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    -During assembly std. X explained

    about World Environment Day. A

    special assembly was conducted by

    std. X Message given by Principal

    madam was about the importance

    of World Environment Day

    celebration. Tree plantation

    programme was organized for all

    the students of std. I to XII

    Career counselling programme

    Career counselling programme for Std. XII by

    Alumnus of ABPS, Jafarabad.

    1. Nishant Pandya 2. Parigna Trivedi 3. Malay Vyas 4. Uttam Solanki


    CCA incharges explained about CCA activities for

    the year 2017-18. Its importance, common

    rules and regulations were explained.

    Exam incharges explained about the examination

    schedule and system for the year 2017-18.

    Sports teacher

    explained about

    the sports and

    games planned for

    the year 2017-18

    21st June 2017 - International Yoga Day was

    celebrated in the school.

    Investiture Ceremony

    Investiture ceremony was conducted to induct this years members of the school cabinet.

    Master Vikram Chandel as Head boy and Ms. Dhruvi Pandya as the Head girl took oath

    together with 51 other cabinet members and

    prefects of the school.

    Opening meeting for Parents of Std. I TO XII. Subject

    Teachers and incharge explained about the planner of the

    whole year in detail. Principal explained general, important

    instructions, rules and regulations of the school in detail.

  • School special days celebration for Tiny tots

    KG section celebrated the Red

    Colour Day.

    Paper folding competition for KG

    section was held. They were

    encouraged to make the shapes of

    -( boat, aeroplane, dog)

    KG section celebrated Dry Fruits

    Day KG section celebrated Yellow colour


    KG section celebrated Pink colour


    KG section celebrated Green colour


    Declamation competition was conducted for KG Section Topics for Nursery - My Family, L.K.G - My Pet, UKG - My School

  • Theme based Special Assembly


    Celebrated World Child Labour Day.Special assembly conducted by Std. V

    A based on the theme world against child labour with a skit, poem and

    important information based on the theme. Assembly ends with -

    Principals message on the theme Child Labour


    Special assembly conducted by Std.

    X .Theme - Donate blood -being

    Human.Badges of donate blood save

    life were distributed to all the teachers

    and students.

    Special Assembly was

    conducted by Std. IV A. Theme

    - Over population - Curse.

    Special Assembly was

    conducted by Std. IX A.

    Theme - Doctors day.

    Special assembly by Std.

    V B was held - Theme was

    - Fight Sugar : Stay Healthy


    Independence day was celebrated in the school. The Unit Head Mr. Vijay Ekre sir hoisted the national flag on the school building. All the students and teachers saluted the flag and then sang the National Anthem, followed by the Cultural Programme- Patriotic songs, dance and awards.

  • CCA Competitions

    Rakhi making competition was held for

    girls from Std.VI to X.

    Hand painting competition was held

    for boys from Std. VI to X.

    Gift wrapping competition was held

    for Std. III to V (with any waste

    materials like newspapers, paper

    cuttings etc only were allowed to be


    Sports - 50 m race was conducted for

    Std. I & II.

    Volley ball match for boys and cricket match

    for girls were organized for students of VI to


    Group Song Competition (Inter house

    competition for Std. I to V) was held. The

    Theme was - UNITY

    Inter house Group Dance Competition was

    held .Theme -Traditional dance forms of Northern


    Rakhi Making Girls ( I to V) and Card Making Boys (I to V)

  • Co-curricular activities conducted in Pre-Primary Section

    Month Date Activities

    June 9.6.2017 Colouring competition

    14.6.2017 Blue Colour Day

    21.6.2017 Flowers Day

    23.6.2017 Object Identification


    7.7.2017 Memory game competition

    12.7.2017 Red colour day

    14.7.2017 Paper folding competition

    19.7.2017 Dry Fruit day

    26.7.2017 Pink Colour Day

    28.7.2017 Declamation Competition

    August 2.8.2017 Good Manners day

    9.8.2017 Yellow Colour Day

    18.8.2017 Colour Picking Competition

    Co-curricular activities conducted in I to V

    Month Date Activities

    June 28.6.2017 Clay Modelling (I & II)

    Football (III to V) boys

    Throw ball (III to V) girls

    July 5.7.2017 50 m race (I &II)

    Gift Wrapping (III to V)

    12.7.2017 Group Song Competition

    26.7.2017 Rakhi Making competition(ItoV) Girls

    Card Making Competition (ItoV) Boys

    August 9.8.2017 Bursting the balloon competition

    23.8.2017 English Declamation competition (I&II)

    Finger Print Painting (III to V)

    30.8.2017 Spell Bee Competition

    Co-curricular activities conducted in VI to X

    Month Date Activities

    July 1.7.2017 Rakhi Making (Girls)

    Hand Painting (Boys)

    8.7.2017 Volley ball match (Boys)

    Cricket Match (Girls)

    22.7.2017 Inter house group dance competition

    29.7.2017 Inter house group song competition


    04 students took part in Chess competition held at Govt. Higher Sec. School, Nageshree. 01 students Mohd. Alfez Majhoti was selected for District level in U-14 yrs group.

    Kabaddi comptition held at Kadyali. 12 students participated and they secured the fourth position.

    Khel Mahakumbh Taluka level event held at Govt. Higher Sec. School, Nageshree. 31 students of our school participated in Athletics.

    19 students secured I,II & III position in different events and they were selected for District

    level Khel Mahakumbh Tournament.

    Great TEACHERS and PRINCIPALS can help to reduce persistent achievement gaps, improve childs attitude towards school and build habits of mind that can change a students life trajectory.