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  • A Summer Reading List For Pre K- 6th Grade

    Before Entering Kindergarten

    Read Alouds

    Aylesworth: Naughty Little Monkeys c2003 alphabet

    Twenty-six monkeys get into mischief when their parents go out for the evening in

    this rhyming alphabet book.

    Bang: When Sophie Gets Angry - Really, Really Angry... c1999 character

    Sophie expresses her anger when she must surrender a toy to her sister.

    Crews: The Neighborhood Mother Goose c2004 nursery rhymes, diversity

    This collection of nursery rhymes features the familiar and unfamiliar, all set in the


    Ehlert: Pie in the Sky c2004 family fiction

    As a father and his child view the cherry tree in their back yard, they refer to it as

    a pie tree. Includes a recipe.

    Kimmel: The Gingerbread Man c1993 fairy tale

    This familiar fairy tale features a gingerbread man who runs away from the

    woman who bakes him and meets other animals along the way, including a clever


    Penn:The Kissing Hand c1993 family life

    Chester Raccoon is afraid to attend kindergarten until his mother shows him a

    special way to take her love along.

  • Pfister: Rainbow Fish animal stories

    The most beautiful fish in the ocean with the

    shimmering silver scales discovers the beauty of


    Pinkney: The Lion & the Mouse c2009 wordless, fairy tale

    Wordless retelling of an Aesop fable, an adventuresome mouse proves that even

    small creatures are capable of great deeds when he rescues the King of the


    Prelutsky: Read-Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young c1986 poetry

    This collection of 200 short poems is designed for young children and includes

    illustrations that correlate with the poems.

    Rosen: We're Going on a Bear Hunt c2003 animals, fiction

    Brave bear hunters go through grass, a river, mud and other obstacles before the

    inevitable encounter with the bear forces a headlong retreat.

    Rosenthal: Duck! Rabbit! c2009 animals

    Two unseen characters argue about whether the creature they are looking at is a

    rabbit or a duck.

    Shannon: David Goes to School c1999 humor

    David's school behavior needs to be improved.

  • Sierra: Counting Crocodiles c1997 counting, rhyming

    A monkey outsmarts ten crocodiles that stand between her and a banana tree by

    using her ability to count.

    Sierra: Wild About Books c2004 animals, humor

    A librarian accidentally drives her bookmobile to the zoo and subsequently reads a

    Dr. Seuss book to the animals.

    Slate: Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten c2003 school

    Introduces the letters of the alphabet as Miss Bindergarten and her students get ready

    for kindergarten.

    Taback: Joseph Had a Little Overcoat c1999 diversity

    Joseph starts out with an overcoat and ends with a button.

    Thompson: Little Quack c2003 animals

    Mama Duck encourages her four ducklings to leave the nest. The youngest and

    smallest, Little Quack, proves to be the most reluctant.

    Wood: Alphabet Adventure c2001 alphabet

    The letters of the alphabet join the search to help "i" find her dot in order to

    continue their journey in this colorful alphabet book.

    Wood:The Napping House c1984 sleep, fiction

    While a number of creatures sleep, a flea causes a commotion among them with

    just one bite.

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    Before Entering First Grade

    Read Alouds Bailey: Stanley’s Party c2003 dogs, humor

    When a dog’s owners leave for the evening, he gets into a lot of mischief.

    Bloom: A Splendid Friend Indeed c2005 friendship

    A polar bear and a goose learn to get along and be friends.

    Bourgeois: Franklin in the Dark c1986 fear, fiction

    A turtle afraid of small dark places, and therefore of crawling into his shell, asks a

    variety of animals for advice, only to find out that each has a fear of its own.

    Bruel: Bad Kitty c2005 alphabet

    Finding that there is no food in the house, a kitty chooses to be very bad.

    Carle: Mister Seahorse c2004 animals, fiction

    Mrs. Seahorse lays her eggs, after which Mr. Seahorse carries the eggs through the

    sea, greeting other fish fathers.

    Cousins: Yummy: Eight Favorite Fairy Tales c2009 fairy tales

    Simple text and bold illustrations tell eight classic fairy tales.


