Acquisition Office The Acquisition Process Acquisition Staff.

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Acquisition Office The Acquisition Process Acquisition Staff Slide 2 Acquisition Process 1.Purpose of Training Session 1.Discuss the Acquisition process 2.Review and Recap of Session 1.Answer questions as it relates to information presented during session Slide 3 Acquisition Office Planning Stage Receipt of Requisition in Acquisition w/specifications and SLMBE Memo (when applicable) Establish evaluation team (when required) Prepare solicitation Submit draft solicitation to end user for review Post final solicitation on CBR Slide 4 Acquisition Office Active Phase Conduct Pre-bid/proposal conference (when required) Prepare addenda (when required) Receive bids/proposals Conduct bid opening (when required) Slide 5 Acquisition Office Evaluation Phase Receive and review responses Submit responses to SLMBE Office for responsiveness determination (when required) Evaluate responses for responsiveness and responsibility Make responsiveness and responsible determination End user to check references (when required) Post preliminary bid tabulation on CBR Slide 6 Acquisition Office Evaluation Phase (contd) Receive SLMBE award concurrence memo Complete evaluation Submit award recommendation for approval Slide 7 Acquisition Office Approval Phase Receive SLMBE award memo (when applicable) Prepare award package Submit award recommendation to appropriate approval authority in accordance with Delegation of Authority Send Notice of Award recommendation, notification of Non-responsive/responsible and responsive/responsible to all respondents Slide 8 Acquisition Office Execution Phase Prepare Notice to Proceed Ensure sub-contracting plan is in Symtrac (when applicable) Send NTP, executed contract and purchase order to vendor and end user Post final bid tabulation on CBR End user and Acquisition staff to Conduct Pre- construction/mobilization meeting (when applicable) Complete contract file Begin contract compliance/administration Slide 9 Acquisition Office Approval Authority Group Leader $200,000 Director$250,000 PORCup to $400,000 General Managerup to $750,000 Commissionersover $750,000 Slide 10 Acquisition Office Any Questions?


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