Above Ground Storage Tanks - GROUND STORAGE TANKS Fibreglass Above Ground Storage Tank Systems 1 PRODUCT CATALOGUE Ranging in size from small 300 diameter tanks to over 4.5

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    Fibreglass Above Ground Storage Tank Systems


    P R O D U C T C ATA L O G U E

    Ranging in size from small 300 diameter tanks to over 4.5metres in diameter, Maskell Productions acid and alkaline storageand processing tanks are unequalled for long life and low operatingcosts. Engineered for high strength, Maskell Production tanks arebuilt with some of the most advanced machinery available.Horizontal* and Vertical Fibreglass tanks are pre-engineered forheavy duty service and are moulded of rigid reinforced plastic.Since these tanks are lightweight they can be easily installed ormoved, reducing installation costs and tank obsolescence. They arehighly resistant (both inside and outside)to acids and alkalinesolutions at ordinary temperatures and concentrations. They haveexcellent insulative properties, and keep heat losses ata minimum. In addition they are non-conductive and willnot short-circuit. They are suitable for plating, pickling,rinsing, mixing, storing, acid cleaning and wash tanks.All tanks are engineered to local earthquake standards.

    A full range of standard sizes, rectangular, vertical andhorizontal cylindrical tanks and accessories are available.

    MASKELL PRODUCTIONS LIMITED.24 Bowden Road, Mt. Wellington, PO Box 11-185, Auckland 5, New Zealand.Phone +64-9-573-0548, Fax +64-9-573-0666.Email: don@maskell.co.nz Website: www.maskell.co.nz

    ISO 9001Lic.No.QEC 6641

    Standards Australia


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