A Whole New Mind

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Chapter 4 of A Whole new Mind

Text of A Whole New Mind

  • 1. A Whole New MindBy Daniel Pink

2. It is economically advantageous for designers to create a product that is unique, beautiful, whimsical, or emotionally engaging. (p. 65) 3. We must all be designers. 4. Because of competition, everyone must have an artistic sense regardless of their profession.The wealth of nations and our individual success depends on it. 5. Good and bad design can change the world. 6. Beauty can change peoples thinking and way of living. 7. Design is whole-minded:utility (its usefulness) and significance (how good it looks) 1.Technology accesses design3. Can change the world2. Creation of new markets & differentiation 8. CHAD: Charter High School for Architecture and Design

  • Design is interdisciplinary
  • Production of a holistic-thinking person

9. Designing is the activity of creating solutions. 10. Design has become democratized:there is a little something everyone can appreciate in design; it has become more diverse. 11. Attractive things work better. 12. Design means business and business means design. 13. The democratization of design has altered the way in which businesses compete based less on function and prices

  • Emphasis on whimsiness, beauty and meaning
  • Cannot compete with prices and labor cost of Asia.

14. If correctly manipulated, design can enhance life, create jobs and produce happiness. 15. Successful designs often have personalities implanted in them. 16. Most people are concerned withsignificance(how good it looks) than withutility(how well it works). 17. Design has brought luxury items into the laps of the public and has altered functions to those associated with emotions. 18. Design can help patients feel better, improve student performances, produce environmental benefits and help to determine the next President of the U.S. 19. SUGGESTIONS:

  • Keep a design notebook
  • Channel your annoyance
  • Read design magazines
  • Become a design detectiv
  • Visit design museums
  • Create your own invention
  • Analyze existing designs
  • Be choosy