A weekend in london

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We took the plane in Manises airport (Valencia) at 5pm. After two hours, we arrived at Heathrow airport (London) at 6pm (7pm in Spain, because they have an hour backwards).

Then we took a bus from the airport to Hounslow and, after that, another to Piccadilly Underground Station. We travelled on the Underground from that station to Kings Cross St Pancras.

Finally we travelled by taxi from the last station to Knightsbridge, where the hotel where we stayed is situated.


HOTEL: Lanesborough (suit Buckingham)Price per night: 4338 (GBP: 3500)The suit is very beautiful and comfortable. All things in there are luxurious.

FRIDAY, 14th December

FRIDAY, 14th December

After unpacking our lugagge, we left the hotel in order to go to a restaurant to have dinner.

We had dinner in Cigalon Restaurant, on 115 of Chancery St. We ate Roasted Artichokes, Cauliflower, Toasted Hazelnuts & Trompettes as a starters. The main course was a Daily Fish & Meat Specials. For dessert we ate Goat & Ewe Cheese Selection.


FRIDAY, 14th December


After having dinner we went by taxi to the Lyceum Theatre to see the Lion King Musical. It was spectacular and fantastic.

Its price was GBP 70 (86 euros).

After that, we walked near the river Thames. Finally we went to our hotel to sleep, because we were so tired.

Saturday, 15th December


We woke up at 8am because we didn't want to lose our day.

We had a shower and dressed up. After that, we went downstairs to came into the hotel's restaurant. We had breakfast in there. We ate bacon, eggs and orange juice.

We packed our luggage before going sightseeing.

saturday, 15th December


We spent saturday morning going sightseeing. We took a touristic bus that took us to the National Gallery.

While we were travelling on the bus, we could see a lot of touristic places of London. For example: the London Eye, the TOwer Bridge, St. Paul's Cathedral, the Houses of Parliament, the Big Ben, the Beefeaters....

saturday, 15th December



This is one of the most important cultural galleries on the world. Its situated on Trafalgar Square. In this place we saw a lot of art expositions. It was so busy because is the favourite place for art lovers. There are expositions of very known artists around the world.

saturday, 15th December


At this time we have already seen a lot of the expositions that there are in the gallery.

The time for lunch arrived. We went to a restaurant where we bought our meal: the typical fish and chips. We ate in the St. James Park.

saturday, 15th December


We took the Underground to travel from the St James Park to the famous Buckingham Palace. We bought VIP tickets for sightseeing the palace. They cost 500 pounds (614).

In this building lives the Queen Elizabeth. The rooms and salons of this palace are full of very expensive carpets, pictures and furniture. All in there is luxurious.

saturday, 15th December



After visiting Buckingham, we decided to visit Piccadilly on our last hours in Britain.

It was built in 1819 as a intersection between Picaddilly St and Regent St. In this zone there are shops of Ferrari, M&M's, Burguer King, Zara, Mercedes, Lotus, etc.

We decided to come into the M&M' shop. We bought a lot of things in relation to M&M's. We took a lot of photos.

saturday, 15th December

Our holidays in London were finishing. Before going to the airport we walked to the hotel to pick up our lugagge. After that, we took a taxi to Heatrow airport.

Our plane left the Britain ground at 6pm. This was the end of our British holidays.

In the plane we saw a film. After two hours we arrived at Manises airport at 9pm (8pm in UK).

We took the Metro to go to the Valencia station. Finally, the train took us back to Alzira.


The end

What a nice holidays!