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AACR Bulletin Board - Clinical Cancer R · PDF fileAACR Bulletin Board Institution ofPageCharges Effective January 1,1998,apagecharge of $50perprinted pagewillbelevied onall manuscripts

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Vol. 4, 263, January 1998 Clinical Cancer Research 263

AACR Bulletin Board

Institution of Page ChargesEffective January 1, 1998, a page charge of$50 per printed page will be levied on allmanuscripts published in Clinical Cancer Re-search. It is understood at the time of submis-sion that the author(s) agree to pay this chargein the event of publication. Under exceptional

circumstances, when no other source of grantor other support exists, the author(s) may applyto Dr. Margaret Foti, Director of Publications,AACR Publications Department (see page iifor address) at the time of submission for awaiver of the page charges. All such applica-

tions must be countersigned by an appropriateinstitutional official stating that no funds areavailable for the payment of page charges.

Annual MeetingThe AACRs Annual Meeting is one of thelargest and most important annual gatheringsof scientists engaged in cancer research world-wide. The next Annual Meeting will take placein New Orleans, LA, March 28-April 1, 1998.The Chairperson of the Annual Meeting isFrank J. Rauscher III of the Wistar Institute.The Program Committee has invited outstand-ing scientists in the field to organize plenarysessions, symposia, controversy sessions, and

meet-the-expert sunrise sessions. The deadlinefor receipt of abstracts in the AACR office wasOctober 28, 1997.

Late-Breaking Research Session at theAACR Annual MeetingTime has been set aside at the AACR AnnualMeeting for the presentation of a few defini-tive reports of highly significant and timelyfindings in the field. Criteria for the selectionof these presentations and instructions for sub-mission of abstracts are as follows:1 . The work to be presented must be of majornovelty and significance, e.g., the characteriza-tion of a new gene in familial cancer or thediscovery of a new diagnostic marker, andshould not have been previously published in apeer-reviewed scientific journal or presented ata national meeting.2. The abstract must be sponsored by anAACR member in good standing (dues paidfor 1998).3. Each member in good standing may sponsoronly one abstract for this session whether ornot he or she sponsored an abstract last Octo-ber for the regular annual meeting program. Ifan associate member is the sponsor, the ab-stract must also be endorsed by an active orcorrespondmg member in good standing. Inthis case, the endorser does not forfeit theopportunity to sponsor a late-breaking ab-stract.

4. Abstracts must be typed on one side of onesheet of white paper.5. All text on the page must fit within an area6 1/2 wide and 9 high (16.5 cm X 22.9 cm)with margins of at least 1 (2.5 cm) on the top,bottom, and sides of the page.6. Each abstract must be accompanied by acovering letter from the sponsor explainingwhy the work is novel and significant enoughto be considered for this late-breaking researchsession and certifying that the findings becameavailable after the annual meeting abstractdeadline of October 28, 1997. This letter mustcontain the sponsors complete mailing ad-dress, FAX number, and E-mail address (ifavailable) so that we can communicate the

AACRThe American Association for Cancer Re-search (AACR) was founded in 1907 to bringtogether active investigators of the cancerproblem for the presentation and discussion ofnew findings and to foster advances in cancerresearch. Today the Association has 13,000members working in all of the subdisciplinesof cancer research in the United States, Can-ada, and more than 60 other countries. Infor-mation on AACR programs and activities canbe obtained from

American Association forCancer Research

Public Ledger Building150 South Independence Mall West

Suite 826Philadelphia, PA 19106-3483

Phone: (215) 440-9300Fax: (215) 440-9313

E-mail: [email protected]

The AACR welcomes applications for mem-bership from the readership. Scientists en-gaged in all areas of cancer research are eligi-ble for membership. There are three categoriesof membership: active membership, open tocancer researchers working in the Americas;corresponding membership, to those workingoutside the Americas; and associate member-ship, to graduate and medical students, post-doctoral fellows, and physicians-in-training.Further information on the qualifications foreach category as well as the benefits of mem-bership can be found on the application formsat the back of this issue.

