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AAH January 2013

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All About Horsham (AAH) magazine January 2013

Text of AAH January 2013


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    To be honest, we had some problems withthe front page shot. It was an unorthodoxphoto shoot. Toby had wanted to set up hisstudio lights in the town centre, but it wasfreezing on the night we met dancers Katieand Amelia, so that idea was shelved.Instead, after I had interviewed the dancersat the Capitol, everybody made their wayto Tobys house, squeezing into his frontroom where studio equipment stretchedto every corner of the room.The girls were photographed in front of aplain grey sheet. Toby then set about

    ;nding a nice backdrop. He went to a barnhe has used before for pictures and tookimages of the building and the entrance.We wanted to steer clear of dance halls and

  • Editor: Ben [email protected] 878026 / 01903 892899

    Advertising: Kelly [email protected] 878026 / 01903 892899

    Photography: Toby [email protected] 795625

    ContributorsJeremy Knight (Historic images and text for article on Horsham 100 years ago and the DavisEstate article)

    Additional thanks to...Chris Connors at CoCos for photographs and thepint of Sussex; Wildwood PR, Tracey Wilkes atYMCA, Michael Gattrell and SpoAorths for lettingus to use their Christmas tree for the Page 3 shot!

    Door-to-Door Delivery teamThe Paterson family, GeoA Valentine, AndrewPrice, Trish Fuller, Sarah Guile, Amy Rogers, LauraHarding, Alex Bland and Cara Cocoracchio (allHorsham rounds), Anna Laker and Alex Besson (Billingshurst), Jamie Towes, Shaun Bacon andEddie Robinson (Southwater), Jack Barnett(Monks Gate/Mannings Heath), Karen Parnell(Warnham), Will Smith (Ashington), Roger Clark(Partridge Green and Cowfold), Reece Elvin (Slinfold), Ben Morris (Tower Hill, Rookwood, DialPost, Crabtree), Toby Phillips (Town Centre),

    Herbie Whitmore (West Grinstead), BensGrandma (Wisborough Green)AAH is available to pick up for free in stands atSakakini (Carfax ), Artisan Patisserie (MarketSquare), CoCos salons (Lintot Square inSouthwater and High Street, Billingshurst)and Horsham Museum.

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    AAH Magazine is an independent publicationowned by B. Morris and is based in Ashington

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    30 ArtPortrait photographer Steve Gubbinsis developing new artistic styles

    51 Review of 2012...Then come right up to date with the big headlines of 2012

    6 News Round-UpWhats making headlines, including asuperb exhibition by John Jochimsen

    66 How InterestingThe price of a new home in Horshamback in the 1930s...

    12 My Story So FarJackie Wilson, from baker to powerboat racer and beyond...

    43 HistoryWe look back at the tannery Cre andthe SuArage movement in 1912...

    34 Horsham YMCAWe meet the young people changingtheir lives at the Y Centre in Horsham

    22 Meal ReviewWe Cnd the Black Horse in Nuthurst isdoing the simple things well

    20 One to WatchKatie DuBn and Amelia Knight arepromising Irish dancers

    61 CoCos We look back at a big year for the incredible CoCos Foundation in Africa


    56 Group DiscussionThe cast of the Capitols panto, SnowWhite, talk about their experience

    This month we introduce a new delivery roundin North Parade, Horsham, and place new

    stands in Southwater and Billingshurst


    Saddle UpJulia Felton went from being a cityhigh-Dyer to working with horses


  • 1: Photographs taken by John Jochimsen willform a new display at Horsham Museum. The20 images on display include pictures ofAfrican warriors, The Queen and PresidentReagan. John, a former Fleet Street photographer, was featured in the February2012 edition on AAH. Adventures in Photography Images from the Archive ofJohn Jochimsen opens at Horsham Museum& Art Gallery on Thursday 3rd January andcloses on 2nd March.

