Action Leads To Excellence!

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  1. 1. Action Leads To Excellence!by Doc Seeds | on April 23, 2013Action leads to excellence! This applies to each and every single aspect of everyliving human being, creature and plant life. Yet this is the one thing that way too manyoverlook!As a musician, I have spent years of countless hours of practice striving to perfect mycraft. As a musician, you never reach perfection, but with practice and more practice,actionultimately leads to excellence.As a businessman, I also have spent years of countless hours of studying and roleplaying to perfect and sharpen my skills and knowledge base. As any business personwill tell you, they also arent perfect, but with increased knowledge and a growing skillset, action leads to excellence.Ask ANY sports gure, especially those with impeccable reputations of excellence,and they will be the rst to tell you that without daily practice and repetition, not onlywill they not grow their skills, but are likely to lose what they have worked so hard toachieve to begin with.Action leads to excellence!Why do some choose to go to college to learn a trade? Because, with training fromothers who are experienced and have a proven track record, they are allowed tolearn and practice a trade through study and on the job training. This allows them tobecome licensed or certied in their perspective eld. Again, action leads toexcellence!Why does a Medical Doctor continue to study through ongoing education courses,when they have already completed medical school and are a licensed physician?Because they, above all, know the importance of not only maintaining their skill set butgrowing and enhancing their skills as new medical treatment discoveries surface.Action leads to excellence!Ok, lets look at the two words action and excellence. According to Webster,Action can be an act of will, a thing done,the accomplishment of a thing usually
  2. 2. over a period of time, in stages or with the possibility of repetition.Excellence can be the quality of being excellent or an excellent or valuablequality.While keeping ones mind busy will help avoid distractions and keep the mind sharp,the purpose of action is not busy work. The purpose of action is to be a tool in whichto get better at whatever it is in life that you strive to do.Spending all those countless hours practicing was not so that I could be the greatestplayer of scales, nor was it intended to be busy work. It was by practicing the scalesthat afforded me the skills in which to play more beautifully and skillfully.By enhancing my skills that allow me to play more beautifully and skillfully, I am able tocommand a higher paying salary,when I perform! Action leads to excellence!The same is true for the Medical Doctor, the athlete and the business man. Bypracticing their skills, and increasing their level of performance, they are alsoallowed the luxury of commanding a higher return on their investment! Actionleads to excellence!In our everyday lives we all, to some degree, strive to improve ourselves. Just as smallbabies start out crawling before they can walk, it is by sheer repetition that the babylearns to crawl and eventually walk.We could all take a lesson from the crawling baby learning to walk, the physicianlearning new skills, the athlete working to get faster and stronger, the businessmanstriving to sharpen his knowledge and the musicians who challenge themselves to getbetter and better. ACTION LEADS TO EXCELLENCE!About The Author: Doc SeedsDoc is a trumpeter, arranger, recording artist and motivational speaker. Doc is also a entrepreneur withover 35 years experience, managing, marketing and restructuring multi-million dollar businesses. Hisextensive training and experience has proven to be invaluable for not only his own personal benet, butfor the benet of countless others mentored. Doc founded S.W. Seeds Marketing, LLC to provideassistance and advice for business owners as well as musicians and artists.


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