  • Cronin: Dooby, Dooby, Moo c2004 animal humor

    Duck organizes the farm animals for a talent show at the county fair. The first prize

    is a trampoline.

    Ehlert: Market Day: A Story Told with Folk Art c2000 stories in rhyme, fiction

    While keeping a diary, the young fly records how hard it is to be an insect.

    Falconer: Olivia series pigs, fiction

    Olivia is a feisty pig who has too much energy for her own


    Lester: Hooway for Wodney Wat c1999 fantasy, abilities awareness

    Students in Rodney’s class make fun of him, because he can’t pronounce his name

    properly; but it is his speech problem that helps to punish the class bully.

    Lionni: Swimmy c1991 fish stories

    A small black fish, finds a way to protect a school of small red fish from their natural


    McKinley: One Smile c2002 kindness

    While walking through the park with her mother, a child smiles at a discouraged

    stranger and sets off a chain of events that spreads kindness and comes full circle.

  • Numeroff: Beatrice Doesn't Want To c2004 realistic fiction, humor

    Beatrice Doesn't Like to Read, but a librarian changes her attitude during a story

    session in this humorous, well illustrated book.

    Prelutsky: Me I Am c2007 poetry

    A book of poem for children celebrating being an individual.

    Rathmann: Ruby the Copycat c1991 school, fiction

    Ruby wants to fit in on her first day at school, so she begins to copy her classmate

    Angela; but then Ruby's teacher shows her how much fun it is to just be herself.

    Shannon: A Bad Case of Stripes c1998 individuality, fiction

    A girl who is always concerned about what others think of her wakes up one day to

    discover she is covered with stripes.

    Independent Reading

    Capucilli: Biscuit series dog stories

    Biscuit, the adorable little tan puppy, has many


    Gelman: More Spaghetti I Say c1993 stories in rhyme, humor

    Minnie the monkey is too busy eating spaghett all day, in all ways to play with her

    friend Freddie.

    Johnson: Alphabet City c1995 alphabet

  • Photographs of objects in an urban setting present the letters of the alphabet.


    Before Entering Second Grade

    Read Alouds Brett: Town Mouse, Country Mouse c1994 fable

    After trading houses, the country mice and the town mice discover there's no

    place like home.

    Cannon: Crickwing, Pinduli, Stellaluna, Verdi, insects, fiction

    Picture books about unappreciated and fascinating creatures

    Ernst: Sylvia Jean, Drama Queen c2005 fantasy animals, humor

    Although Sylvia Jean owns plenty of costumes, she struggles to come up with a

    costume for the big party.

    Hoberman: You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You: Very Short Stories to Read Together c2001 stories in rhyme

    This collection of short, rhythmic stories and cheerful art is designed to be read out

    loud by both child and adult.

    Hoffman: Amazing Grace c1991 diversity, fiction

    Although a classmate says that she cannot play Peter Pan in the school play because

    she is black, Grace discovers that she can do anything she sets her mind to do.


  • Mayer: Little Critter stories fantasy, animals

    Little Critter is a small creature who is amazingly

    like a young human boy. His adventures take

    place with different members of his family who

    expose him to daily life experiences.

    McKissack: The Honest-to-Goodness Truth c2000 character, ethnic diversity

    A young girl promises not to ever lie but then discovers that there are times that one

    actually should not tell the entire truth.

    McNaughton: Once Upon an Ordinary School Day c2004 school story

    Mr. Gee, the new teacher, changes "ordinary" when he challenges all the children to

    use their imaginations.

    Numeroff: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and sequels c1985 cumulative tales

    When a mouse requests a cookie, a cycle of events occurs that brings the reader full


    Orloff: I Wanna Iguana c2004 letters, fiction

    Alex and his mother write notes back and forth in which Alex tries to persuade

    her to let him have a baby iguana for a pet.

    Pallotta: Dory Story c2000 sea story, fiction

    Danny's ocean adventures are completely enchanting, even if they take place in

    the bathtub.

    Peet: The Ant and the Elephant c1972 animals, fiction

  • Of all the animals the elephant rescues, only the tiny ant returns the favor..

    Polacco: Aunt Chip and the Tr