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  • 7/26/2019 About the Norse Myths


    The Norse Myths(The Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library) 1981by Kevin Crossley-Holland

    Here are thirty-two classic yths that brin! the "ikin! world vividly to li#e$ The ythic le!acy o#the %candinavians incl&des a cycle o# stories #illed with a!ni#icent ia!es #ro 're-Christian&ro'e$ ods* h&ans* and onstro&s beasts en!a!e in 'rodi!io&s drinkin! bo&ts* contests o#stren!th* !reedy schees #or !old* and l&sty enco&nters$ The +orse 'antheon incl&des ,din* thewisest and ost #earsoe o# the !ods Thor* the th&nderin! 'owerho&se and the e./&isite*a!ic-wieldin! Frey0a$ Their loves* wars* and advent&res take &s thro&!h worlds both ortal anddivine* c&linatin! in a blain! doosday #or !ods and h&ans alike$ These stories bear witnessto the co&ra!e* 'assion* and bo&ndless s'irit that were hallarks o# the +orse world$

    Part o# the Pantheon Fairy Tale and Folklore Library