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  • I t ' s b e t t e r t o g e t it f r o m E a s t m a n . « if you need α Steffi^ organic in larger-fhan- laboratory amounts We've been making Eastman Organic Chemicals for 36 years, and there are some 350O of them which w e supply regularly t o science and industry. When you need special organics in quantity, you'll usually find it cheaper to make use of our ex­ perience and equipment than t o try unfamiliar syntheses on your o w n hook . For information or a quota­ tion, write or wire Distillation Products Industries, Eastman Or­ ganic Chemicals Department, Rochester 3, Ν . Y\ SP; DISTILLATION PRODUCTS INDUSTRIES is a division of EASTMAN KODAK COMPANY ACS NEWS Three New Awards Awards administered by ACS increased to 1 9 X HE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY has accepted administrative responsi­ bility for the AIVIERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry spon­ sored by the Synthetic Organic Chemi­ cal Manufacturers Association and the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Award in Industrial and Engineering Chemis­ try sponsored by the Ksso Research and Engineering Co. These two recogni­ tions and establishment of the AMERI­ CAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY Local Section Public Relations Award increase the number of awards administered by the ACS to 19. The ACS Award for Creative Work in Synthetic Organic Chemistry spon­ sored by the Synthetic Organic Chemi­ cal Manufacturers Association will rec­ ognize outstanding creative work in synthetic organic chemistry that has been published in an American journal during the preceding three years end­ ing Jan. 1 of the year in which the award is presented. The award con­ sists of $1000 and a certificate. A contingent allowance of $150 may be provided for traveling expenses to the meeting at which the award will be presented. The award will be pre­ sented for the first time in 1957. Also to be presented initially in 1957, the ACS Award in Industrial and Engi­ neering Chemistry sponsored by the Esso Research and Engineering Co. was established to stimulate funda­ mental research in industrial and engi­ neering chemistry and in the develop­ ment and application of chemical engi­ neering principles to industrial proc­ esses. The award consists of $1000 and a gold medal. An allowance of not more than $150 is provided for travel­ ing expenses to the meeting at which the award will be presented. To recognize outstanding public re­ lations activities by local sections of the ACS, the Board of Directors has established the ACS Local Section Pub- He Relations Award. Appropriate certificates will be awarded separately in size groupings as follows: small (less than 200 members) ,- medium (200 to 499 members) , middle (500 to 999 members) , and large sections (over 1000 members) with discretion to make no award or more than one award as may be merited. T h e activi­ ties to be recognized will b e evalu­ ated on the basis of local section, an­ nual reports. Recipients of t h e awards for 1954 activities were announced a t the Minneapolis meeting in September (see C&EN, Sept. 26, page4027) . Further details of these awards, par­ ticulars of the James T. Grady Avyard for outstanding chemical reporting: also established in 1955 (see C&EN, June 6, page 2412), and complete informa­ tion about other awards administered by the Society are given in ACS Bulle­ tin 7, "Awards Administered by the AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY"; the 1956 edition will be available shortly. Division of Rubber Chemistry Elects Juve Chairman Arthur E. Juve, director of technical services research of The B, F . Good­ rich Co.'s research center, Brecksville, O h i o , h a s b e e n elected a s chair­ man of the ACS Division of Rubber Chemistry. Juve h a s been w i t h Goodrich since re­ ceiving a bachelor's degree in chemical engineering from Ohio State University in 1925. H e has served as a councilor from the Akron Section and is at present a n al­ ternate councilor. He was director of the division, representing t h e AJaror* area, for the 1950-52 term. Ar thur ML Neal of Du Pont was re-elected as sec­ retary and George E. Popp of Phillips Chemical is the new treasurer. A. E. Juve December 31 Deadline For Resignations ACS membership does not ex­ pire at the end of a year; i t is not subject to renewal; it continues unless a resignation is received in headquarters before Dec, 31 of the year for which dues have been paid. It is hoped that every pres­ ent member will be in good, stand­ ing in 1956. If that is not possible, appropriate notice should b e sub­ mitted at once. 5 2 9 2 C&EN DEC. 5. 19 55 ACS NEWS Three New Awards Division of Rubber Chemistry Elects Juve Chairman