Acetone Production

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Sample Chemical Engineering Student Team PowerPoint for AnalysisYour Role: You are a manager for Rice Utility Production, and you missed the meeting with the consultants design team. Youve been given their PowerPoint file. You have to let the other two managers on the committee know what you think of the proposed design.

Sample Chemical Engineering Student Team PowerPoint for AnalysisNote: Throughout, orange slides like this one will ask you questions to help you pick out things you want to remember about designing team PowerPoints.For more help or background information: Making Logical Technical Arguments PPT; Team Presentations in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering PPT

Acetone Production Plant DesignDecember 2, 20__ Student Team A From Ace Consultants

Project MotivationRice UP - acetone requirement for increased Anphal production Maintain ROI at higher production rate

Project GoalsIncrease Acetone Production by 30% Minimize Plant CostsOperating costs Additional capital purchasing costs

1. Reactor and Stripping Column1. Reactor and Stripping 1. ReactorColumn and Stripping Column

In regard to the previous slide: What was the point of the process Sample Chemical Engineering flow diagram you just saw? Is this the teams recommended Student Team PowerPoint for design? Analysis What is the team trying to tell you about their work? Are you impressed by their design so far? Why is it good? Go back for a second look. What should the heading be?

2. Acetone Purification

3. Isopropyl Alcohol Recovery Column

Process Specifications99.9% Pure Acetone 90% Pure Hydrogen TOC