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Academic Vocabulary Bellringers Ms. Moore’s Classes Language Arts 7 2013-2014

Academic Vocabulary Bellringers

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Ms. Moore’s Classes Language Arts 7 2013-2014. Academic Vocabulary Bellringers. Directions for Bellringers. Each day, In your bell ringer journal , WHICH IS YOUR COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK , write your MLA format heading in the upper left hand corner of your page. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Academic Vocabulary Bellringers

Academic Vocabulary Bellringers

Academic Vocabulary BellringersMs. Moores ClassesLanguage Arts 72013-2014Directions for BellringersEach day, In your bell ringer journal, WHICH IS YOUR COMPOSITION NOTEBOOK, write your MLA format heading in the upper left hand corner of your page.

This is so you get used to heading your papers this way! It looks like this:

Your name Mrs. MooreLanguage Arts 712 August 2013 (notice that it is DAY, MONTH , YEAR)

Directions continuedYour crate will be in the front of the classroom. You need to pick up your journal AS SOON AS YOU ENTER MY ROOM . You need to have it by the bell.

1 /2 block has the red crate.3 /4 block has the green crate.7 /8 block has the blue crate.Directions.continued.Once you have your notebook, copy the sentence that is on the board, and make any necessary grammatical corrections. (I will provide you a copy of the proofreading symbols to paste on the inside of your notebook if you need to refer to them.)

Here is an example of what you will see on the board when you come in to class:Hour assignment is to analyze the stories endingRelated word: analyticalYour Definition:Academic Definition:Sentence:Reminder:Directions continuedUnderneath the corrected sentence, write the highlighted vocabulary word, and write what you think the definition is by using context clues.Example: Our assignment is to analyze the storys ending.

analyzeto figure something out. (My definition)(We will discuss the academic definition in class. This is where you write what you think.)Directions.continuedOnce we have reviewed the sentence and we have discussed the correct definition, write down the related words you are given and use one of them in a sentence.

Example: When I do math, I have to look at the problem in an analytical way.

Directions.continuedLastly, draw a picture, write a phrase, or write a synonym to help you remember the word.

Synonym: examine, investigate, considerPhrase: look at closelyPicture:

Bellringer 1Your page should look like this:Hour assignment is to analyze the stories endingRelated word: analyticalCorrected sentence: Our assignment is to analyze the storys ending.analyzeto figure something out (my definition)analyzeto break down into parts and examine carefully (academic definition)When I do math, I have to look at the problem in an analytical way.Synonym/Reminder word(s)/Picturelook at closely.

Check your page one more time:Hour assignment is to analyze the stories endingRelated word: analyticalCorrected sentence: Our assignment is to analyze the storys ending.analyzeto figure something out (my definition)analyzeto break down into parts and examine carefully (academic definition)When I do math, I have to look at the problem in an analytical way.Synonym/Reminder word(s)/Picturelook at closely.

Great work! You have just completed your first bellringer. We will now paste in our proofreading marks!

Bellringer 2once I red Roberts poem I learned to appreciate his use of rhythme and rhyme.Related words: Appreciative, AppreciatingCorrected sentence: Once I read Roberts poem, I learned to appreciate his use of rhythm and rhyme.Appreciatebe thankful forHe was appreciative of the good grade he received.Synonym: valueBellringer 3 the assumption he made were incorrect becaues it was not supported by any real factsRelated words: Assume, assumingCorrected sentence: The assumption he made was incorrect because it was not supported by any real facts.Assumptionbelief or acceptance that something is true.I am assuming we have a test in Language Arts because Ms. Moore said we did.Phrase: best guess

Bellringer 4the writers attitude toward their subject was respectful and full of admiratonRelated word: attitudesCorrected sentence: The writers attitude toward his subject was respectful and full of admiration.Attitudemental state involving beliefs, feelings, and values.Their attitudes were always positive.Synonym: feelings, thoughts, mind-set

Bellringer 5Its important to develop a awareness of the writers mesage. Related words: awareCorrected sentence: Its important to develop an awareness of the writers message.Awarenessknowleged gained from a persons own experiences or from information.I am aware that Ms. Moore expects homework on time because other students have told me.Synonym: understanding.

