A Visual Ethnography: Aspirations in Urban Chicago

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A Visual Ethnography

By Lena SernoffA Visual Ethnography: Aspirations in Urban Chicago

Through a visual anthropological lens I have created an ethnography documenting research I made on the goals of humans in urban Chicago, IL.

These captured images are intended to tell a visual story and share insights regarding the lives and culture of the participants.

Participants were asked to write down a goal that they have and were given minimal directions to avoid external influencing.

Data was collected in 2013, by randomly selecting participants in three urban neighborhoods of Chicago.

Hoped to attain a balanced ratio of representation amongst groups.

Findings showed that 57% of participants listed a goal that was career or wealth related whereas 43% chose a goal that regarded love and wellness.For questions, comments or concerns regarding this research please contact: sernofflena@gmail.com


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