ACS Newsletter 'The Cavy Chatter' winter edition 2011

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The Australian Cavy Sanctuary Issue 2 winter 2011

In this issue Pg 2 ACS Brisbane Shelter open day event Pg 3-4 Shelter news Pg 5 Guinea pig weekly health check list Pg 5 Adoptable of the Month Pg 6-7 Feature article Pododermatitis Pg 8 Case story Pg 9 Being a foster carer Pg 10 Herbs for guinea pigs Pg 11-12 Feature story Els piggy story Pg 13 The Cushy Cavy Pg 14 Adoption update Pg 15 Your piggy photos Pg 16 Kids corner Pg 17 Shelter Wish lists Pg 18 Shelter contacts

Welcome to the second edition of the Australian Cavy Sanctuary Newsletter. First of all we would like to thank everyone who submitted names for the ACS newsletter competition. Lots of creative names were submitted and we faced a very tough decision in picking the winner. Wed like to congratulate Carmen Blatchly with her winning entry The Cavy Chatter. Carmen has won a credit of $25 to spend at the ACS Brisbane shelter. Just a reminder to everyone to make sure they keep their guinea pigs nice and warm now that the cold nights have well and truly arrived. To read tips on how to keep your piggies warm please refer to our last newsletter or go to the ACS website at This issue is full of interesting articles from shelter managers, volunteer staff and members of the public and also includes a new cute piggy photo section. We hope you enjoy the second edition of the Australian Cavy Sanctuary Newsletter.

ACS shelters are non-profit and are managed entirely by unpaid volunteers who are truly passionate about the welfare and awareness of guinea pigs. The shelters rely solely on the generosity of the public for support and to survive. It is with your support that we are able to keep our ACS shelters open and able to cater for 1000s of homeless guinea pigs each year to give them a second chance at a new life. Ways in which you can help to show your support and help to spread awareness about ACS and what we do and stand for include: Passing on the ACS website details to friends/work colleagues/family Spreading the word of opting to adopt and why Making a donation (items of need or monetary) to any of the shelters Volunteering at or foster caring for one of the shelters Joining our ACS shelter Facebook pages (see ACS website) Starting a fundraiser or having a donation tin within your local school/workplace or community Keeping your eyes open to whats going on around you and making a report to the ACS or the RSPCA if you see an act of cruelty or neglect Joining the ACS Message boards Jessica ProiettiACS President1

A laid back fun family day out while also experiencing an inside view of ACS Brisbane Shelter. Meet with or have an up and close tour of the shelter with ACS Brisbane Shelter Manager 'Jessica' and her outstanding team of dedicated volunteers. Take a walk down 'William's Hollow' our adoptable area, bamboo canopy and walking path. Join in the mini 'Pignic' and set up camp on the grounds with your guinea pigs. Catch up with other guinea pig lovers and adoption families!

Information leaflets to take home on the day! Stallholders on the day including Tracy's home-made soaps stall and 'The Cushy Cavy' piggy winter beds stall. All stall holders attending will be helping the shelter fundraise by donating some of the proceeds from items sold on the day. Help support the shelter for a small fee by purchasing your lunch from our BBQ and Drinks stall (All BBQ food will be cruelty free and food available will also cater for vegetarians and vegans). Tash from the ACS Pignic in the Park 2010 will also be holding a stall and offering cheap face painting for the kids on the day!

Pamper package on the day! For $5.00 your guinea pig will receive a bath and organic leave in coat moisturiser, nail clip, worming/mite treatment and blow dry or towel dry. Janelle Manning (photographer) will be offering reasonably priced guinea pig portrait shoots with props! To register to attend the day and for further information please visit the event website to submit an online registration form here: All who would like to attend must register.2