Bellringer 6You must consider if a advertisement contain bias or tries too misled the reader.Related words: biasedCorrected Sentence: You must consider if an advertisement contains bias or tires to mislead the reader.Biastendency to see things from a slanted or prejudice viewpoint.Synonym: favoritism

Bellringer 7Folktales revele the value of an culture an teach a lesonRelated words: cultural Corrected Sentence: Folk tales reveal the value of a culture and teach a lesson.Culturecollected customs of a group or community.There are many people from different cultural backgrounds at Montevallo Middle School.Phrase: ways of life; customs

Bellringer 8sam invited me to challenge hime too an debate.Related words: challenging, challengedCorrected Sentence: Sam invited me to challenge him to a debate.Challengedare; calling into question.I found the book challenging to read, but it was worth it.Synonym: dispute; confrontBellringer 9One characteristic of poetry are simile and metaphor.Related words: character; characteristicallyCorrected sentence: One characteristic of poetry is simile and metaphor.Characteristic: trait or featureCharacteristically, when someone things of poetry he or she thinks it has to rhyme. This is not true.Synonym: quality

Bellringer 10Its common for an essay to cuntain humer.Related words: commonalityCorrected sentence: Its common for an essay to contain humor.Commonordinary; expectedOne commonality with seventh graders is that they all eat lunch at the beginning of fifth period.Synonym: usual; regularGroup One Test Review Words!Directions: Go back through your notebooks and write down the definitions of all of the following words. Be sure you know how to use them correctly in a sentence!

Analyze, appreciate, assumption, attitude, awareness, bias, culture, challenge, characteristic, common.Bellringer 11it is importent to be able to communicate thots an felings in writing.Related words: communications; communicating.Corrected Sentence: It is important to be able to communicate thoughts and feelings in writing.Communicateto share thoughts or feelings, usually in words.Sometimes communicating is hard.Phrase: exchange a few words

Bellringer 12Their seemed to bee a lack of communication between the father and sun.Related words: communicateCorrected sentence: There seemed to be a lack of communication between the father and the son.Communicationthe activity of sharing information or speaking.People sometimes misunderstand me when I try to communicate.Phrase: exchange of ideas

Bellringer 13Local Newspapers serve the community were the paper are published.Related wordscommunitiesCorrected sentence: Local newspapers serve the community where the paper is published.Communitya group of people who share an interest or live near each other.There are many different types of communities in Shelby County.Synonym: Societies; neighborhoods

Bellringer 14The writer was abel to conclude the essay with a positive memaryRelated words: concluding, conclusionCorrected sentence: The writer was able to conclude the essay with a positive memory.Concludeto bring to a close or end.My concluding paragraph was fantastic.Synonymfinish Bellringer 15editorials contribute too a public discusion about an isue.Related word: contributionCorrected sentence: Editorials contribute to a public discussion about an issue.Contributeadd to or enrichI made a contribution to St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital.Phrase: to play a part; have a sayBellringer 16Its importent to convince readers of a characters dreamRelated words: ConvincingCorrected Sentence: Its important to convince readers of a characters dream.ConvincePersuade; cause to accept a point of viewWhen he said he studied for the test, he did not look very convincing.Phrase: prove to; talk into

Bellringer 17The to students tryed too debate weather or knot the website was helpful.Related words: debated, debatingCorrected sentence: The two students tried to debate whether or not the website was helpful.Debateargue in an attempt to convinceHe debated with his best friend about whether or not the new girl was cute.Synonym: think over; question

Bellringer 18I was abel two define the stories plot quikly.Related words: defined; definitionCorrected sentence: I was able to define the storys plot quickly.Definedetermine the nature of or give the meaning of.The definition of torture is listening to Justin Beiber.Synonyms: label, characterize

Bellringer 19the reder tryes too discover the resons for the characters behavier.Related words: discovering; discovery.Corrected sentence: The reader tries to discover the reasons for the characters behavior.Discoverfind or exploreThe scientists discovery of water on Mars may make it possible to live there one day.Synonym: unearth; come across; dig up

Bellringer 20reding works from diferent riters provides diversity.Related word: diverseCorrected sentence: Reading works from different writers provides diversity.Diversityvariety as in groups or cultures.This class has a diverse group of people.Synonym: varied; distinct; differentGroup 2 Test Review WordsDirections: Go back through your notebooks and write down the definitions of all of the following words. Be sure you know how to use them correctly in a sentence!Communicate, communication, community, conclude, contribute, convince, debate, define, discover, diversity

