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The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.) Blazing a Trail (2005 - 2010) 5 Y E A R S O F A A D E I s Q U A L I T Y I N E D U C A T I O N 2 0 1 0

AADEIs - Blazing a Trail

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5 Yearly Report of The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.)

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  • 1.S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU2 0NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN ED The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.) Blazing a Trail (2005 - 2010)

2. S OF AADEAREIs5Y QU 2 0N IT Y I 0 1 U C ATI OAL N ED Education, more education, education made perfect is the only panacea for all our countrys ills and evils. Most Revered Sir Anand Sarup The August Founder of Dayalbagh Inspired by the August Leaders of Dayalbagh,the Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (AADEIs) was formed on 17th December, 2005 with a mission towork for the dissemination in the academic community at large, of value system of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions, speciallythe ideals of Service to Mankind and of Fatherhood of God and Brotherhood of Man 3. S OF AADEAREIs5YDr. Vijai KumarPresident QU2 0 N IT Y I 0 1 U C ATI OAL N EDI am glad to present the Report of the Association of Alumni of DayalbaghEducational Institutions (AADEIs) for the period 2005 2010. This endeavour is anhumble expression of our gratitude to Most Revered Prof. P. S. Satsangi Sahab,Chairman, Advisory Committee on Education, Dayalbagh, who guided us inbuilding this edi ce, brick by brick, under His Protective Hand.The Association was formed in December, 2005, in keeping with the mandates ofour Revered Leaders to the alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions to be asociety of people working vigorously to evolve as a complete man, possessingintellectual strength, scienti c temper, high moral character and who is imbuedwith a spirit of service to humanity. Desirous of staying connected with theirAlma Mater and grateful in tracing its roots to the value based educationalsystem of Dayalbagh Educational Institute, the alumni through their Associationhave contributed to many areas of the University and other educationalinstitutions of Dayalbagh. Supporting DEIs unique, innovative andcomprehensive education policy, AADEIs has provided resources to enhanceexcellence in instruction and research, education for all strata of society throughthe ICT Centres, e ective placements and training programs, promotingeco-friendly technologies and other innovative ventures. The Association looksforward to working hand in hand with AAFDEIs, the association of the alumniliving in the United States of America, and friends of DEI, in the cause ofeducation and for educational institutions of Dayalbagh.The progress of the Association has been possible due to the inspiration receivedfrom its Leaders, and the e ort of its over 3000 members, volunteers and facultyand sta of DEI. Looking ahead, the Association is grateful to be part of thehistoric initiative of DEIs Vision 2011 of placing the Institute on the global map.We move into the future with con dence and with aspirations to cross manymore milestones. Praying for continuing guidance and strength, we recall thestirring words of Most Respected Prof. P. S. Satsangi Sahab, Chairman,Advisory Committee on Education, Unless you dream big, you dont worktowards it. And as I said earlier our dreams are inspired by intuitiveconsciousness 4. 2The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.)GenesisA seed, which grew to be AADEIs, was sown in the form of DEI-APAC inFebraury - March 2003. An alumni feedback survey was then conducted under the aegis ofthe Advisory Committee on Education, Dayalbagh (ACE). In response to this survey,the Alumni of DEI world over expressed their desire to contribute to Dayalbagh EducationalInstitutions in a meaningful way to upgrade the quality of education. Acknowledging theinterest and willingness of the Alumni to o er their services to DEI,Revered Prof. P.S. Satsangi Sahab, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Education, notedthat, this kind gesture from Alumni has opened up a new chapter in the history of DEI,leading to the proposed formation of an Alumni cell.Thus in mid 2005 the alumni formulated a proposal and by August - September 2005the structure of the Association, its memorandum and rules & regulations were