scheduling decision of the Program Commit-tee.7. Abstracts and covering letters must be re-ceived in the AACR Office by 5:00 p.m. EasternTime on February 27, 1998. FAX transmissionsare not acceptable. Cariying envelopes should beclearly marked Late-Breaking Abstract, andshould be addressed to American Association forCancer Research, Public Ledger Building, Suite826, 150 South Independence Mall West, Phila-dclphia. PA 19106-3483. If you wish to receiveacknowledgment of receipt of your abstract, en-close a seff-addiessed post card with appropriatepostage affixed. Accepted abstracts will not bepublished since they will be received after theProceedings of the American Association forCancer Research has been printed; however,they will be distributed at the session in NewOrleans.8. A special subcommittee of the Program Com-mittee appointed by President Donald S. Coffeywill select the papers to be presented. Presentersof accepted papers will be notified via FAX nolater than March 16, 1998.

AACR Research FellowshipsIn 1998, the AACR will offer an enhancedprogram of sponsored fellowships for clinicaland postdoctorabfelbows. The basic, clinical,translational, and prevention fellowships willoffer salary support at the level of $30,000 peryear, with some fellowships extending for aterm of two years. Eligibility has been cx-panded to include all citizens and permanent

residents of any country in the Americas,who have completed the M.D., Ph.D., orother doctoral degree. Candidates must cur-rently be a postdoctoral or clinical researchfellow and must have been a fellow for atleast two years but not more than five yearsprior to the year of the award. Medical res-idents, employees of industry, fellows withsponsorship for a similar program for theaward year, and permanent employees of thefederal government are not eligible. All Ac-tive, Corresponding, and Associate AACRmembers in the Americas will receive infor-mation and application forms by mail in theearly Fall. Nonmembers may request infor-mation and application forms from theAACR Office. The deadline for applicationswill be early 1998, with the commencementof the award year on July 1, 1998.

AACR Special Conferences in CancerResearch

A number of meetings are now being orga-nized in the AACRs series of smaller scien-tific meetings. Following are the topics, dates,locations, and program committees for thesemeetings. When full details of each meetingare available, AACR members will be the firstto receive complete brochures and applicationforms for participation in these important con-ferences. Nonmembers may receive this infor-mation by sending their names and addressesto: Meetings Mailing List, AACR, PublicLedger Building, Suite 826, 150 South Inde-pendence Mall West, Philadelphia, PA 19 106-3483. Up-to-date program information is alsoavailable via the Internet at the AACRs web-site (

January 24-28, 1998Angiogenesis and Cancer

Chairpersons:JUDAH FOLKMAN, Boston, MAMICHAEL KLAGSBRUN, Boston, MAHyatt Orlando, Orlando, FL

June 14-18, 1998Proteases and Protease Inhibitors in CancerCo-Sponsored by Acta Pathologica

Microbiologica Immunologica Scandinavia

Chairpersons:KELD DANO, Copenhagen, DenmarkLYNN M. MATRISIAN, Nashville, TNNyborg Strand Conference Center, Nyborg,


October 14-18, 1998Gene Regulation and Cancer(10th Anniversary ofAACR Special

Conferences in Cancer Research)

Chairpersons:PHILLIP A. SHARP, Cambridge, MASTEVEN L. MCKNIGHT, Dallas, TXThe Homestead, Hot Springs, VA

December 2-6, 1998New Approaches to Controlling Prostate


Moderator:DONALD S. COFFEY, Baltimore, MDCo-Chairpersons:JONATHAN W. SIMONS, Baltimore, MDKENNETH J. PIENTA, Ann Arbor, MIHyatt Grand Champions Resort, Indian Wells

(Palm Springs), CA

264 Vol. 4, 264, January 1998 Clinical Cancer Research


January 1998

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