Bellringer 21The essay discrived the butiful environment wear the writer lived.Related words: environs, enviromentallyCorrected sentence: The essay described the beautiful environment where the writer lived.Definition: surroundings; the natural world.The environs in the classroom made the student sick.Synonyms: setting; atmosphere

Bellringer 22the gurl was un able too evaluate her freinds work without bias.Related words: evaluated; evaluationCorrected sentence: The girl was unable to evaluate her friends work without bias.Evaluatejudge; determine the value or quality of.His work evaluation was terrible because he was always late and unprepared.Synonym: assess; appraise

Bellringer 23In order to examine the evadense, it was nesecarry to reserch the subjeck.Related words: examining; examinationCorrected sentence: In order to examine the evidence, it was necessary to research the subject.Examinestudy in depth; look at closelyThe doctor was examining him to determine why he was sick all the time.Synonym: look at; inspect; explore

Bellringer 24Eye will explain three key faktors in the storys sucessRelated words: explaining; explanationCorrected sentence: I will explain three key factors in the storys success.Explainmake plain or clearHis explanation about why he was in the bathroom for the entire block was ridiculous.Phrase: Give details; put in plain words

Bellringer 25I rote, a reserch report, to explore my ideas.Related words: explored; explorationCorrected sentence: I wrote a research report to explore my ideas.Exploreinvestigate; look upI explored the inside of a frog in science.Synonym: investigate; discoverBellringer 26I suported my statment with facts and detaills?Related word: factualCorrected sentence: I supported my statement with facts and details.Factsaccepted truths or realityDo not try to support your argument with things that are not factual.Synonyms: data; proof; evidence

Bellringer 27The focus of the papur, was too pervide infromation about football rules.Related words: focused; focusingCorrected sentence: The focus of this paper was to provide information about football rules.Focuscentral point or topic of investigation.She was focused on boys instead of her classwork, so she failed Ms. Moores class.Synonyms: concentrate; spotlight; center

Bellringer 28During brainstorming; I tryed to generate an lists of thing to right about.Related words: generated; generatingCorrected sentence: During brainstorming; I tried to generate a list of things to write about.GeneratecreateThe teacher generated a discussion in class about the importance of speaking properly.Synonyms: cause; make

Bellringer 29howe dew you, identify the meening of a storie.Related word: identificationCorrected sentence: How do you identify the meaning of a story?Identifyrecognize as beingThe student forgot his identification and could not enter the game.Synonym: pinpoint; isolate; see; spotBellringer 30If we ignore the mesage we miss the purpose off the righting.Related words: ignored; ignoringCorrected sentence: If we ignore the message, we miss the purpose of the writing.Ignorerefuse to notice; disregardThe teacher ignored the student who interrupted class asking to go to the bathroom.Phrase: pay no attention to; overlook

Group 3 Test Review WordsDirections: Go back through your notebooks and write down the definitions of all of the following words. Be sure you know how to use them correctly in a sentence!Environment, evaluate, examine, explain, explore, facts, focus, generate, identify, ignore

Bellringer 31The image, in the book, helped me too visualise the storieRelated words: images, imaging Corrected sentence: The image in the book helped me to visualize the story. Imagepicture; representationThe images in the pictures were very powerful.Synonyms: illustration, likeness, visionBellringer 32The story was toled from the prespective of won individual?Related word: individuals Corrected sentence: The story was told from the perspective of one individual.Individualsingle person or thingWhen you play telephone, individuals often change the story as they repeat it.Synonym: human being; for one person; exclusive

Bellringer 33The propose of the reasearch paper, was to inform the reader about dolfins.Related words: informationCorrected sentence: The purpose of the research paper was to inform the reader about dolphins.Informto tell or give information aboutThe information I learned in class was helpful.Phrase: Let somebody know; notify.