drafted andthe Association registered on 28th December 2005 as a charitable body underThe Societies Registration Act of 1860.MissionIn keeping with the lofty ideals it cherishes, the aims and objectives of the Association areclearly formulated, its main objective being to extend support to Dayalbagh EducationalInstitutions to achieve academic and teaching excellence, to evolve new standards in usingInformation Technology, to enhance collaborative and inter disciplinary research and toempower weaker sections, women, backward and tribal population through DistanceEducation programmes. The Association has commitment to uphold ethics and provideprincipled leadership leading to the development of a Complete Man.The Alumni community is represented by creative, ambitious pioneers, leaders andentrepreneurs in every eld. Its achievements are a signi cant indicator tothe ensured success of the activities of the Association. Over the past ve years, the AADEIshas expanded exponentially, collaborating and working with institutions and individualseverywhere to enable them to provide to the nation and for future generations people ofhigh standard, character and competence.S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU 2 0 NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN ED 5. Blazing a Trail (2005 - 2010) 3General BodyThe General Body of the Association comprises all Members of the Association.The Executive CommitteeDr. Vijai Kumar Mr. Prem Prasad SharmaMr. Soami Dayal Mr. G.P. BhatiaMr. Amit SinhaMr. Rajeev Kumar SatsangiMr. Rajendra Prasad Mr. Sahab SaranMr. Sahib Piara Satsangee Mr. V. Prem SwarupProf. Sahab DassO ce Bearers of the AssociationPresident: Dr. Vijai KumarVice President:Mr. Amit SinhaSecretary: Mr. Sahib Piara SatsangeeJoint Secretary: Mr. Rajeev Kumar SatsangiTreasurer: Mr. Prem Prasad SharmaThe members of the Executive Committee were re-elected in 2009 on expiry of the rst veyear term. The Executive Committee has held regular meetings over the past ve years.Overseeing the activities of the association, the Committee deliberated upon and tookdecisions on the requests for support of various institutions and societies within the ambitof its objectives.The Annual General Meeting of the Association is held every year and a report onthe progress of the Association is furnished by the Secretary for information of all members. 6. 4 The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.) Shiksha Diwas Celebrations The Alumni from all over the world congregated at Dayalbagh on 2nd January 2006, in the August Presence of the Most Revered Prof. P.S. Satsangi Sahab, Chairman, ACE, Dayalbagh, wherein He bestowed His blessings on the members and opened the ood gates of unlimited opportunities of seva to the alumni of Dayalbagh educational institutions. On the auspicious day the 1st January 2007, Most Revered Prof. P.S. Satsangi Sahab enlightened the members that the goal of education and the goal of spirituality are one and the same in their ultimate consummation and advised the alumni to pursue better worldliness and to make all e orts to achieve a standard of excellence by 2011. He also suggested that the First day of January, on which education started in Dayalbagh, may be celebrated as Shiksha Diwas. The reunion of the Alumni and the Shiksha Diwas celebration on 1st January 2008 was unique as the proceedings were transmitted live to Bhatinda and many other centres and the members received Blessings from Most Revered Prof. Satsangi Sahab from Bhatinda. In His Message, He re-de ned the goal of the AADEIs and was pleased to express the wish that there may be unprecedented progress in the areas of Para Vidya Spiritual Education and Apara Vidya Secular Education in Dayalbagh and in Institutes and Institutions connected therewith.S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU 2 0 NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN ED 7. Blazing a Trail (2005 - 2010) 5This Shiksha Diwas 2008 provided AADEIs with a unique opportunity to present inDayalbagh a seminar on the Role of Alumni in Advancement of Education inDayalbagh Institutions. Deliberating upon the magnitude and importance of the role ofalumni in the up- gradation of the educational institutions of Dayalbagh, the possible areasof contribution identi ed were:Achieving academic excellenceProcess improvementQuality of placementCourse curriculum upgradationAugmenting infrastructureCollaborationExternal recognition & fund raisingOn 1st January 2009, the Alumni were blessed with the