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<ul><li><p> Asian Bureau of Finance and Economic Research (ABFER) </p><p>2nd Conference, 2629 May 2014, Singapore The Shangri-La, Hotel Singapore </p><p> Updated as of 17 May 2014 (Details subjected to changes) </p><p>26 May 2014 (Monday) </p><p>27 May 2014 (Tuesday) </p><p>28 May 2014 (Wednesday) </p><p>29 May 2014 (Thursday) </p><p>9.00am-9.30am Registration and Welcome </p><p>Venue: Entrance of Banyan Room </p><p>Workshop Track 1: International Macroeconomics, Money &amp; Banking Takeo Hoshi, Ilian Mihov, Andrew Rose </p><p>Venue: Banyan Room </p><p>9.30am-10.35am Real Exchange Rates and Sectoral Productivity in the </p><p>Eurozone Martin Berka (Auckland), Michael B. Devereux (British </p><p>Columbia), Charles Engel (Wisconsin) Discussant: Shu Lin (Fudan), Helen Popper (SCU) </p><p>9.30am-10.35am The Offshore Renminbi Exchange Rate: </p><p>Microstructure and Links to the Onshore Market Yin-Wong Cheung (CUHK), </p><p>Dagfinn Rime (BI Norwegian) Discussant: Charles Engel (Wisconsin), Andrew </p><p>Rose (UCB) </p><p>9.30am-10.35am Lending Pro-Cyclicality and Macro-Prudential Policy: </p><p>Evidence from Japanese LTV Ratios Arito Ono (Mizuho), Hirofumi Uchida (Kobe), Gregory </p><p>Udell (Indiana), and Iichiro Uesugi (Hitotsubashi) Discussant: Shu Lin (Fudan), Kim Sun Bae (NUS) </p><p>9.30am-10.35am Lehman Sisters </p><p>Renee B. Adams (UNS), Vanitha Ragunathan (Queensland) Discussant: Ross Levine (UCB), Craig Brown (NUS) </p><p>10.35am-10.55am Coffee Break </p><p>Venue: Tower Foyer </p><p>10.55am-12.00pm Global Value Chains and Eective Exchange Rates at </p><p>the Country-Sector Level Nikhil Patel (Columbia), Zhi Wang (USITC), Shang-Jin </p><p>Wei (Columbia) Discussant: Martin Berka (Auckland), Giorgio Valente </p><p>(CUHK) </p><p>10.55am-12.00pm China's Growth, Stability, and Use of International </p><p>Reserves Joshua Aizenman (USC), Yothin Jinjarak (UOL), </p><p> Nancy P. Marion (Dartmouth) Discussant: Shang-Jin Wei (Columbia), Helen </p><p>Popper (SCU) </p><p>10.55am-12.00pm Investing Like China </p><p>Chong-En Bai (Tsinghua), Qing Liu (Tsinghua), Wen Yao (Tsinghua) </p><p>Discussant: Steve Davis (Chicago), Takeo Hoshi (Stanford) </p><p>10.55am-12.00pm Risk Shifting and Excessive Trade Volatility </p><p>Assaf Razin (Cornell), Anuk Serechetapongse (IMF) Discussant: Martin Bodenstein (NUS), Pushan Dutt </p><p>(INSEAD) </p><p>11:30am2:00pm Lunch </p><p>Venue: The Line </p><p>12:00pm1:30pm Academic Roundtable Luncheon </p><p>Human Capital, Labor Markets and Development Panelists: Steve Davis (Chicago) Chair, Chang-Tai </p><p>Hsieh (Chicago), Hongbin Li (Tsinghua) Venue: Acacia Ballroom </p><p>11:30am2:00pm Lunch </p><p>Venue: The Line </p><p>11.30am-2.00pm Lunch </p><p>Venue: Acacia Ballroom </p><p>Workshop Track 2: Corporate Finance Jun-Koo Kang, Randall Morck, Bernard Yeung </p><p>Venue: Banyan Room </p><p>1.00pm-3.30pm </p><p>Panel Discussion Information for Better Markets: How do we improve </p><p>market efficiency? Presenters: Charles Lee (Stanford), </p><p>Randall