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We are the Institute Providing Complete Solution for all Academic Final Year/Semester Student Projects.Our projects are suitable for B.E (ECE & IT & CSE ), B.Tech (ECE & IT & CSE), M.E (ECE & IT & CSE), M.Tech (ECE & IT & CSE), (ECE & IT & CSE), (ECE & IT & CSE), B.C.A, MCA, MS, Diploma (IT & CSE &ECE), PGDCA, M.B.A-IT and more.We are specialized on Embedded, Matlab(Simulation/Simulink), VLSI, .Net, Java Technologies. At the same time we are ready to implement the titles which you are provided.Each Project listed comes with the following deliverable:

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Signal Processing IEEE 2012:1. A Low Computational Complexity Algorithm for PTS based PAPR Reduction Scheme in OFDM Systems 2012 2. A Method for Designing FIR Filters with Arbitrary Magnitude Characteristic Used for Modeling Human Audiogram 2012 3. A New Low-Complexity Selected Mapping Scheme Using Cyclic Shifted IFFT for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems- 2012 4. A Novel Fault Identification Using WAMSPMU 2012 5. A Review on Power Efficient Energy- Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks 2012 6. A Robust Side Invariant Technique of Indian Paper Currency Recognition 2012 7. About Multichannel Speech Signal Extraction and Separation Techniques 2012 8. An Efficient Key Management Scheme for Hierarchical Wireless Sensor Networks 2012 9. An improved Cluster Based Multi-hop Routing in Self-Organizing Wireless Sensor Networks 2012 10. An Intrusion Detection using Hybrid technique in Cluster based Wireless Sensor Network - 2012 11. Analysis of MIMO with Zero Forcing Successive Interference Cancellation Equalizer 2012 12. Analyzing the effects of peak to average power ratio and digital predistortion in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) systems 2012 13. Automatic Speech Recognition for Telephone Voice Dialling in Yorb 2012 14. BER analysis of MMSE EQUALISATION and ml decoding by using MIMO-OFDMSTBC techniques - 2012 15. Cluster-based Data Gathering in Long-Strip Wireless Sensor Networks 2012 16. Comparative Study of Fault Management Algorithms in Wireless Sensor Networks 2012

Contact No: 9491735681


17. Comparison of DCT and Wavelet Based OFDM System Working in 60 GHz Band 2012 18. Complex Valued Recurrent Neural Network From Architecture to Training 2012 19. EEG Signal Processing and Classification of Sensorimoter rhythm-based BCI 2012 20. Effect of Impulse Noise on Wireless Relay Channel 2012 21. Efficient Method of Pitch Estimation for Speech Signal Using MATLAB 2012 22. Efficient Text Extraction Algorithm Using Color Clustering for Language Translation in Mobile Phone 2012 23. Evalaution of path loss models of WIMAX in sub urban environment 2012 24. Evaluation of CDMA System Performance in Wireless Telecommunication 2012 25. Generation of Quasi-Gaussian Pulses Based on Correlation Techniques 2012 26. Hierarchical Routing Technique for Prolonging the Lifetime of Wireless Sensor Networks 2012 27. Implementation of Wireless Smart Sensor Platform for Industrial Application 2012 28. Improved switching technique in soft handovers for wimax network 2012 29. Isolated Tamil Digits Speech Recognition using Vector Quantization 2012 30. Isomorphism, inversions and symmetry in Single degree 8 links 16 kinematic chains using application of fuzzy logic 2012 31. Light-Weight Communication System in Grid 2012 32. Low Complexity Precoded Greedy Power Allocation Algorithms for OFDM Communication Systems 2012 33. MATLAB Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) in Precision Agriculture in Rural India 2012 34. Microstrip Patch Antenna for C-band RADAR applications with Coaxial fed 2012 35. Modeling Road Traffic Using Service Center 2012 36. Neural Network Approach to Modelling the Behaviour of Ionic Polymer-Metal Composites in Dry Environments 2012 37. Non-Fragile Controller Design for 2-D Discrete Uncertain Systems Described by the Roesser Model 2012 38. Optimal Number of Relays in Cooperative Communication in Wireless Sensor Networks 2012 Contact No: 9491735681 2

39. Optimization of Generalized Discrete Fourier Transform for CDMA 2012 40. PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems by PTS Using Cyclic Shift of Segmented Phase Weighting Sequences - 2012 41. Peak to average power ratio reduction of multicarrier transmission systems using electromagnetism-like method 2012 42. Peak-to-average power reduction in MIMO OFDM systems using sub-optimal algorithm 2012 43. Performance Analysis of Cell-Phone Worm Spreading in Cellular Networks through Opportunistic Communications 2012 44. Performance Analysis of Spread Spectrum with Prime Codes in a Wireless System over a fading Channel 2012 45. Performance analysis of WIMAX with different modulation techniques 2012 46. Performance improvement of INTERSATELLITE optical wireless communication with multiple transmitter and receivers 2012 47. Random Valued Impulse Noise Removal Using Fuzzy Techniques 2012 48. Reducing the PAPR of OFDM Signals Based on SCHT Precoding 2012 49. Robust Suboptimal Guaranteed Cost Control for 2-D Discrete Systems Described by Fornasini-Marchesini First Model 2012 50. Self-Tuning Control for MIMO Network Systems 2012 51. Speech Enhancement Using A Recursive Filter 2012 52. Speech Segregation based on Pitch Track Correction and Music-Speech Classification 2012 53. Techniques for PAPR reduction in OFDM system 2012 54. The Effects of the Acute Hypoxia to the Fundamental Frequency of the Speech Signal 2012 55. Turbo Coded OFDM with Large Number of Subcarriers 2012 56. Wave Concept Iterative Method Validation for 2D Metallic Obstacles Scattering 2012 57. Wavelet Transform Techniques for Image Resolution Enhancement A Study 2012 58. Wireless communication using Adaptive Smart Antenna System 2012 59. Wireless Infrared Communications A Survey 2012 60. Wireless Integrated System using IEEE 802.15.4 2012 Contact No: 9491735681 3