following message:May Shiksha Diwas Education Day of Dayalbagh the 1st January, 2009 be auspicious toyou all.The AADEIs continue to enjoy the privilege of receiving Inspiration in immense measure.On January 1st, 2010 the Alumni were further blessed with the following message:there is need for complete Education in which not merely the education ofPhysical Region, Pind and the Region of Universal Mind, Brahmand is given but alsothe education of Purely Spiritual Region, Nirmal Chetan Desh is also included.Therefore in the education being imparted at the Dayalbagh Educational Institute, in thecourse on Religion, the Teachings of the Religion of Saints, the Sant Mat, are also includedwhich has its reach upto Purely Spiritual Region Nirmal Chetan Desh. 8. 6The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.)Aspiring - Vision 2011UGRA AwardsAADEIs has signi cantly expanded its commitment to research in the past ve years.Recognising the importance of undergraduates to inculcate scienti c temper andundertake research and build a rich and vibrant intellectual community, AADEIs haslaunched the Undergraduate Research Awards (UGRA) and provided ` 10,000 each toMr. Arsh Josan, Mr. Achint Setia, Mr. V. Mehar Swarup and Mr. Karan Kumar in March 2009and Mr. Saurabh Pathak and Mr. N. Anurag Murthy in March 2010.Assisting Collaborative VenturesInspired by the objective that collaborative and cross faculty educational and researchprograms bring about innovative and academic excellence, AADEIs has provided nancialassistance for the acquisition of equipment for a Collaborative Research Projectof the DEI (Department of Physics and Computer Science) with Tata Institute ofFundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai in Astrophysics.Establishing Chairs of ExcellenceIn pursuit of its objective to create Chairs of Excellence in various faculties / departments,AADEIs has established a Chair in Hindustani Classical Music (Tabla) in DEI and provideshonorarium to the incumbent in the Chair.Utilising Green TechnologyIn its quest to promote alternate energy e cient technologies, AADEIs has provided nancial assistance to the Higher Secondary School at Timarni-Rajaborari & DistanceEducation Centre at Rajaborari (MP) for acquisition of Solar Power Plant.S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU 2 0 NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN ED 9. Blazing a Trail (2005 - 2010) 7Augmenting InfrastructureWith a strong belief that future enterprising leaders populate the classrooms, AADEIs hascontributed towards equipment to set up an e-class room at DEI Technical College.This initiative will meet the needs for providing live/interactive lectures to DEI Campusesat a distance as well as optimize courses conducted in local classes, to facilitate archivingthem for use on demand.Assisting DEI in its e orts to introduce children to the world of computers and internet,music, art and culture, the Alumni Association has contributed computers, books, videocassette library, electronic equipments, furniture and other facilities for its variouseducational institutions. PV Primary School, Day Boarding School, Saran Ashram NagarPrimary School, School of Art & Culture and Nursery & Play Centre have bene tted fromthe Associations resources.Supporting International Seminars and ConferencesIn accordance with the DEIs education system that derives from its mission objective: toevolve a complete man, a system which imbibes academic excellence, high moral andspiritual values and social sensibilities, AADEIs has extended its helping hand in providingsupport for International Seminars and Conferences conducted by DEI which allow itsfaculty and students to interact with experts and authorities in their elds from aroundthe world.SQAN February 2007: Indo-Us Shared Vision Workshop on Soft, Quantum andNano Computing.SPAWSYS January 2008: International Seminar on Spiritual Awakening: A SystemsApproach to Address the Civilizational Crisis.SPIRCON November 2010: International Seminar on The Religion of Saints RadhasoamiFaith: Spiritual Consciousness Studies and a Conclave for discussion on Religion ofSaints (Sants) as Science of Spiritual Consciousness to promote the emergence of theScience of Ultra transcendental Spirituality and provide a major platform towardsuni cation of science and religion. 10. 