Bellringer 34We wear assigned to inquire about whether paterns and present hour findings.Related words: inquiring; inquiredCorrected sentence: We were assigned to inquire about weather patterns and present our findings.Inquireask in order to learn about The student inquired about the difference between a compound and a complex sentence.Synonyms: question; find out

Bellringer 35My teacher shared her insight, about the caracter, with use?Related word: insightfulCorrected sentence: My teacher shared her insight about the character with us.Insightability to see the truth; an understandingHer comment on the theme of the novel was very insightful.Synonyms: knowledge; comprehensionBellringer 36As a team we where abel too investigate each part of the probelm Related words: investigated, investigationCorrected Sentence: As a team, we were able to investigate each part of the problem.Investigateexamine thoroughlyHe investigated the area where he heard the strange noise thoroughly.Synonyms: look into; scrutinizeBellringer 37The media are an every day sourse of information and entertanmint, for the publicRelated words: NoneCorrected sentence: The media are an everyday source of information and entertainment for the public.Mediacollected sources of information, including newspapers, television, and the internet.The internet is a valuable media tool.Draw examples of one type of media that is not listed in the definition above (radio)

Bellringer 38The villian in the story pressented the opposition to the heroes happyness.Related words: oppose; opposingCorrected sentence: The villain in the story presented the opposition to the heros happiness.Oppositionstate of being against.The students oppose the idea of having to wear uniforms to school.Synonyms: conflict; enemy; rivalBellringer 39We found the outcome of the probelm too be a favorabel solutoin.Related words: NoneCorrected sentence: We found the outcome of the problem to be a favorable solution.Outcomethe way something turns out.The outcome of the story is part of the resolution.Synonyms: conclusion; ending; result

Bellringer 40I was abel to perceive jennys character threw her actions and words.Related words: perceived; perceptionCorrected Sentence: I was able to perceive Jennys character threw her actions and words.Perceiveto be aware of; seeThe perception of the new girl was that she was quiet, but that turned out to be wrong!Synonym: recognize; pick outGroup 4 Test Review WordsDirections: Go back through your notebooks and write down the definitions of all of the following words. Be sure you know how to use them correctly in a sentence!Image, individual, inform, inquire, insight, investigate, media, opposition, outcome, perceiveBellringer 41My perception of the chracter changed, over the coarse of the story?Related words: perceive, perceptiveCorrected sentence: My perception of the character changed over the course of the story.Perceptionthe act of becoming aware of something through one or more of the senses.The student was very perceptive about how other students felt.Synonyms: insight; awareness; sensitivityBellringer 42I didnot aggre with the writers perspectiveRelated words: NoneCorrected sentence: I did not agree with the writers perspective.Perspectivepoint of viewBased on the fact they were friends, I did not think she could see the argument from my perspective.Synonym: standpoint; viewpoint

Bellringer 43In order to produce a knew show the riting team must pervide a skriptRelated words: produced, producingIn order to produce a new show, the writing team must provide a script.Producemake or createThe student produced a great poetry project.Synonyms: construct; generate

Bellringer 44I hade a strong emotoinal reaction to the depresing comercial.Related words: reactCorrected sentence: I had a strong, emotional reaction to the commercial.Reactionresponse to an influence, action, or statementI did not know how to react when the student tried to hit me.Synonym: consequence; resultBellringer 45In order too reflect on what had been said I took sum quite time?Related words: reflected; reflectionCorrected Sentence: In order to reflect on what had been said, I took some quiet time.Reflectthink about; considerI reflected on what the teacher told me.Phrase: think about; wonder aboutBellringer 46The resolution of the story, helped me too sea how a conpromise, can help many poeple.Related words: resolved; resolvingCorrected sentence: The resolution of the story helped me to see how a compromise can help many people.Resolution: end of a conflict in which one or both parties are satisfied.I resolved to do my homework to bring up my grade so I would not be grounded.Phrase: Everyone agrees at the end of a disagreement.Bellringer 47Hour team perpaired a report and each member persented a peice of it.Related words: NoneCorrected sentence: Our team prepared a report, and each team member presented a piece of it.Teama group united in a common goal.Montevallo has a great football team.Synonym: squadBellringer 48At won time the computer was considered knew technology.Related words: technologiesCorrected sentence: At one time, the computer was considered new technology.Technologypractical application of science to business or industry.Many technologies are being developed everyday.Picture: Computer monitor.Bellringer 49An tradition is often handed-down two a new generatian threw story telling.Related words: traditionalCorrected sentence: A tradition is often handed down to a new generation through storytelling.Tradition-- custom; as with a social group or cultureA traditional way of playing football includes wearing a helmet.Synonym: ritual

Bellringer 50We where abel to transmit our mesage over the schools radio statoin.Related words: transmitted; transmissionCorrected sentence: We were able to transmit our message over the schools radio station.Transmitto send or give out.The alien ship transmitted a signal to Mars.Synonyms: broadcast, spreadGroup 5 Test Review WordsDirections: Go back through your notebooks and write down the definitions of all of the following words. Be sure you know how to use them correctly in a sentence!

