Ace Dr. Cook’s Chem 1201: Metacognition is the Key!

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Ace Dr. Cooks Chem 1201: Metacognition is the Key!. Dr. Saundra Y. McGuire Asst. Vice Chancellor Professor of Chemistry Past Director, Center for Academic Success 2004 National College Learning Center Association Frank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



Ace Dr. Cooks Chem 1201:Metacognition is the Key!Dr. Saundra Y. McGuire Asst. Vice Chancellor Professor of ChemistryPast Director, Center for Academic 2004 National College Learning Center AssociationFrank L. Christ Outstanding Learning Center Award

Presidential Award White House Oval Office November 16, 2007

The Story of Three LSU Chem 1201Students Robert Final Grade: 42, 100, 100, 100A

Kristy 60, 100, 99, 84A

Blanche 63 79, 87, 100A

Get the Most Out of HomeworkStart the problems early--the day they are assignedDo not flip back to see example problems; work them yourself!Dont give up too soon (30 min.)Performance in Chem Based on One Learning Strategies SessionFall 2010

AttendedAbsentExam 1 Avg.: 72.35%70.11%Exam 2 Avg.: 76.01%68.74%Final course Avg.: 82.48%72.61%Final Course Grade: B COne 50-min presentation on study and learning strategies meant an improvement of one full letter grade in course!Cook, Elzbieta and Saundra McGuire. 2011. "Is less more? How much, when and how to teach learning strategies in general chemistry courses". Poster presented at the 241st American Chemical Society National Meeting & Exposition, Anaheim, CA.

AttendedAbsentExam 1 Avg.: 71.65%70.45% Exam 2 Avg.: 77.18%68.90% Final course Avg.: 81.60%70.43%Final Course Grade: B CPerformance in Chem Based on One Learning Strategies SessionFall 2011

One 50-min presentation on study and learning strategies meant an improvement of one full letter grade in course!Reflection QuestionsWhats the difference, if any, betweenstudying chemistry and learning chemistry?

For which task would you work harder:A. Make an A on the testB. Teach the material to the class?

To Ace Chem 1201 (and everything else!)Stay in learn mode, not study mode

Study as if you have to teach the material, not just make an A on the test

Why is this so important? Because 1201 is Harder Than HS ChemThe course moves a lot fasterThe material is conceptually more difficult and cumulativeThe problems are more involvedThe tests are less straightforward and require you to apply several concepts at one time

Which of the following is a homogeneous mixture?

A) an aqueous solution of potassium chlorideB) a mixture of iron filings and saw dustC) dirty airD) sodium hydrogen carbonateE) oxygen gasExample from Test 1Another ExampleVisible red light has the wavelength in the vicinity of 654 nm. What is this wavelength in meters?

A) 6.54 10-6 mB) 6.54 10-7 mC) 6.54 10-8 mD) 6.54 10-9 mE) 6.54 1011 mUsing Metacognition to Become an Expert Learnerin ChemistryMetacognitionThe ability to:think about thinkingbe consciously aware of oneself as a problem solvermonitor and control ones mental processing (e.g. Am I understanding this material?)accurately judge ones level of learning

EvaluationSynthesisAnalysisApplicationComprehensionKnowledgeMaking decisions and supporting views; requires understanding of values.Combining information to form a unique product; requires creativity and originality.Using information to solve problems; transferring abstract or theoretical ideas to practical situations. Identifying connections and relationships and how they apply.Restating in your own words; paraphrasing, summarizing, translating.Memorizing verbatim information. Being able to remember, but not necessarily fully understanding the material.Blooms TaxonomyLouisiana State University Center for Academic Success B-31 Coates Hall 225-578-2872 www.cas.lsu.eduIdentifying components; determining arrangement, logic, and semantics.Graduate SchoolUndergraduateHigh SchoolThis pyramid depicts the different levels of thinking we use when learning. Notice how each level builds on the foundation that precedes it. It is required that we learn the lower levels before we can effectively use the skills above.At what level of Blooms did you have to operate to make As or Bs in high school?

