A Project Report on Apollo Tyres Brand Image

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Dedicatedwith regards to my


L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

ACKNOWLEDGEMENTThe project of such magnitude cannot be accomplished without the assistance and cooperation of several people. Exchange of ideas generates a new object to work in a better way. So, whenever a person is helped and co-operation by others, his heart is bound to pay gratitude and is not merely formalities but an expression of deep sense of gratitude and cumulative appreciation. Now first and foremost, I feel highly obliged to Mr. R. K. Sharma, District Manager: Apollo Tyres Ltd. Muzaffarpur who got me placed for project training, which had sent materials, according to my topic for execution in order to perform the work for preparing this dissertation. I would like to mention something special about my supervisor Mr. Vipin Kumar, (Asst. Professor) L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur, and making acknowledgement that without his kind co-operation, attention, wise guidance and a regular feedback from me, my mission would not have been fulfilled its milestone. I have not the desired word power to express my heartiest gratitude regards reverence and indebtness to him. I also acknowledge with a deep sense of reverence, my gratitude towards of my parents and member of my family, who has always supported me morally as well as economically.

[Md. Nishat Alam]

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

PREFACEAs it is said ............"The theory without practice is lame and practice without theory is blind." obviously the theory and practice are two facts of same coin, or in other way theory and practices complementary and supplementary to each other. And of course these two embody the real knowledge based on the principle of coming by doing or in pursuit of knowledge these two have become part and parcel. Here, the practical during summer vacation is of prime to the Faculty of Management for the purpose of evolution of final (4rth Semester) examination assist the paper in order to complete in M.B.A. course of the academic curriculum. This dissertation imparts a deductive and prescriptive discussion on the duly on Sales Promotion (with reference to Apollo Tyres Ltd. Marketing division, Muzaffarpur) in comprehensible and concise way............ on the basis of the training, which was done by me in marketing division of Apollo Tyres Ltd., Muzaffarpur. The report has been written for main of marketing as well as the consumer, Marketing is the lifeblood of any organization to run fast. So marketing starts right from the time of production. Marketing is nothing but first to assess the market and then to access the market. The present study is entitled to the study on Sales Promotion of Apollo Tyres have been determined. The whole study has been done to a particular area i.e. Muzaffarpur. Simplicity is the main feature of this report from beginning to end so that even a non-marketing man can take advantage of it. My observation in Apollo Tyres Ltd. was to treat main, who are the main Factor of Production among man, machine, materials, money manufacturing technology with respect and dignity.

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

It has been endeavor of Apollo to strive for open channel communication to keep the bellow member a breast with organization values cultural system, philosophy and procedures. Reviews are being done time to time to make the organization good at all fronts and where building an established carrier is felt with pretty pride.

[Md. Nishat Alam]

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur


Guide Certificate Acknowledgement Preface TOPIC Page No. Introduction to the study a) Objectives of the Study b) Scope of the Study c) Methodology of the Study d) Limitation of the Study

Chapter 01.

Chapter 02.

Introduction to the Organization a) History of the Organization b) Financial Status of the Organization c) Product Profile e) Competitors of the Organization

Chapter 03.

Organizational Structure of Apollo Tyres Ltd. at Muzaffarpur.

Chapter 04.

A Theoretical Aspect of Brand Image with respect to Price Leadership.

Chapter 05. Chapter 06.

Data Analysis and Interpretation Conclusions & Suggestions Questionnaire Bibliography

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

Chapter 1Introduction to the studya) Objectives of the Study b) Scope of the Study c) Methodology of the Study d) Limitation of the Study

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

Introduction to the StudyAs a part of academic curriculums in partial fulfillment of "Master of Business Administration" the trainee has done this summer project in the marketing division of APOLLO TYRES LTD. Muzaffarpur. The introduction as well as completion of the study is STUDY OF BRAND IMAGE with respect to Price Leadership for APOLLO L.C.V. & S.C.V Tyres, at Muzaffarpur. The study centered to take strategic decisions in support of APOLLO TYRES in the field of marketing. The main scope of this study is to ascertain various methods to increase the sales volume of the concern. The method includes regular product information to the buyers, creating a brand position in the market and taking measures to make the brand remain in its position. One of the important aspects of this study is also to increase the market segment for the products.

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

(a) Objective of the Study:Such a study is part of my curriculum to complete management Studies, I have to complete this part also. So while taking part in the practical exposure by joining Apollo Tyres Limited for six weeks training. I am fulfilling the objectives of my curriculum. During this practical exposure of Six Weeks. I have collected some important information for (about) Apollo Tyers ltd. at Muzaffarpur. This is important of management. This increase penetrability in the market. In any marketing job this forms one of the important tools and therefore to know the utility of such a tool is definitely one of the important aims of this study. The main objective of study is to present conclusion and necessary suggestions regarding consumer awareness relating to Apollo Tyres. The purpose of the study is to explore the market of Apollo Tyres Ltd. and betterment of its Sale. The objective of study is to describe the unique characteristics of Apollo Tyres in Comparison to others. To collect the information and their attitude from Tyres customers. To know the awareness level of customers of Apollo Tyres specially. To collect their ideas about future purchasing of Apollo Tyres. The objective of the study is to develop sound inter personal relation to get maximum output both customer and producer of Apollo Tyres. To know the latest grievance of Customers.

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

b) Scope of the StudyThe scope of marketing research can be pointed out by a single word, "Consumer Preference". It can be termed as the balance wheel as the marketing system which harmonies the study and demand factors. Marketing survey has wide scope and covers all aspects of marketing. Broadly its scope can be classified in the following categories :

It is concerned with product of Apollo Tyres. It is concerned with Sales and Distribution of Apollo Tyres. Research on Promotional Policies of Apollo Tyres Research on pricing of Apollo Tyres. Business Economics Research of Apollo Tyres It is concerned with Buying behaviour of Apollo Tyres.Last but not the least Brand Image of Apollo in market

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

c) Methodology of the StudyDuring the entire study, methods were followed which were found to be most important :i) Personal Discussion :A lot of information on the subject, which were well known to the different departments and branches of the company, were prevalent. Academic went to these depts. And branches together, these information from their respective heads. ii) Documentary Observations :Secondary sources like books, journals published and unpublished materials from different departments of the company were consulted. iii) Field Observation :During the training period I visited Muzaffarpur market being sent by Apollo Tyres Ltd. Muzaffarpur to observe how the marketing operations were being performed there. The marketing strategies and operations are closely observed for all these information I visited retailers dealers and as well as consumers to assess the present market situation of the product of APOLLO TYRES LTD.

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

(d) LIMITATION OF THE STUDYIn Summer Project this study has some limitations when I joined the company that time DM was too much busy with his own assignments as it was the period where market was witnessing a lot dynamic changes like :- (i)Unusual price increase like 810% in last 3 months. (ii) All of a sudden underload restriction was imposed by the Govt. of Bihar e.g. Golden Card (which was a govt. authorised taken for overload) was withdrawn for transporters. Under these circumstances or critical situations I face difficulties which may affect my report directly or indirectly.

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

Chapter 2INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATIONa) History of the Organization b) Financial Status of the Organization c) Product Profile d) Competitors of the Organization

L.N.Mishra College of Business Management, Muzaffarpur

INTRODUCTION TO THE ORGANIZATION a) History of the OrganizationApollo Tyres straddles the Indian tyre industry much like the Greek Sun God Apollo's four horse-drawn chariot races across the vast expanse of t


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