8The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.) An Engaged Community Vision It is often seen that the boys and girls of DEI could not prove themselves up to the mark in respect of skills in the elds of Information Technology It is possible to set up an IT Centre (Noida) there for education purposesutilizing the good o ces of AADEIs so that the present students and old students may derive bene t - Revered Prof. P.S. Satsangi Sahab, Chairman, Advisory Committee on Education, DEI at theSilver Jubilee celebrations in Soami Nagar Model School, Delhi on 13th November 2003. AADEIs ICT Continuing Education Centre, DEI Inspired by the lofty vision and led by a dedicated administrator and a team of honorary AADEIs mentors, AADEIs ICT Continuing Education Centre, started in July 2007 and situated in the Central Administrative O ce, DEI, has established its reach in improving the job capability of students and has come a long way into achieving its objectives. In collaboration with IIPC & the Distance Education Centres of DEI, the ICT CEC conducts vocational courses like Soft Skills, Basic & Advanced courses in IT for students of the regular, vocational streams as well as job seekers from the society. The courses are delivered in synchronous mode, several of these sent through multimedia resources from e-classrooms to distant locations.S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU 2 0 NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN ED 11. Blazing a Trail (2005 - 2010) 9As the corners of the globe draw closer the market for management knowledge and talenthas grown exponentially. To meet the challenges of a highly competitive world, ICT CECconducts workshops on topics such as those given below, using a variety of innovativetechniques to convey content and experiences.Soft Skills NET Coaching & Practice SessionsPersonality Development Resume Writing & Interview TechniquesTime ManagementDrawing on a survey conducted by the alumni, the centre launched its IT course,Programming through C in October 2010. In conjunction with DEI and DEI-APAC, the centreplans to introduce need-based courses, re-evaluate and upgrade current course materialsand introduce new courses for remote centres, such as Murar and Rajaborari-Timarni.Assistance to DEIs Distance Education CentresIn accordance with Vision 2011, the Distance Education Centre of DEI has initiated a numberof employment-oriented vocational programs, diploma, degree and higher level programso ered at nominal fees. These courses are relayed through semi-synchronous and live modevia state-of-the-art ICT. AADEIs has provided the Distance Education Programme, DEI, withfunds and other facilities to set up Satellite Interaction Terminals (SIT) at each of these studycentres and in Soami Nagar ICT centre, New Delhi. 12. 10 The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.)DEI ICT Distance Education Centre, Soami Nagar, New DelhiThe Alumni supports DEI in creating an educational paradigm that works across culturesand disciplines and prepares students to address challenges and responsibilities facing thenext generation. This initiative culminated in the creation of the DEI ICT Distance EducationCentre at Soami Nagar, New Delhi, in December2008.Commencing its academic operations in July 2008, the centre at Soami Nagar introducedthe MPhil Physics program with specialisation in Computer Science or Electronics insynchronous mode from DEI and supported by content and lecture videos through coursesupport website. The courses are being jointly conducted in collaboration with IIT Delhi,made available to students via video conferencing between IIT Delhi and DEI,as pre recorded web accessible lecture, and in IIT Delhi as classroom lecture on the days it isconducted.The Centre also conducts the following courses:MBA launched in July 2009.PG Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism, launched in August 2009, jointly withMadhubala Institute of Communication and Electronic Media, Delhi. Both courses aresupported by course content and lecture videos on the course support website.B.Ed. launched in July 2009, content and lecture videos are made available on DVDs andlearning is facilitated by local mentors and facilitators.M.A. Theology launched in May 2010, synchronous from DEI and supported by content oncourse support website.Short courses are conducted on:(a) Spoken English (b) Tally ERP 9 (c) Coaching for entrance examination to Engineering andB.Sc Computer Science programs.S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU 2 0 NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN ED 13. Blazing a Trail (2005 - 2010) 11DEI Information and Communication Technology Centre, BangaloreDEIs