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Accident causes in opencast mine


  • General observations on the causes of accidents

    Indiscipline/casual approach


    Non compliance of Road worthiness/fitness

    Deployment of Unauthorized persons

    Movement persons in and around HEMM

    Over speeding/Over loading

    Bye passing safety features in HEMM

    Non compliance's of SOPs/COPs

  • Identification and placement of right men for right job at right place in right time.

    No person is being allowed into the quarry with out VTC training ,IME and identity card issued by manager.

    All the operators including Volvo truck and dumper operators were issued hand book of code of practice

    All the idle/break down machinery operating keys arebeing kept at safe custody.

    Road worthiness of vehicles of Contractor as well as SCCL

    is being done by an engineer

    Separate haul roads for 100 T Dumpers and volvo trucksare being maintained.

    Separate dump yard are earmarked for dumping OB by 100

    T Dumpers and volvo trucks.

    Action plan for improvement of safety

  • Shut down procedure is being followed before under taking repair or adjustments of electrical installations.

    Safety belts, earth sticks and gloves are being used while working on overhead line.

    All the workmen including contractor workmen have been issued code of practices on different activities and being practiced the same.

    Slope stability- scientific study, implementation ,

    Continuous monitoring, stabilization methods

    All the maintenance crew after maintenance are being sent out of the quarry.

  • Trip counter and dump man are being placed at authorized elevated place which is away from the vehicle movement area.

    Radium sticker jackets were issued and wearing by all persons working in the quarry after day light hours.

    Register of near misses is being maintained.

    Safety suggestion box is kept at manway office.

    Blasting card system is being followed by blasting crew

    Risk management plan review , up-dation and monitoring

    Effective illumination.

    Automatic fire fighting

  • Educating the contractor workmen by safety committee members during their visit.

    safety awareness lecture is being Conducted, designation wise in every week by Safety officer.

    Implemented Dress code for Safety committee members and activated the pit safety committee members to bring awareness among workmen .

    Surprise inspections of the vehicles were being done to ensure only authorised person are driving the vehicles.

    Surprise inspections by senior officers in back shifts.

  • DGMS(Tech.) / circular no. 09 dt. 2nd Dec. 2008:

    Number of incidences and accidents has taken place due to:

    1. Head on collision of dumpers on haul road due to poor clear view.

    2. Front and rear collision of dumpers on haul road.

    3. . In advertent movement of steering wheel among with tyre while maintenance of dumper where engine is ON.

    4. Dumper getting off haul road due to inadequate parapet wall / berm.

    5. While dumper being reversed

  • Haul road safety

    Height and Width of Haul road

    a. No road shall be of width less than three times

    plus 5 m. width of largest vehicle playing on the


    b. All corners and bends shall be made in such a

    way that the operator of vehicle have clear view of

    distance of not less than three times the braking

    distance of largest HEMM working at 40 KMPH

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    c. where it is not possible to ensure

    visibility for a distance as mentioned in (b)

    there shall be provided two roads of width

    not less than 2 times plus 3 m of largest

    vehicle plying on the road with strong road

    divider at center with adequate lighting and

    reflector along divider

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    D. Where any road exist above level of surrounding area it shall be provided with strong parapet wall with following dimensions:

    I. Width at top not less than 1 m.

    II width at bottom not less than 2.5 m.

    III The height not less than the diameter of largest vehicle plying on the road.

  • Dumpers

    Following safety features shall be


    (i) Mechanical steering lock to prevent

    untoward movement of steering wheel &

    tyre while work person working below the

    cabin while engine is running.

    (ii) Blind spot mirror apart from rear view

    mirror to enable operator to have clear

    visibility of blind spot in and around


  • continue

    (iii) Mechanical type anti collision device to

    avoid head to tail collision on haul road

    such as tail gate, bumper extension or any

    other strong device.

    (iv) Fire resistant Hydraulic hose in place of

    ordinary hoses to decrease chance of fire.