61. Random Valued Impulse Noise Removal Using Fuzzy Techniques 2012 62. Reducing the PAPR of OFDM Signals Based on SCHT Precoding 2012 63. Robust Suboptimal Guaranteed Cost Control for 2-D Discrete Systems Described by Fornasini-Marchesini First Model 2012

Signal Processing IEEE 2004-11: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8.An Efficient Wavelet Based Pattern Matching Scheme For ECG Data Compression Channel Estimation and Prediction for Adaptive OFDMTDMA Uplinka Based on Overlapping Pilots. Warped Discrete Cosine Transform-Based Noisy Speech Enhancement. QoS Based Fair Resource Allocation in Multi-Cell TDCDMA Communication Systems High Quality Low Order Nonrecursive Digital Filters Design Using Modified Kaiser Window. Effective Process of Signaling Information for Digital Broadcast Recording. Efficient Convex Relaxation Methods for Robust Target Localization by a Sensor Network Using Time Difference. An Ensemble Speaker and Speaking Environment Modeling Approach to Robust Speech Recognition.

9. A New Delayless Subband Adaptive Filtering Algorithm for Active Noise Control System. 10. Finite-Precision Analysis of emappers and Decoders for LDPC-Coded M-QAMSystems.

11. 12. 13. 14. 15.

Channel Coding For High-Speed Links A Systematic Look at Code Performance and

System Simulation. Efficient Detection Ordering Scheme for MIMO Transmission Using Power Control. Analysis of Emotionally Salient Aspects of Fundamental Frequency for Emotion

Detection. Preamble-based SNR Estimation in Frequency Selective Channels for Wireless

OFDM Systems Noise Cancellation on ECG and Heart Rate Signals Using the Undecimated Wavelet


Contact No: 9491735681


16. 17. 18.Codes.

Audio Compression Using a Munich and Cambridge Morlet Wavelet. An Efficient Inter Carrier Interference Cancellation Schemes for OFDM System. Design of Spreading Permutations for MIMO-CDMA Based on Space-Time Block


Joint Estimation of IQ Imbalance, CFO and Channel Response for MIMO OFDM

20. 21.

Channel Estimation for OFDM System with Two Training Symbols Aided and

Polynomial Fitting. Fast Adaptive Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Speech Enhancement.

SignalProcessing 2011 Projects List:1. QR Decomposition-Based Matrix Inversion for High Performance Embedded MIMO Receivers-2011. 2. Subspace SNR Maximization: The Constrained Stochastic Matched Filter-2011. 3. Optimal Wideband Spectrum Sensing Framework for Cognitive Radio Systems -2011. 4. Algorithms and Bounds for Distributed TDOA-Based Positioning Using OFDM Signals-2011. 5. Diversity Gain for MIMO NeymanPearson Signal Detection-2011. 6. On Adaptive Lattice Reduction over Correlated Fading Channels-2011. 7. Relay Selection from a Battery Energy Efficiency Perspective-2011.

8. Symbol-Level Synchronization and LDPC Code Design for Insertion/Deletion Channels-2011. 9. Optimized Differential GFSK Demodulator-2011. 10. Interference Cancellation and Detection for More than Two Users-2011. 11. Coded Free-Space Optical Links over Strong Turbulence and Misalignment Fading Channels2011. 12. Maximum-Likelihood FFH/MFSK Receiver over Rayleigh-Fading Channels with Composite Effects of MTJ and PBNJ-2011. 13. Space-Time Block Coded Spatial Modulation-2011. 14. Cooperative Diversity for Free-Space Optical Communications Transceiver Design and Performance Analysis-2011.

15. Single-Relay Cooperative Diversity with Scaled Selection Contact No: 9491735681 5

16. A Fast Adaptive Kalman Filtering Algorithm for Speech Enhancement 2011



1. 3D Recognition Using Affine Invariants 2012 2. A comparative model for image processing & texture classification using cross-diagonal texture matrix (CDTM) & grey-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) 2012 3. A Different Cameras Image Impulse Noise Removal Technique 2012 4. A Fast Method for the Alignment of the Displacement of Voxel Data 2012 5. A High Capacity Data Hiding Method for JPEG2000 Compression System- 2012 6. A New Useful Biometrics Tool Based on 3D Brain Human Geometrical Characterizations 2012 7. A Non Linear Technique for Image Enhancement Based on Discrete Wavelet Transform 2012 8. A Novel Approach for Automatic detection of cancerous masses in mammogram MRI 2012 9. An