A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks
A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

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A WALK TO REMEMBER BY NICHOLAS SPARKSis a 2002 American romance film based on the 1999 romance novel of the same name by Nicholas Sparks. The film stars Shane West and Mandy Moore, was directed by Adam Shankman, and produced by Denise Di Novi and Hunt Lowry for Warner Bros. The novel, written by Sparks, is set in the 1950s while the film is set in 1998.THEMES

Love conquers allThe theme of love conquers all is one of the most prevalent themes in that we are shown throughout the story, without love, life is meaningless.

God's PlanThe theme of Gods Plan is also an important idea. The answer to the question, What is Gods Plan? is sought throughout the plot.

Superficiality and judgment based on appearancesAnother theme to note is that of superficiality and judgment based on appearances which can be seen in the attitudes of Landon and his friends through most of the story.

How we all influence each otherThe theme of how we all influence each other is a theme which makes the reader think about how we can have a lasting impact on the least among us.

How we all have the capacity to changeAnother theme that is emphasized throughout is that of how we all have the capacity to change for the better as seen by all the characters in the story.

FaithA final theme involves faith in God and in ourselves.

MOODAt times, the mood is tragic, filled with despair, and very sad; at other times, it is uplifting and hopeful; finally, it is a triumphant commentary on the human spirit.

Plot Summary forA Walk to Remember (2002) More at IMDbPro In Beaufort, North Carolina, a prank on a student goes terribly wrong and puts the student in the hospital. Landon Carter, a popular student with no defined plans for the future, is held responsible and forced to participate in after-school community service activities as punishment, which include starring as the lead in the school play. Also participating in these activities is Jamie Sullivan, the reverend's daughter who has great ambitions and nothing in common with Landon. When Landon decides he wants to take his activities seriously, he asks Jamie for help and begins to spend most of his time with her. But he starts to develop strong feelings for her, something he did not expect to do. The two start a relationship, much to the chagrin of Landon's old popular friends and Jamie's strict reverend father. But when a heart-breaking secret becomes known that puts their relationship to the test, it is then that Landon and Jamie realize the true meaning of love and fate. Written by Anonymous In a coastal North Carolinian small town in the mid 1990's, a boy from the popular but troubled undirected group of students gets busted, and for punishment, you guessed it, has to do community service activities which include the high school's spring play. This throws him in with the minister's daughter, you guessed it, the mousy seemingly awkward yet beautiful girl with an angelic heart, and she sings too. They grow hesitantly closer than their previous adversarial relationship as old bonds are tested and new awarenesses are inspired. A couple twists occur as the story concludes. Written by Scott - Milwaukee, WI. USA Love and loss throughout two very young lives. Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan - two people who find themselves unexpectedly thrown together after a practical joke between Landon and his friends which leaves a boy in hospital, as punishment Landon is forced to partake in some after school activities including the spring play. The truth of the matter is Landon can't act, so he acquires the help of the beautiful but some what invisible Jamie you see Jamie doesn't need to be noticed, she is quiet and keeps herself to herself most of the time, Landon and his friends always make fun of Jamie as if it is a day to day task, but one day Landon brings up the courage to ask for her help with his lines, through trials and tribulations leading up to this play Land some how falls in love with the beautiful ministers daughter abandoning his friends to be with her Landon shares a true love with the girl, but a heart breaking secret lies between the couple, can they save their relationship and make all their dreams come true? Written by Lisa Fearon

SETTINGThe story takes place in the real-life city of Beaufort, North Carolina (pronounced "Bo-furt"), in 1958 and 1959. Beaufort is a small coastal port city that was established in 1722.

Major CharactersLandon Carter The 57 year-old man who through flashback narrates the story of his seventeenth year, the year that changed his life. Jamie Sullivan The seventeen year-old girl daughter of a Baptist minister who is dying of cancer, but who impacts on the lives of everyone around her. Hegbert Sullivan The Baptist minister, the writer of The Christmas Angel, and Jamies father, he tries to discourage the young couple from being together and falling love, but in the end, even he cannot disrupt Gods Plan.

Minor CharactersWorth Carter Landons father and the local congressman, he is seldom home and so, he and Landon havent much of a relationship. Landons mother Although she is nameless, she has a great deal of influence on her son and is a source of strength when he needs it most. Eric Hunter Landons best friend and the star of the football team, he is a natural joker and teaser and in the end, must come to grips with the way he had always treated Jamie. Miss Garber The teacher who teaches the Drama Class and helps them stage The Christmas Angel. Carey and Eddie The two boys whom Landon often mocks as being somehow less than he is. Jamies mother Although she has died at Jamies birth, it is her Bible that has a lasting influence on both Jamie and Landon. Landons grandfatherA kind of robber baron who made the family fortune by stealing from the people of Beaufort, his evil actions made Hegbert quit working for him and created discord between Hegbert and his son Worth for a long time after. Jamie heals their rift.

MORAL LESSONA Walk to Remember expresses many difficult situations in which you have to make it through somehow. The relationship between Landon and his father was less than perfect, seeing as Landon begrudged his father for walking out on him and his mother. Jamie and her father dealt with the loss of her mother from death at child birth. Jamie and Landon fall in love with the knowledge that Jamie will not be living much longer due to her case leukemia. This story exemplifies how life throws us for a loop. It gives us the most tragic and painful hardships of our lives. But in turn we also receive the greatest gift God has given us and that's love. Through faith, Jamie lives her remaining days on earth the best way she knows how to - by not giving up on her love for God. Through love, Landon mends his broken relationship with his father for Jamie's sake. Through a miracle, Jamie's father lives on after the losses of the two most important people in his life - his wife and his daughter. To say it straightforward, the moral lesson is not to take the people around you for granted. People come in and out of our lives, and sometimes they change us forever.