    2: Jolyon Palmer has signed to drive for Carlinin the 2013 GP2 Series. The 21-year-oldSouthwater racer, who is already a race winner in the series, will compete alongsideBrazilian Felipe Nasr at the British team.Palmer is aiming for the title after a good2012 campaign which included victory at theMonaco Grand Prix as well as podiums at Silverstone and Monza. Carlin joined the GP2Series in 2011 but is already established asone of the leading teams with Britains latestFormula One driver Max Chilton Hnishingfourth in the drivers standings in 2012. Formore visit

    3: The Hnalists for the Sussex Food & DrinkAwards 2012/13 have been announced andpoducers from the Horsham District featurein seven of the eight categories. The SussexFood and Drink Awards are the only awardsthat highlight, recognise and support Sussexfarmers and producers and the businesseswhich sell and promote their produce. Nominees across the various categories include Dark Star in Partridge Green, The Sussex Produce Company in Steyning, andWabi in Horsham. Charlie Tayler from The Passat South Lodge is nominated as Sussex YoungChef of the Year. Visit the Sussex Food Awardswebsite at

    4: The Dame Vera Lynn Trust for Children withCerebral Palsy host a quiz night on Friday 1stFebruary at 7.30pm at Billingshurst Communityand Conference Centre. It costs 10 to enter,with the price including Hsh and chips, or 6 ifyou bring your own supper. For tickets contactRosie Wyer, Regional Fundraiser, on 01403780444 or [email protected]

    5: Cancer Research UK will bring its popularRace for Life to Horsham Park on Sunday, 2ndJune. The charity has decided to abandon itsannual event at Ardingly in favour of Horsham,which already hosts the Midnight Walk andSanta Run for St Catherines Hospice.

    6: The 2011 Census provides an interestingsnapshot of the Horsham population on 27thMarch 2011. The Census reveals that thenumber of people owning their own homes isdropping and more are renting privately. In2011, three quarters of Horsham District residents owned their own home, slightlyfewer than in 2001. Car ownership is high atone and a half cars per household, whilst weare more likely to get married too. Just over aquarter of residents are single; nationally thisHgure is 35%. The number of Christians in thedistrict decreased to 64% from 76% in 2001.The Census suggests that people are becomingbetter educated, with more getting degreesor similarly high levels of education.

    7: Paul Messis, one of our favourite local musicians at AAH, has started his own record






    109Fran Southgate/SWT

  • AAH News Round-up

    label. The Drst 7" release on Market SquareRecords is a record by 'The Market Squares'which is a collaboration between Paul andNashville psychedelic group The SuDs. It willbe released on February 4th and strictly limited to 300 copies. Pauls second soloalbum 'Case Closed' will be out in May onState Records and will also be on vinyl. for more onPauls music.

    8: Horsham District Council has been lookingat diBerent ways to close the councils budgetgap. The good news is that Council Tax will befrozen again this year as the council insteadlooks at a user pays philosophy where thosewho use services pay for them. The greenwaste collection is now optional, with thecouncil charging 29 a year for the service. Insome car parks evening charges are to be introduced, and the tarrifs at some town centre car parks are set to increase by a smallamount.

    9: An insight into life at Christs Hospital andits long history will be revealed in an

    exhibition at Horsham Museum & Art Gallery,opening on 8th January. The exhibition willbe in two galleries, with one displaying engravings and pictures from the schoolscollection in oil, watercolour and pencil. Ofparticular interest are cartoons by the artistFrank Brangwyn for the wall paintings in theChapel, paintings of pupils from the early19th Century and a watercolour portrait bythe Second World War poet and artist KeithDouglas, which has not been previously displayed in public. The exhibition is free toenter and is open from 8th January to 23rd February.

    10: Woods Mill Nature Reserve was inundatedwith Eood water on 20th December. The Millis headquarters to the Sussex Wildlife Trustand this was the most Eooding seen on thereserve in over a decade, with the Mill pondwater level rising ten centimetres in an hour.Fran Southgate, Sussex Wildlife Trust WetlandLandscapes OCcer said: We have done ourbest to help limit the Eood damage by open-ing up our land so that it can absorb as muchEood water as possible, rather than sending it

    Eowing down the Adur. No matter how badthe Eood is now, it would have been a lotworse if the Trust and other landowners hadnot provided thousands of acres of land totemporarily store water, rather than letting ithit our houses and roads.

    11: It was a miserable month for most, butMax Morris of Ashington enjoyed himself inan enermous puddle on the playing Deld

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