, you should first know how Search works43 38. Ever used a card catalog to find a book? Search engines works a lot like that44 39. 45 40. 46 41. Play nice follow the rules 47 42. Search Engines Only See Text 48 43. Words (text) are like magnetsIf you use the right ones, theyll pull in what you are looking for 49 44. 50 45. Three Types Of Search51 46. After analyzing 1.5 million searches - Amajor university research study showed:80% of searches are informational in nature10% are navigational10% are transactional 52 47. InformationalGeneral search queryNavigationalSearching for a particular website (or business)TransactionalSeeking purchase-price information 53 48. 54 49. I NFORMATIONAL 55 50. Pre-transactionalPre/post-navigationalComparativeOff-Page tells the stories of your businessImagery graphic & video ThinkStory Blogging Posting Reviews - About 56 51. INFLUENCERSKeywordsMeta: Title [META Description]WORDSImage: Title Description - Alt AttribStructure - FormattingAnchor textingInterconnected Digital Assets (SMI)AuthorityLinkbuilding#Hash TagsNAP ($10B lost sales attributed to poor SEO) 57 52. N AVIGATIONALSeeking: a specific website (business) 58 53. INFLUENCERSBusiness NameURLCanonical Formatting (http:// OR www)KeywordsAddress Street | City | State | ZipLocal Telephone # dontusedots | +1 401-481-4939# {hash} 59 54. T RANSACTIONALPurchases60 55. INFLUENCERSKeywords$1.00 / $1.00 < superscriptProduct DescriptionMeta: Title DescriptionImage/Video: File Title Alt Attrib# {hash} 61 56. NEW REPORTLocal businesses lose $10B annually because ofpoor/nonexistent online listing information 62 57. How Search Works63 58. Elements Of Search (says SEL) Words Titles Links (backlinks) Anchor Text Reputation64 59. A story about:Apizza Restaurants in New Haven CT 65 60. Know Your Phrase That Payspizza restaurants in ct 66 61. Know Your Phrase That Payspizza restaurants in new haven ct67 62. Know Your Phrase That Paysapizza restaurants in new haven ct 68 63. DigitalConvergence69 64. Great Together70 65. Elements Of Search Words Titles Links Anchor Text Reputation Local 71 66. Elements Of Search Words Content, Business name, Image META, Keywords, META Title/Description, Contact (NAP), Product descriptions, Navigation, Footer, $, Tag, Category, #, Bio Titles Website Pages, Posts, Stories, Image, Video, Audio Links Page URL, Anchor Text, Internal, Backlinks, Anchor Text Wording, internal link, external link Reputation Authority* 72 67. 73 68. New Tricks74 69. Simple Change #1 KEYWORDS Poor keyword research results in attracting thewrong type of customer to your business75 70. Simple Change #2 META TITLE Website pages should contain Major keyword for the page Be within 10-12 words Have complementary navigation, text, and images Be unique for each page76 71. Simple Change #3 META DESCRIPTION While not a ranking factor, this is what peopleread of your business on the search engine resultpage, it should be unique (every page), concise,and contain the page keyword Be within 165-170 characters in length Contain your page keyword Be unique for each page77 72. Simple Change #4 IMAGE FORMATTINGFile Name = META TITLE{alt attrib} = META DESCRIPTION78 73. Spread The Word ImageUse image sharing sites like Pinterest to share yourwork Formatted Image Description Link #hash tag 79 74. Simple Change #5NAPU Name Address Phone URL80 75. [the rundown]1. Keywords2. META TITLE3. META DESCRIPTION4. IMAGE FORMATTING5. NAPU6. (one more)81 76. AuthorshipGet credit for what you write1. Set up a Google+ account2. Verify your email address3. Add a by-line to everything you write 82 77. By Chris Sheehy | Sidewalk Branding Keyword targeted website page83 78. Name > emailChris SheehyChris SheehyBusiness > online assetSidewalk Branding Co.Sidewalk Branding Co.Rhode Island Internet Marketing Specialist84 79. Hidden Elements Of SearchBacklinks85 80. Linkbuilding & Backlinks?Links from other websites that point to yours Websites Social Media Directories Search Engines Blogs News Sites Business Listings86 81. Important? 87 82. Backlinks? 88 83. 89 84. 90 85. Link Where Your Searchers Are91 86. What Really Influences Search? Intentful Keyword Utilization Local Optimization (NAP) Optimized Web Pages Continuous link-building Optimized Off Page Elements Consistent Keyword Supporting Phraseology Fresh Content Continuous Marketing92 87. Remember What SEL Said? Words Titles Backlinks Anchor Text Reputation93 88. Anchor texting Authority Authorship Business Name Content Image: Title Description - Alt Attrib Keywords Meta: Title - Description NAP Product Description Structure - Formatting URL # {hash} $1.0094 89. Where To Apply? Website Business Listings Blogging Image Audio Video Social Media Backlinks 95 90. WhoWhatWhenWhereWhyHow96 91. 97 92. Think: Synergy 98 93. Title #DescLinks NAPUWords 99 94. 100 95. Realistic ExpectationsFocus on Primary keywordsConsistent wordtrack & phraseology9-12 months before appreciable resultsFocus on long-term growth (like stock investing)Linkbuilding is like a hot air balloon it takes a lot of effort to launchMarket Locally to be DISCOVERED LocallySEO/SEM is not a one-time thing101 96. Consistency (+) Intent (=) Success 102 97. Research > Optimize >Analyze >Repeat103 98. Types Of SearchT RANSACTIONAL PurchasesThank You 104 99. http://SidewalkBranding.Co @SidewalkBrand 401-481-4939Presentation and its contents Sidewalk Branding Company - All rights reserved 105