Perceive, perception, perspective, produce, reaction, reflect, resolution, team, technology, transmitBellringer 51The studints came to a understanding, of how best, to organize, the club?Related word: understandCorrected sentence: The students came to an understanding of how to best organize the club.Understandingagreement; end of conflictI understand that I must be quiet in class.Synonym: arrangement; deal

Bellringer 52Its important to unify detailes so that they suport the centril ideaRelated words: unified, unifyingIts important to unify details so that they support the central idea.Unifybring together as one.The class was unified about not liking having to tuck in their shirts.Synonym: unite, join

Bellringer 53Each riter has an unique way off teling a storyRelated words: uniqueness, uniquelyCorrected sentence: Each writer has a unique way of telling a story.Uniqueone of a kind.The student dresses uniquely.Phraseonly one of its kind. Synonym: sole, exclusive, distinctive, matchlessBellringer 54He was tryeing to trace the plot structuer of the sceince ficition story.Related words: traced, tracingCorrected sentence: He was trying to trace the plot structure of the science fiction story.Tracefollow in steps.He traced the behavior of the character throughout the story to see if he was static or dynamic.Synonym: track; hunt down

Bellringer 55Bye his bad behaviour it was easey to infer that the knew studente was gonna be a probleme in class.Related words: inferred, inferenceCorrected sentence: By his bad behavior, it was easy to infer that the new student was going to be a problem in class.Inferread between the linesInference is when something is implied and you can draw a conclusion based on evidence.Synonymconclude; assume

Bellringer 56The coach had to formulate a speical traneing regamin for the athelete to inprove.Related words: formulation, formulatedCorrected sentence: The coach had to formulate a special training regimen for the athlete to improve.FormulatecreateShe formulated an idea to help her be successful in class.Synonym: prepare; devise; put togetherBellringer 57Its hard to describe the exactly what the auther is tryeing to say she said. This theme is dificult to figuer out.Related words: described, describingCorrected sentence: Its hard to describe exactly what the author is trying to say, she said. This theme is difficult to figure out.Describetell aboutThe author described the difficulties of being a teenager perfectly.Synonym: explain, tell, portray

Bellringer 58you must support anyting you say in an esay by perviding details. she said.Related words: supported, supportingCorrected sentence: You must support anything you say in an essay by providing details, she said.SupportBack up with detailsHe supported what he said by citing textual evidence.Synonym: defend

Bellringer 59when you is asked to paraphrase what does you do.Related words: paraphrased; paraphrasingCorrected sentence: When you are asked to paraphrase, what do you do?Paraphraseto restate something using other words in order to make it simpler or shorter.She paraphrased the poem by looking at it line by line.Synonym: restate; simplifyBellringer 60He will summarize the mane points of the pasage useing only three sentances.Related words: summary; summarizationCorrected sentence: He will summarize the main points of the passage using only three sentences.Summarizeto give a shortened version of something by stating its main points.The summarization that the student turned in was very thorough.Phrase: Go over the main pointsBellringer 61I will compare the prize of the nike shose and the jordan shose and I will see whitch is the cheepest before I bye won.Related word: comparisonCorrected sentence: I will compare the price of the Nike shoes and the Jordan shoes, and I will see which is the cheapest before I buy one.Comparenote all the ways things are alike.I made the comparison and went with the Nike shoes.Synonym: evaluate; match up to

Bellringer 62I whanted to go perse shopping and contrast the coach perse to the cheeper, bargian brand.Related words: contrasted; contrastingCorrected sentence: I wanted to go purse shopping and compare the Coach purse to the cheaper bargain brand.Contrastnote all the ways things are different.The stitching on the Coach purse was thicker, which contrasted with the cheaper one.Synonym: different; distinction

Bellringer 63I predict that the novle will be exiciting?Related words: predictionI predict that the novel will be exciting.Predict figure out what will happen nextMy prediction is that the main character will win the fight at the end of the story.Synonym: fortell; calculate