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ABOUT ME. I D E N T I T Y. Name : Aisyah kusuma dewi Nickname : Aisyah Adress : Jalan raya Trowulan No.115,Mojokerto (RM.WAHYU) Date of brith : Mojokerto,March 5 1994 Height/weight : 150/ cm, 39/Kg Blood Type : O - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ABOUT ME.... I D E N T I T YName : Aisyah kusuma dewiNickname : AisyahAdress : Jalan raya Trowulan No.115,Mojokerto (RM.WAHYU)Date of brith : Mojokerto,March 5 1994Height/weight : 150/cm, 39/KgBlood Type : OReligion : MosloemStatus : Student Dream job : Entrepreneur , librariane-mail/Pin bb : Aisyahkusumad@ymail.com / 22B737CAQoutes : life is not to please myself but also for others this is me The meaning of my name is wife of Nabi Muhammad(Aisyah) Flower(kusuma),putri (dewi).Im a first child and also the last.I dont have a any sister or brother in my family.I was bron in Mojokerto 05 march 1994. I live in Trowulan,Mojokerto. My parents had a restaurant business. restorant was named Wahyu restauran.Now I stay in Surabaya to continue my study there in Airlangga University social and political science faculty at grade DIII library technicians. Im 18 years old. I like shopping,travelling arond the world even though I never visit the other countries in the world .I really like the city of Yogyakarta,because I think Yogyakarta it is a quiet and peaceful town. I hope my soul mate in yogyakarta . I want to be a successful restaurant entrepreneur. Many people said that Im is a kind girl,funny,friendly but some of them said that Im so arrogant, lazy, wasteful, selfish and many more.But i dont care,what the people said about me.Im loved myslef,I proud to be myslef.Im not copycarter . For more detail about me,you can ask me later.

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History of Education2001- 2006 AL-ISLAH Elementary school2006-2009 Junior High School 2 Trowulan2009-2012 Senior High School 1 Puri Mojokerto 2012 DIII-library technicians UNAIR (Still pursued)

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