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  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016


    Academic Planner

    JKP 417E



    Academic Session 201!201"


    Session $a'es Time






    Students need to fill in the date and time of video conference sessions. Please refer to the videoconference time table for the Academic Session 2015/2016 provided.

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  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016



    LECTU&E&* $r+ %arida, Jaa-ar


    This course will eamine the phenomena of political development and the process of

    democrati!ation in the followin" Southeast Asian #ations$ %ndonesia& Thailand& The Philippines&'ala(sia and Sin"apore since the Second )orld )ar. The course will also eamine the

    challen"es involved in political development and political institution buildin".

    O/ec'ies o- ',e Co.rse

    1. To provide an understandin" of the political process and eperiences of political

    development of %ndonesia& Thailand& The Philippines& 'ala(sia and Sin"apore.

    2. This course aims to compare political development in %ndonesia& Thailand& The

    Philippines& 'ala(sia and Sin"apore based on *e( elements of comparative politicalmethodolo"(.

    +. The course shall focus specificall( of the process of political democrati!ation and thechallen"es in achievin" it.

    ,. )e shall also eamine the development important political institutions such as political

    parties& interest and presssure "roups& the le"islature& the eecutive and the -udiciar( inthe respective countries bein" eamined.

    Con'en's o- ',e Co.rse

    The course is divided in ei"ht sections$

    Sec'ion 1$ A eview of omparative Politics 'ethodolo"( and its relevance toda(.

    An overview of political challen"es faced b( developin" countries.

    The influences of sociopolitic and economic factors.

    Political culture and Political han"e

    Sec'ion 2* The ob-ectives of political development and moderni!ation.

    ow and wh( the process of democrati!ation is underta*en.

    )hat is the trac* record of the process of democrati!ation in the selected countries

    of Southeast Asia

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  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016


    ,a' is com3ared

    'easures and Action ta*en to brin" about political chan"e and moderni!ation

    3ifferences in development problems faced.

    3ifferences in political s(stem and political structures.

    Problems faced in ensurin" political stabilit(.

    Steps ta*en to brin" about democrati!ation Their success and failures.

    Sec'ion (* Process of Political 'oderni!ation 4 institution buildin" and political sociali!ation.

    Ke5 o- ',e Process o- Poli'ical 6odernia'ion$

    ow the leaders of the respective countries are chosen or elected

    The role of political parties& and interest "roups.

    The role of the people in influencin" and brin"in" about political chan"e. ow political institutions function

    Sec'ion 4* Indonesia

    verview of its Political istor(. The 3utch olonial ule up to 1,1

    The 7apanese ccupation& 1,1 4 1,5

    The %nterim 3utch rule 1,6 4 1,8


    9periment with Parliamentar(3emocrac(& 1,: 4 158.

    ;uided 3emocrac(& 15: 165 4 The Su*arno e"ime.

    15: 4 165& 'ilitar( Ta*eover and consolidation.

    165 4 181& The

  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016


    The 7une 1+2 evolution$ )ho& )h( and ow

    The political process in Thailand after the evolution 4 1+2


    1,6 4 18+$ 'ilitar( ;overnment.

    18+ 4 188$ 9periment with 3emocrac(.

    188 4 10$ 'ilitar( and ivilian ;overnment.

    1: 4 2006$ 9periment with 3emocratic ;overnment.

    The ;overnment of Tha*sin Shinawatra 4 1: 4 2006.

    September 2006 oup dC etat

    3ecember 2008 and onwards eturn to 3emocratic ule

    ThailandCs Dorei"n Polic(


    Sec'ion "* T,e P,ili33ines

    verview of its Political istor(

    olonial ule 4 under Spain and Enited States.

    7apanese ccupation 1,11,5.

    1,6 4 165$ %ndependence and the 9periment with

  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016


    verview of its Political istor(. SocioPolitical >ac*"round

    The Dactors of Political Stabilit(

    The Sructural Dactor

    The ole of >ritish

    9conomic 3evelopment Political ulture

    The 'ilitar( ole in 'ala(sia


  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016


    Lesson 1* %ntroduction to omparative Politics 4 ow do we compare political s(stems

    Dactors that will be considered$

    a. istorical bac*"round& sociopolitical and economic bac*"round and

    the pattern of political culture.

    opin" with developmental challen"es$

    #ation >uildin"

    State >uildin"



    b. Political Process Political recruitment and s(stem chan"e ow political leaders

    are chosen or elected ole of political parties and pressure "roups.

    ow people participate$ ole of the people in influencin" the


    Lesson 2* Theorietical Perspectives 4 ulture& %nstitutions and Political Participation

    9plainin" Political han"e

    a. %mportant political institutions and how the( carr( out their functions

    b. 9plainin" political chan"e and its lin*a"es with issues of

    omparative Politics$ Political 3evelopment

    Political %nte"ration

    Political Stabilit(

    Political Protest

    Political evolution

    Lesson (* %mpediments to Political 3evelopment.