    (v) Seat belt for operator

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    (vi) Maximum speed of vehicle shall be

    restricted to 30 kmph by blocking high gear

    or any other automatic means.

    (vii) Propeller shaft guard.

    (viii) Proximity working device.

  • Excavators

    Following safety features shall be provided

    (i) All function cut off switch.

    (ii) Swing motor brake.

    (iii) Fire resistant hydraulic hose to decrease

    the chance of fire.

    (iv) Turbo charger guard.

    (iv) seat belt

  • continue

    (vi) vent valve on top of hydraulic tank

    should be able to be removed without any


    (vii) A baffle plate between cold zone and

    hot zone.

    (viii) Provision for limiting of hydraulic

    cylinder.- stoppers

  • Drills

    Following safety features shall be provided.

    1. Approved type of dust suppression or

    prevention system.

    2. Each moving parts shall be guarded /

    fenced and also ensured its effectiveness

    all the time.

  • continue

    . Propel joy stick spring loaded type to Return to neutral (dead man safety).

    . Disc brake and brake valve and its testing parameters.

    . Seat belt

    . Fire resistant hydraulic hose and wiring near hot zone.

    . Turbo charge guard

  • General

    Audio visual reversing alarm shall be provided.

    The pressure vessel receiver are subjected to hydraulic testing and NDT testing shall be carried out by competent persons.

    In case of any defect in in equipment such as brake, steering and safety device the equipment shall be immediately taken out of use and record shall be kept

  • continue

    7. The code of practice of installation,

    maintenance of all equipment shall be

    prepared and implemented before putting

    equipment in use at the mine.

  • Work Shop

    Layout of work shop shall be required as per DGMS Circular no. 8 of 2003.

    Present scenerio -

    1. Lack of proper parking places for HEMM leading to haphazard parking.

    2. Canteen, time office, site office, cycle shed, scooter shed located near the workshop.

  • Additional steps to be taken

    .1. Proper maintenance,repair, overhaul and erection of HEMM.

    2. Separate paths for the movement of HEMM & light vehicles.

    3. Canteen, time office, site office and stores, two wheeler sheds etc. shall be located where the movement of HEMM is least.

    4. Proper parking area for HEMM

  • Dozers

    Roll over protection shall be provided over

    operator cabin.

  • Measures to prevent accidents

  • DGMS approved type audio

    visual reversing alarm

    As per DGMS (Approval) Circular no./4 of

    2008 : Audio visual reversing alarm for

    reversing of surface transport machinery &

    Heavy Earth Moving Machinery will not be

    used in the mines unless the same has been

    approved by DGMS with effect from 1st

    Sept. 2008

  • Automatic Fire Protection

    System in HEMM

    DGMS(TECH.)(S&T)/ circular no. 1/697

    dt.14th Aug, 2008:

    All types of fire fighting & fire suppression

    system including automatic fire detection

    and suppression system used in HEMM ,

    material and chemical to be used in fire

    fighting or suppression system in mines

  • Luminaries for Lighting in mines

    DGMS(Tech.)/ circular no. 4 of Feb. 2009:

    It is proposed that all lighting system and

    components in mines both on surface and

    below ground should be of type and

    standard approved from DGMS

  • Use of surveyed off equipments

    DGMS(Tech.)/ circular no. 01 of 2009

    It has been observed that surveyed off

    equipments being used in open cast mine

    also causing increase in number of


  • Haul Road

    DGMS (Tech.)/ circular no 6 of 2008 :

    Separate road shall be made for light

    vehicles in all the mines where dumpers 35

    T and above capacity are deployed.


    Holnagel, 1993 study 90% of work place

    accidents caused due to unsafe behavior of


    Workers stress and risk taking behavior.

    Analysis of accidents on technical error

    approach without considering human error


  • HUMAN BEHAVIOR AND STRESSStress is a state of affair involving demand on

    physical or mental energy.

    Contributing factors.

    1) Environmental

    2) Occupational

    3) Social

    4) Personal

    5) Biological

    6) Psychological


    1) PHYSICAL - Headache, B.P. raise, Heart



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