innovative, comprehensive and exible education policy nds yet another location atHubli, Bangaluru East Taluk. On completion of construction of the building, DEI DistanceEducation Program proposes to replicate its courses and extend its bene t to a larger partof the community. AADEIs has assisted this venture in providing nancial support. al design Proposed architecturDEI Alumni Placement Assistance Cell (DEI-APAC)DEI- APAC was conceived in February - March 2003 with the mandate to:Be a conduit for greater Industry and University interactionPrepare and assist DEI students for placementsWith the launch of DEI - APAC, the above mentioned activities increased manifold and thenumber of active participants swelled. During 2003-2006, coaching and placementactivities became more formalized. Believing in building capability for employability,DEI-APAC undertook the responsibility of designing the courses for job-seekers and DEIstudents. DEI-APAC also arranges expert lectures to DEI students and helps in upgrading thecurriculum of the Institute in line with the requirement of the industry.DEI- APAC has also formulated various courses and cells to assist DEI students, such asthe following:Summer TrainingCompetitive Exams CellCivil Services Guidance CellIndustry Speci c CoursesSoft Skills / Resume Writing & Interview techniques WorkshopsAugment AADEIs Activities in ICT CentresBesides performing these vital functions, APAC was, in a way, also the step ladder to theevolution and formulation of AADEIs. 14. 12 The Association of Alumni of Dayalbagh Educational Institutions (Regd.)Our TorchbearersThe following alumni have been honoured with the Distinguished Alumni Award institutedby Dayalbagh Educational Institute in 2006: At the Convocation held on 25th November 2006, DEI conferred its rst Distinguished Alumni Award on Shri Prem Kumar IAS (Retd.), President, Radhasoami Satsang Sabha and President, DEI, in recognition of his valuable contribution made to the nation and the Dayalbagh Educational Institute. Shri. Prem Kumar served the Government in various high positions and retired in 1989 as Principal Secretary to the President of India. At the Convocation held on 6th December, 2008, the Distinguished Alumni Award was conferred on Mr. Ravi Kumar Sinha, Chairman, Emergent Ventures Pvt. Ltd., Founder, Ravi Sinha & Associates and Director, PVR Pictures. The DEI conferred its prestigious Distinguished Alumni Award on Prof. Prem Kumar Kalra, Director, IIT, Rajasthan and a former Professor, IIT Kanpur at its Convocation held on 21st November 2009.Future ProjectsHaving successfully contributed through Divine Grace to the cause of education in theinstitutions of Dayalbagh, AADEIs has a major thrust to ensure the realization of DEIs vision2011 and expand the activities connected with providing quality education to students ofDayalbagh educational institutions with special focus on weaker sections.Its other thrust areas are:To help enhance knowledge and skills in technology, locally and via Distance Mode.Maintain the high quality of current academic programs.Develop new courses in the emerging elds.Assist in training and placement of alumni and others.Improve infrastructure and facilities for students on the campus and at ICT centres.Invite Academicians / Scientists / Industrialists for interaction with DEI faculty and students.Help create more AADEIs Chairs of Excellence in various faculties / departments.Promote interdisciplinary research in elds such as education, theology and energy.Help DEI utilise Green Technology (Solar Power).S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU 2 0 NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN ED 15. S OF AAD EAREIs 5YQU2 0NIT Y I 0 1 U C ATI O ALN EDWe are indeed very happy to nd that the Alumni of this Institute,due to their high standard of conduct and work in their various spheres ofactivity, have not only distinguished themselves but have alsoraised the name and reputation of their Alma Mater and this makes us feelboth proud and grateful. Most Revered Dr. M.B. Lal SahabThe August Founder of Dayalbagh Educational InstituteThe members of AADEIs march forward hand in hand in the earnesthope that their humble e orts will help Dayalbagh educational institutions deliver perfect education leading to the evolution ofthe Complete Man, a Superman. 16. Registered O ce - 108, Southex Plaza-1, South Extension Part II, New Delhi - 110049Administrative O ce - 63, 1st Floor, Nehru Nagar, Agra - 282002Dayalbagh Press (December - 2010)