Morck (Alberta) Discussants: Ke Bin (NTU), Harrison Hong (Princeton) </p><p>1.30pm-2.15pm Busted! Now What? Effects of Cartel Enforcement </p><p>on Firm Value and Policies Ailin Dong (HKUST), Massimo Massa (INSEAD), </p><p>Alminas aldokas (HKUST) Discussant: Per Stromberg (Chicago) </p><p>1.00pm-1.45pm Do More Transparency &amp; Disclosure Necessarily Enhance </p><p>Firm Performance? Suman Banerjee (NTU), Ronald Masulis (UNSW), </p><p>Sarmistha Pal (Surrey) Discussant: T J Wong (CUHK) </p><p>12.30pm-1.15pm The Impact of Governance Reform on Board Functioning and Firm Value: Evidence from the Post-SOX Directorial </p><p>Labor Market Jun-Koo Kang (NTU), Jungmin Kim (NTU), Angie Low (NTU) </p><p>Discussant: Alexander Ljungqvist (NYU) </p><p>2.20pm-3.05pm Product Market Competition Shocks, Firm </p><p>Performance, and CEO Turnover Sudipto Dasgupta (HKUST), Xi Li (HKUST), Albert </p><p>Wang (CUHK) Discussant: Sun Qian (Fudan) </p><p>1.50pm-2.35pm CEO Turnover and Earnings Management in Banks: </p><p>Evidence Using Age-based Retirement Policies Arkodipta Sarkar (ISB), Krishnamurthy Subramanian (ISB), </p><p>Prasanna Tantri (ISB) Discussant: Anand Srinivasan (NUS) </p><p>1.20pm-2.05pm Financial Flexibility and Corporate Cash Policy </p><p>Tao Chen (CUHK), Jarrad Harford (Washington), Chen Lin (UHK) </p><p>Discussant: Vidhan K. Goyal (HKUST) </p><p>3.10pm-3.55pm Harnessing CEO Overconfidence </p><p>Suman Banerjee (NTU), Mark Humphery-Jenner (UNSW), Vikram Nanda (Rutgers) </p><p>Discussant: Kasper Meisner Nielsen (HKUST) </p><p>2.40pm-3.25pm Public Debate and Stock Prices: Evidence from the Voting </p><p>Premium Fabio Braggion (Tilburg), Mariassunta Giannetti </p><p>(Stockholm) Discussant: Yupana Wiwattanakantang (NUS) </p><p>2.10pm-2.55pm Smart and Illicit: Who Becomes an Entrepreneur and Does </p><p>it Pay? Ross Levine (UCB), Yona Rubinstein (LSE) </p><p>Discussant: Renee B. Adams (UNS) </p><p>3.00pm-4.00pm Coffee Break </p><p>Venue: Tower Foyer </p><p>3.30pm-4.30pm Coffee Break </p><p>Venue: Tower Foyer </p><p>3.00pm-4.30pm Coffee Break </p><p>Venue: Tower Foyer </p><p>2.30pm-3.30pm Coffee Break </p><p>Venue: Tower Foyer </p><p>Workshop Track 3: Investment Finance Allaudeen Hameed, Deng Yong Heng, Massimo Massa, Melvyn Teo </p><p>Venue: Banyan Room </p><p>3.30pm-4.15pm Who are the Sentiment Traders? Evidence from the </p><p>Cross-section of Stock Returns and Demand Luke DeVault (Arizona), Richard Sias (Arizona), Laura </p><p>Starks (Texas) Discussant: Gennaro Bernile (SMU) </p><p>4.00pm-4.45pm When Real Estate is the Only Game in Town </p><p>Hyun-Soo Choi (SMU), Harrison Hong (Princeton), Jeffrey D. Kubik (Syracuse), Jeffrey P. Thompson </p><p>(FRB) Discussant: Sing Tien Foo (NUS) </p><p>3.30pm-4.15pm The Information Value of Credit Rating Reports </p><p>Sumit Agarwal (NUS), Vincent Chen (NUS), Weina Zhang (NUS) </p><p>Discussant: Lei Zhang (NTU) </p><p>3.00pm-3.45pm Low Latency Trading and Comovement of Order Flow and </p><p>Prices Ekkehart Boehmer (EDHEC),R. L. Shankar (EDHEC) </p><p>Discussant: Qing Tong (SMU) </p><p>4.20pm-5.05pm