    )hat were the challen"es faced and how were the( overcome b( the

    respective countries )hat steps were ta*en to achieve political development and

    moderni!ation 9lement of differences in political s(stem and political structure.

    The challen"es of ma*in" correct choice 4 democrati!ation of


    Actions that were ta*en to introduce democrac( 4 was it successful or



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  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016


    Lesson 4* istorical bac*"round to %ndonesia

    1600 1,1$ The 3utch olonial rule

    1,1 1,5$ The 7apanese ccupation

    1,5 1,8$ The stru""les for %ndependence.

    150 158$ The phase of Parliamentar( 3emocratic "overnment

    Lesson * ;uided 3emocrac( 15: 165.

    a. The primac( of Su*arno.

    b. The role and fun"tion of political parties.

    c. The role and function of the President& the Parliament and the7udiciar(.

    d. The relationship between the President& the ommunist Part( of

    %ndonesia and the %ndonesia Arm( @A>%.

    e. ;uided 9conom( 4 )hat is ;uided 9conom(

    3evelopment Plannin" under ;uided 9conom(.f. Dorei"n elations under ;uided 3emocrac(.

    ". )h( ;uided 3emocrac( failed

    Lesson "* The ;estapu %ncident and rde >aru 165 1:

    a. 'ilitar( ule in %ndonesia 165 4 1:

    b. )h( the %ndonesia 'ilitar( was able to ta*e over the "overnment

    c. Pur"in" of Su*arno and supporters from the "overnment and Arm(.d. eor"anisation of "overnment machiner(.

    e. Dwi Fungsi4 The ole of %ndonesian 'ilitar( @A>% durin" the

    rde >aru Phase of Political 3evelopment.f. 9nforcin" control over administration& politics and econom( b( A>%.". eor"ani!ation of political parties into three streams$ ;ol*ar& Partai

    3emo*rasi %ndonesia dan Partai Pemban"unan %ndonesia.

    h. The "eneral elections of 181& 188& 18+& 1::& 12 and 18.i. Successes and failures of SuhartoCs re"ime.

    Lesson 7* 9nd of 3evelopment 3ictatorship of Suharto and esur"ence of the 3emocraticDorces

    a. The end of Suharto.

    b. Ender the leadership of Abdul ahman )ahid'e"awati.c. Ender the leadership of 'e"awati Su*arnoputri.

    d. The 200, Presidential 9lection.

    e. Ender the leadership of Susilo >amban" Bud(ono.f. The 200 ;eneral 9lections and the Presidential 9lection.

    ". Ender the resur"ent leadership of Susilo >amban" Bud(ono.

    6O$ULE (* THAILAN$

    - 7 -

  • 7/23/2019 Academic Planner 20152016


    Lesson 8* istorical bac*"round to Thailand

    a. The benevolent Thai *in"ship.b. The role of Thai *in"s in avoidin" colonial rule.

    c. Drom Absoulte 'onarch( to onstitutional 'onarch( The evolution of

    1+2.d. The 7apanese ccupation.

    e. The postworld war situation.

    The ole of the Thai Arm(& 1+2 1,6.

    a. The powers of the arm(.

    b. The role of the bureaucrac(.

    c. The role of the #ational Assembl(.d. The role of the political parties.

    Lesson :* Authoritarian ule 1,8 18+.

    a. The Pibunson"*ram e"ime& 1,8 4 15:.b. The Sarit Thanarat e"ime& 15: 4 16+.

    c. The Thanom Gitti*achorn e"ime& 16+ 18+.

    Lesson 10* T,e &eolin9 A.',ori'arian;$emocrac5 P,ase 18+ 200:.

    a. 18+ 4 188$ The liberal democratic phase.b. 188 4 1:0$ The re"ime of ;eneral Grian"sa* homanand.

    c. 1:0 4 1::$ The "overnment of ;eneral Prem Tinsulanonda.

    d. 1:: 4 1:$ The "overnment of ;eneral Prem Tinsulanonda.

    e. 1: 4 2006$ The "overnment of Tha*sin Shinawatra.f. September 2006$ The coup dCetat.

    ". 3ecember 2008$ The return to democrac(.

    h. Political 3evelopments since 3ecember 2008.


    Lesson 11* istorical bac*"round to the Philippines

    a. The Spainish rule.

    b. The Enited States of America rule.c. The 7apanese ccupation.

    d. The stru""les for %ndependence.

    The Presidential 4 on"ress S(stem of ;overnment 1,6 4 182

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