ACS Brisbane Shelter News As usual ACS Brisbane Shelter has been extremely busy the past few months. Finally the shelter move is over and we love our new premesis. I know the piggies do to! Were currently preparing now for our upcoming ACS Brisbane Shelter Open Day. The first ever since the shelter first opened many years back. The shelter has been bubbling with life since the move to the new location with our Saturday open days in particular keeping all the shelter volunteers busy on their feet. Adoptions, surrenders, foster carers, regular feed and bedding pick-ups, boarding, general visitorsyou name it its all been happening at the shelter every Saturday. The volunteers and I have been enjoying seeing quite a few adopted updates with adoption families bringing their piggies in for visits when they come to pick up their piggy food orders. Luckily the shelter has not endured any large-scale surrender cases of late which is a good thing because our funds seem to be needed at the moment to go towards the de-sexing of quite a few of our male guinea pigs that have come back from foster care all healthy and ready to be adopted. The guinea pigs came from a large-scale case earlier in the year. Sadly due to the overcrowded poor conditions of their past and males being placed together in with females, it resulted in the majority of them becoming aggressive and dominant towards other males leaving us with only the choice to de-sex them. The ACS Brisbane Shelter Facebook page has become THE PLACE for piggy people to hang out and it personally brings me so much joy knowing how much support is out their. Ive been doing my best to create a welcoming space for all guinea pig lovers where we can share our passion for these beautiful little animals alongside adding daily latest news of the happenings within ACS Brisbane Shelter, spreading the word of the ACS cause and what were all about. Ive been personally making an effort to make our page a place filled with informative articles so that people can take away information that they may not have known about guinea pigs that will in turn help aid in the care of their own guinea pigs. If youre not on our page as yet and would like to join, please visit the ACS Website for the link. Jess

ACS Sydney Shelter Cavy Central News Well these past few months have been very busy for me with a few piggies finding forever homes and even more piggies coming in through surrender. I guess the good aspect is that some of these piggies were past adopted, and to know that the owners bring them back if anything goes wrong is fabulous. It ensures the piggie will have a great chance at a wonderful home. Wildlife is also keeping me on my toes and of late with a pair of baby lorikeets only 28 grams and less than 10 days old. Crazy bird having babies at this time and not spring! The Sydney face book page has also been the latest addition and takes some time to update and catch up. However I am finding that people from all over are contacting me and from there can take the appropriate action. ACS Sydney Shelter Cavy Central face book page: The most notable news was that Neelix, a permanent member here ended up being on the Kerry Anne Kennerly show on channel 9. For anyone that saw it, he is just a beautiful stunning piggie and I dont think he minded it at all. Please tell your friends and post them the face book page in the event they are looking for a pet piggie. We have so many that need loving homes. Cheers Lyn3

ACS Melbourne Shelter Chuffnut Cavies News "What's new at the Melbourne shelter? Well, the shelter shed has been extended - finally! This effectively gives more than half as much space again than the original shed, and will keep the entire area dryer. At the moment, the extension is just an extra roof area, with temporary walls. Permanent walls will soon be constructed, and the entire shed is still due to have a new concrete floor installed. In the very near future, the public face of the shelter may be moved to a new address. The new location will be more accessible to the general public, making it easier to process more adoptions. Currently the remote location of the shelter has deterred many new homes and also makes it very difficult to have volunteers assist. The new location may offer better conditions all round! Watch this space for updates! In the last 2 months, we've also taken in as many as 22 pregnant (or suspected pregnant) sows. Most of these have been placed into foster care, with two sows, so far, having given birth to a total of seven bubs. A further four litters have been born at the shelter, adding another 7 bubs to the mix. One sweet pup was born with a severe head tilt and was incredibly weak - it is suspected that she had a difficult birth. As she was too weak to leave with her mum and sister, she has been hand raised! Tootsie has beaten all odds and is now thriving, with the head tilt almost completely gone. But she will not be re-bonded with her mum - she is in love with her syringe full of milk replacement formula! Sadly, despite the huge number coming into the shelter, adoptions have been slow. Lets hope next month improves. Lil

ACS Ballarat Shelter Eureka Cavies News Well ACS Ballarat has had a few pregnant sows give birth and has recently adopted a few piggys and bunnies to lovely homes, and has received a very good response to foster carers that were needed for July so am very happy with the amount of people willing to help. Ballarat also had a bunch of piggys come in with coccidiosis which was sad we lost a lot of the piggies over a course of 24 hours but managed to save 4 of them from this surrender. Thanks