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Earthing and Earth healing a presentation by Mr. ASHOK SACHDEV of DIGITAL VASTU & cr eator of INVISIBLE ENERGY ARCHITECTURE. About Earthing. This is not a sales presentation but a statement of facts. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Earthing and earth healing a presentation

Earthing and Earth healing a presentation

by Mr. ASHOK SACHDEVof DIGITAL VASTU & creator ofINVISIBLE ENERGY ARCHITECTUREAbout EarthingThis is not a sales presentation but a statement of facts.This is a result of various scientists working around the globe to make our lives easy and simple. Connect to earthFor millions of years, our ancestors evolved in intimate connection to the Earth.

Connect to earthEven 150 years back man lived a simple life and was in touch with mother earth.

Better livingHe lived in simple homes

He lived in simple homes

Grow healthyWalked on groundWas in touch with earth

A necessityWas often barefoot.

Useful materialsWore leather footwear

Living with natureHad sufficient open spaces

Natural livingIn brief everything was natural and simple.Touching the earth gave him electrical earthing which is essential for the human body.In return received the vital earth energies and lived long.

UngroundedResearch has shown that if we are not grounded the body malfunctions in one way or another, or in many ways. It compares to a flickering light bulb that is not fully connected to its energy source.

DisorientationIf we do not receive sufficient earth energies we tend to become disoriented slowly and surely and with the stresses of modern life the problem is compounded.

Energy flow in humansA lot of psychological problems are caused as the energies do not get a path to flow.Diagram shows the human energy anatomy as understood in energy medicine.

Earth connectionFor those in the field metaphysics will understand that a weak earth connection leads to all types of illnesses.

Earthing has tremendous advantages

Earthing lowers blood pressure.Earthing helps balance the nervous system. Lowers stress.Reduces inflammation and inflammation-related pain. Improves sleep and energy.

Research on earthingExtensive research on earthing has been carried out byMr. Clinton OberDr. Stephen T. Sinatra, M.D.Dr. James Oschman, Ph.D.Dr. Gaetan Chevalier, Ph.D.Mr. Martin ZuckerResearch contributorsMedical institutes where several studies have been carried out areDepartment of Neurosurgery, Military Clinical Hospital, Powstancow Warszawy 5, Bydgoszcz 85-915 Poland.Stress causeIndustrialization and fast scientific development has brought many comforts to man.But he has increasingly adopted unnatural lifestyles, causing self-inflicted stress and illness.

SeparationThe separation from Earths natural energies is one example of an unnatural lifestyle, along with more familiar factors such as poor diet and lack of exercise. ReconnectingReconnecting to the Earth is vital for restoring health.Earthing is nothing more than the equivalent of standing or walking barefoot or sleeping on the ground.

Physiology of patientEarthing brings about an instant shift in the physiology of the patient. This is seen happening regularly in laboratory studies that measure the electrical activity inside the body.

Tall buildingsRapid increase in population has made it necessary to live in tall buildings

When we live in buildings we have two problems

The building is not earthed. The good earth energies do not reach the home in sufficient quantity and strength.Good earth energies which flow from the sides are often blocked by plastic paints and Teflon coatings.

Energy insulatorsWooden flooring is often pasted with polyester and silicon based resinous materials which stops the upward flow of earth energies.

The energy measured at the surface of the adjacent picture is zero.

Energy insulatorsWe step out of our house and sit in the car. There is no earthing.

We are insulated from the earth with special PVC or rubberized soles in our shoes.

Release of energyAs we are constantly living in state of insulation from earth energies our bodies do not receive the required energies and is not able to provide a path to discharge the body energies.Consequently there is a buildup of static electricity in the body. This energy is released after washing hands with cool water. A feeling of satisfaction is felt when this buildup of static electricity is reduced.

Dangerous green products

Some modern materials like agglomerated marble i.e. synthetic marble will seal the flow of earth energies in a house as they use polyester resins as binders.Presently several builders are using this product unaware of its bad effects. Manufacturers are promoting these products as green products.The builder are doing in good faith but several sellers are giving wrong information to promote their products.A WORD OF CAUTION PLASTIC OR ANY SYNTHETIC MATERIAL IS DANGEROUS TO HUMAN LIFEEarthing of buildingsThe building can be earthed but it has to be done when the construction is in progress. The world in general is not aware of it, so it is a totally neglected area.Earthing a building is an art and a system which has to be understood by builders and engineers.

Flow of energyPile foundationPile foundationThe earth has its normal energy high or less in a particular area.When we do pile foundation with a lot of concrete, the earth energy flowing upwards is blocked in that section.

Flow of energyAs we increase the structure and slabs the energy keeps on reducing progressively thus creating reduction of earth energies.

Basic RCC structure

ProblemHow to solve this problem has become critical in view of todays modern lifestyle and constraints of urban living.How then are we to receive the earth energies which our body needs desperately?The solutionThe answer is by the use of Schumann earth energy generator rings.Schumann was a German scientist who found that 7.83 cps is the mother frequency of earth extremely vital for humans.Effect on subtle human anatomySchumann earth energy generator rings also act across all chakras of the human body and enhance their functioning.

Additional BenefitsSchumann earth energy rings when placed on Hartmann grid line or curry grid lines make the energy positive.They convert the life reducing energy to life enhancing energy.

Additional benefitsHartmann and curry lines are natural energy lines flowing all over the globe at 45 degrees to each other.The Hartmann lines flow from north to south and east to west.

Ring placementThese rings when placed appropriately with the help of a Geomancer, the problem of imbalance caused by disturbing energies is removed.

P S. A geomancer is a person who is an expert in checking and measuring earth energies.EffectSchumann earth energy generator rings provide the life enhancing high earth energy.If the earth energies are generated in this manner the people residing experience more relaxation , healing of the body is greatly enhanced and the negative earth energies are removed.When a home is completely devoid of every harm causing energies the energy of that home is found to be 49,500 Bovis.Advantages Schumann energy rings lower body stress.help balance the nervous system.Reduce inflammation and inflammation-related pain. Improve sleep and energy.Schumanns study

Who should useSchumann rings are extremely necessary for all people living in modern buildings and in urban areas.Schumann rings can also be put under the bed in case it is not possible to do complete correction of a place.

Healing effectOld people who cannot move about much have benefitted by use of Schumann rings.The healing is silent but sure.

AvailabilitySchumann rings are available here in Mumbai.

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