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Accounts Payable Training Accounts Payable. Updated 10/20/2010 by Kevin Glaspie. AP Staff. Terri Thomas 1-1836 AP Manager Stephanie Kontour 1-2387 Kevin Glaspie 1-2565. AP Mission. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Accounts Payable Training

Accounts Payable

Updated 10/20/2010 by Kevin GlaspieAP StaffTerri Thomas 1-1836AP ManagerStephanie Kontour 1-2387Kevin Glaspie 1-2565

AP Mission Accounts Payable supports UNC's goals and missions by providing accurate and timely disbursement of payments to all University vendors and excellent customer service while insuring that we are in compliance with all UNC, Federal and State rules and regulations.How to Pay AP ProcessesCheck RequestsDPOsPurchase OrdersPurchasing P-CardsFinancial ServicesEIOsP-Cards should go under Purchasing4Check RequestsBuilding and room rentalsCashier paymentsDoctors, hospital visits, and prescription drugsEmployee moving expensesIndividual reimbursements

SSIs and ICsLicenses, taxes and feesMembership duesRefundsRegistrationsSubscriptionsTravel- Pre paid airfare, deposits and lodging

Items that should be paid with a Check Request:Check requests: The formNecessary Items/Attachments: DateDepartment nameOriginator name and Phone numberAuthorized signatureBear number identification (W-9)Vendor and address

Account number (FOAP)AmountCheck stub InformationAttach invoices and backupOriginal unaltered invoicesItemized receipts

Correct Check Request

Check Requests: Things to considerThe authorized signature must come from someone approved in the Approval QueueAn individual may not sign for their own reimbursement and the authorized signature must be a supervisorIf the check needs to be picked up, mark the Hold check for pick up boxAdditional Info may be found on our website:

ICs & SSIsIndependent Contracts (IC) and Standard Service Invoices (SSI) are used when agents of the University conduct business with independent contractors as individuals rather than companies.The definition of an Independent Contractor may be found on our website:

ICs & SSIsSSIsServices performed are less than $4999Time frame of services is less than 6 monthsPayment is made in 1 lump sum after the completion of the serviceShort FormICsServices performed are b/w $5000 - $24999Time frame may exceed 6 monthsPayment may be made in multiple sumsLong formLonger to processICs & SSIs: The FormThe Long form and Short form may be found on the AP website under forms.Pay special attention to:Vendor Disclosure StatementPERA InformationService QuestionnaireICs & SSIs: Things to ConsiderSubmit with a Check Request FormServices over $25000 are subject to the competitive pricing and bidding proceduresIndependent Contracts should only be used for services the University does not provideAnyone who has worked as an employee for the University in the same calendar year may not be paid with and IC.All Expenses (travel, food) must be included in service feeDPOsThe DPO is the Universitys small dollar purchase order and may be used to order materials or services that do not exceed $2000.00. Purchases for materials and servicesComputers must be purchased from Bear LogicFurniture must be purchased from CCIA waiver may be obtained in advance of purchaseDPO purchases fall under the State Contracted Price and are tax exempt

DPOs: The FormOriginators Department and Contact InfoVendor Name& AddressReceiving InformationAuthorized SignatureComplete FOAPALItem DescriptionItem PriceInvoice NumberFinal Total of DPONecessary Items/ AttachmentsOriginal InvoicesCorrect DPO

DPOs: Things To ConsiderOnly the yellow copy will be processed by APThe receiving information must be completedIf a company requires an enclosed check, write check with order in receiving information and sign.Multiple invoices may be paid with one DPO3000 and 8000 funds may take longer to processThe authorized signature must come from an approver listed in the Approval QueueAdditional info may be found on our website: a company requires a check in advance or with the order, the receiving information may say check with order16Purchase OrdersPurchase Orders should be used for purchases that exceed $2000.00Process POsSubmit original Invoice with a stamp that includes:Authorized SignatureDatePurchase Order Number

Invoicess w/ XtenderXtender is an alternate method used to submit invoices for POs to APXtender utilizes scanned images of the original document for processingBenefitsFaster Processing TimeOriginals Stay in DepartmentImage Linked to Banner InformationXtender training may be provided separately or concurrent with AP trainingP-cards & EIOsP-cardTry to use for memberships and registrations If the company will accept a P-card and the purchase is an authorized P-card expense- USE IT!Defer questions to Alta Herndon 1-1612

EIOsTo be used for inter-departmental purchasesEIOs have officially replaced TIOs EIO help sheets are located under the Banner tab in Ursa.Defer questions to Financial Services 1-2237

Official FunctionA meeting, conference, meal or other function which is hosted by a representative of the University, attended by guests and/or Univ. employees and held for official Univ. business purposes. A meeting, conference or other function which is hosted by the University, attended by customers of the Univ. and/or Univ. employees to enhance staff knowledge or to educate customers of the Univ. that are affected by Univ. operations and regulations.

Official FunctionAcceptable FunctionsHosting or welcoming a non-employee guest or visitor for the benefit of the UniversityCommencement ceremonies Departmental retreatsOccasional (not daily, weekly, monthly)In order to conduct Univ. business and the SPECIFIC business is stated on Official Function FormEvents designed to generate alumni, legislative support, donors and community support for Univ. programsAward ceremonies that acknowledge employee achievements

Official FunctionUnacceptable FunctionsMeals or receptions where the primary purpose is for University personnel to gather for social or personal purposesGifts and gatherings recognizing occasions of personal importance to employees and non-employees not related to Univ. businessBirthdaysWeddingsPersonal or Family IllnessRetirement Gifts

I would add gifts after retirement otherwise it appears that retirement parties are not allowed.22Official Function: The FormNecessary ItemsDate of FunctionUNC Hosts Name/ Phone NumberFunction InformationPurposeLocationEst. ExpensesNumber of Guests

Names of Persons AttendingFOAPAL and Authorized FOAPAL SignatureOfficial Function Authorized SignatureIn most cases it is not the same person that is authorized on the FOAPAL

23Correct Official Function Form

Official Function: Things to ConsiderOfficial Function Form should be attached to a Check Request or DPOThe purpose of the official function should be specificAttendance and Expenses of official functions should be kept to a minimumOnly invite individuals that directly relate to the purpose of the functionDetailed regulations and approval levels may be found on the AP website

Always the Rule, Never an ExceptionAlways use the most current forms provided by AP reimbursements and DPOs for food purchases related to an Official Function must be submitted with a completed Official function form signed and dated PRIOR to the purchase.All 3000 or 80000 funds take longer to processDouble check your paper work, it saves everybody time and expedites check processing.We are always a phone call, email, or office visit away from answering question and helping to do things correctly.

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