KnowledgeComprehensionApplicationAnalysisSynthesisEvaluationAt what level of Blooms do you think youll need to be to make an A in Chem 1201?KnowledgeComprehensionApplicationAnalysisSynthesisEvaluationHow do you move yourself higher on Blooms Taxonomy?

Use the Study Cycle!

4ReflectThe Study Cycle 1Set a Goal(1-2 min)Decide what you want to accomplish in your study session 2Study with Focus(30-50 min)Interact with material- organize, concept map, summarize, process, re-read, fill-in notes, reflect, etc. 3Reward Yourself(10-15 min) Take a break call a friend, play a short game, get a snack4Review(5 min)Go over what you just studied*Intense Study Sessions AttendReviewStudyAttend class GO TO CLASS! Answer and ask questions and take meaningful notes. Preview before class Skim the chapter, note headings and boldface words, review summaries and chapter objectives, and come up with questions youd like the lecture to answer for you. Review after class As soon after class as possible, read notes, fill in gaps and note any questions.Assess your Learning Periodically perform reality checksAm I using study methods that are effective?Do I understand the material enough to teach it to others?PreviewCenter for Academic SuccessB-31 Coates Hall 225.578.2872 www.cas.lsu.eduAssessStudy Repetition is the key. Ask questions such as why, how, and what if.Intense Study Sessions* - 3-5 short study sessions per dayWeekend Review Read notes and material from the week to make connections

Effective Metacognitive StrategiesAlways solve problems without looking at an example or the solutionMemorize everything youre told to memorize (e.g. polyatomic ions)Always ask why, how, and what if questionsTest understanding by giving mini lectures on conceptsSpend time on chemistry every dayUse the Study Cycle with Intense Study SessionsAttend SI sessions on a regular basisAim for 100% mastery, not 90%!

Concept maps facilitate development of higher order thinking skills

Chapter MapTitle of ChapterPrimary HeadingsSubheadingsSecondary SubheadingsCompare and ContrastConcept #1Concept #2How are they similar?How are they different?Which One of the Next Two Slides More Accurately Describes YOUR Actions Before Test 1?Top 5 Reasons Folks Did Not Do Well on Test 1 in Chemistry 1201 in Fall 2009:1. Didnt spend enough time on the material2. Started the homework too late3. Didnt memorize the information I needed to4. Did not use the book5. Assumed I understood information that I had read and re-read, but had not appliedTop 5 Reasons Folks Made an A on Test 1:1. Did preview-review for every class2. Did a little of the homework at a time3. Used the book and did the suggested problems4. Made flashcards of the information to be memorized5. Practiced explaining the information to othersGet the Most Out of HomeworkRepriseStart the problems early--the day they are assignedDo not flip back to see example problems; work them yourself!Dont give up too soon (30 min.)Get the Most from SI Sessions, Tutorial Centers, Office Hours, and Study Groups Try to understand the concept or work the problem by yourself firstCome prepared to ask questionsExplain the material to the tutor or instructorOther CAS ServicesGeaux Academic Workshops uExcel Workshops Math, Chem, Bio, Social SciencesIndividual ConsultationsTutorial Center in Middleton LibraryWebsite (nationally recognized)

Challenge to Dr. Cooks students

Metacognition Discussion Sep 21, 2012

Average on Exam 2: 120 (80%)

How do I know you CAN do this?

Because students at the LSU Dental School did it!

The 2004 LSU Dental School First Year Class:An Amazing Success Story!

Metacognition Discussion August 13, 2004Histology Exam August 23, 2004Previous class averages: 74 78Challenge to class on August 13: 84 averageReported average on August 24: 85!

Writing ExerciseWhat strategy will you use for the next three weeks?If you dont try it in within the next 48 hours... you probably never will.Final Note Please visit our website at We have on-line workshops and information that will teach you even more effective study strategies. We wish you a fantastically successful future!

Dr. Saundra McGuire & The Center for Academic Success!