Short-Term Reversals and the Efficiency of Liquidity </p><p>Provision Si Cheng (QUM), Allaudeen Hameed (NUS), Avanidhar </p><p>Subrahmanyam (UC), Sheridan Titman (Texas) Discussant: Tarun Chordia (Emory) </p><p>4.50pm-5.35pm One Fundamental and Two Taxes: When Does a </p><p>Tobin Tax Reduce Financial Price Volatility? Yongheng Deng (NUS), Xin Liu (NUS), </p><p>Shang-Jin Wei (Columbia) Discussant: Wenlan Qian (NUS) </p><p>4.20pm-5.05pm How Fast Can the Market Get It? Evidence from Alliance </p><p>Synergies Massimo Massa (INSEAD), Chengwei Wang (INSEAD), Hong </p><p>Zhang (INSEAD) Discussant: Baolian Wang (HKUST) </p><p>3.50pm-4.35pm Till Death Do Us Part: Marital Events and Hedge Funds </p><p>Melvyn Teo (SMU), Sugata Ray (Florida), Yan Lu (UF) Discussant: Bruce D. Grundy (Melbourne) </p><p>5.10pm-5.55pm The Pricing of Corporate Foreign Trade Risk </p><p>Yakov Amihud (NYU), Eli Bartov (NYU), Baolian Wang (HKUST) </p><p>Discussant: Sugata Ray (Florida) </p><p>5.40pm-6.25pm Preferred Habitats and Safe-Haven Effects: Evidence from the London Housing Market </p><p>Cristian Badarinza (Oxford), Tarun Ramadorai (Oxford) </p><p>Discussant: Tu Yong (NUS) </p><p>5.10pm-5.55pm How Binding are Limits to Arbitrage? </p><p>Alexander Ljungqvist (NYU), Wenlan Qian (NUS) Discussant: Charles Lee (Stanford) </p><p>4.40pm-5.25pm Mutual Fund Competition, Managerial Skill, and Alpha </p><p>Persistence Gerard Hoberg (Maryland), Nitin Kumar (Maryland), </p><p>Nagpurnanand Prabhala (Maryland) Discussant: Clemens Sialm (Texas) </p><p>5.45pm-6.15pm Reception &amp; Registration </p><p>Venue: Casuarina / Acacia Ballroom </p><p>6.30pm-7.00pm Break </p><p>5.45pm-6.15pm Reception &amp; Registration </p><p>Venue: Casuarina / Acacia Ballroom </p><p>5.30pm End of Conference </p><p>6.15pm-7.30pm Industry Panel and Round Table </p><p>The Use of Research in Risk Management : Perspectives from Industry Practitioners </p><p>Panelists: Elbert Pattijn (DBS), Paul Bernard, CFA (TTS), Kate Chiew (NTUC Income), Sung Cheng Chih </p><p>(MOF/MAS/GIC) Chair Venue: Casuarina / Acacia Ballroom </p><p>7.00pm-9.00pm ABFER Senior Fellow Meeting </p><p>Venue: Acacia Ballroom </p><p>6.15pm-7.30pm Industry Panel and Round Table </p><p>Investments in Asia Forum: Has Asia Reached its Full Potential? </p><p>Panelists: Timothy Zee (PAG), Michael Syn (SGX), Charles Lee (Standford), Liew Tzu Mi (GIC), Madhabi Puri Buch </p><p>(Agora), Joseph Cherian (NUS/CAMRI) Chair Venue: Casuarina / Acacia Ballroom </p><p>7.30pm-9.30pm Welcome Speech </p><p>Bernard Yeung (NUS) </p><p>Keynote Speech and Welcome Dinner The Why, What and How of Long-term Investing </p><p>Sung Cheng Chih (MOF/MAS/GIC) Venue: Casuarina / Acacia Ballroom </p><p>7.30pm-9.30pm Welcome Speech </p><p>Tan Chorh Chuan (NUS) </p><p>Keynote Speech and Gala Dinner What we are learning about Sustainable and Defective </p><p>Growth Patterns: Experience in Developed and Developing countries </p><p>Michael Spence (NYU) Venue: Casuarina / Acacia Ballroom </p></li></ul>


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